Yes I'm a graduate now!

Gotten my final results today. Kind of disappointed because I expected better grades. Friends said I shouldn't aim so high but this is me. Ambitious. I think I'm a farking risk taker. I think I am and I shall prove that I am if I can really be one. 

But anyway, I have completed the program, like finally. Pass all the modules. Now awaiting for the conferment in Aug 2014 which will be held at SIM. Wow... I really can't believe I can come to this stage. Such a wonderful thing you know! Although having a degree isn't common in Singapore anymore because everywhere degree holders. Last time I used to think that it is a must to have at least a diploma but as years passed, it changes. Soon, it will change again. So is always better equip with one for just in case. I'm someone who don't earn much but fighting for higher salaries with higher post. Which means higher responsibility. But then after realising that it isn't what I want, I slow down my pace. This degree that I'm gonna get is just a form of status for me. Yes... I'm a status conscious person. Plus I always have high expectations. But then my friend always say that how will I be ever a ATAS woman when I'm so cheapskate with everything and spend nothing much to dote myself, pamper myself and make myself so haggard. How to be one? So contrast from what I want and the physical me. Cheapskate and haggard look. Damn it! Okay fine. Whatever. This is me. I'm like that. A sour bitch always. They are sour bitches too. Hahahahah.... So long as it is woman, we are all the same. Contented or not, they will have that urge to compare and be sour. Women are engineered this way. Haiz... too bad. But at least there are things which I have and others don't have. 

Actually I'm quite stubborn. I mean I have my own way of thinking and every individual has and doesn't mean they have to think alike. Probably similar, reasonable. But not alike. 

Why am I like that is because of what I went through. Being used to compare by my parents with cousins or their friends' children and etc. So what results me into such ambitious character is their doings. But I'm not blaming anyone. If not because of them, I won't strive my way through up till now. 

Imagine a person with only 3 GCE O level credits. Went through ITE, 4 years of part-time diploma and now finally complete 2 years of part-time undergraduate program. 

That's why when I see articles of those local uni students that mock at ITE students, I'm angry but never comment. I leave it to those who went through the same path as me to comment. What they say is how I feel. Who says ITE students cannot make it? Who dare says that in front of me will get a REAL BIG TIME! I'm proud of being a ITE graduate! I'm glad that my parents put me in ITE. If not, I won't be here right now. All these youngsters should go think again before saying others. It only says that they receive education without moral education. Superb loathe these kind of youngsters.  

Anyway I'm conferring with a Bachelor of Business (Management), Minor in Human Resource from +RMIT University next Aug 2014. 

Wow wow... next year hopefully everything goes as planned. It is a year for new house, wedding and conferment ceremony for me!