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Media Invite | Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry

We have seen and tried enough of Japanese curry brown in colour and now, let us get on the bandwagon of Japanese White Curry. With that said, the one and only restaurant that serves White Curry would be nonetheless, Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry.

The difference between Tengawa's White Curry and the commonly known Japanese curry (brown in colour) would probably be the ingredients and spices to create them. The key to Tengawa's White Curry was the use of Hokkaido fresh milk which gave the creamy colour as seen in the photo. Apart from that, frying of onions and ginger for the fragrance and also a good amount of curry powder for flavour without changing the colour. If you have low threshold for spiciness, fret not as it was at on the mild level.
Let's get down with the tasting of this Japanese White Curry.

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