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Food Review | Pecori-An Japanese Restaurant

I have to make this clear that for me, I seldom read reviews before heading to a particular restaurant for my meal. Only at times but not all the time. Because I believe each individual has their own unique taste bud. Good or bad reviews, it doesn't really matter because it may turn out good for you. You never know. Usually my visit to restaurants are impromptus. No queue, I will pop in and try. And most importantly, I don't care if the restaurants/food outlets are crowded with people (which seems like their food are nice) and  I paid for my meals. Unless I label my post with invites. If everyone keeps to themselves when they feel it isn't nice or whatever, the restaurants/food outlets will never improve and always think they serve the best food. But end of the day, it all depends on individual. You can't strike off that restaurant just because of that bad reviews. You need to try before judging. That's it! 
Here I am at Pecori-An, a Japanese restaurant that serve…

#SgEatWithUs ~ Celebrates By the Bay

Ever since I got married, I appreciate more home-cooked food. Because you left that comfort zone (childhood nest) to live with someone else you call Husband, to set up your own family. So once a while, I will head back home for mum's cooking. On weekends, I cook at home too, just for me and my husband. Still in the learning stage (newbie home cook), but this is how you grow out from your usual self.
Was quite delighted when #SgEatWithUs team wrote in to invite me for their event this coming weekend. I can't wait to see what others cook at home because sometimes, I really will run out of idea what to cook on weekend. As you can see on my blog, once awhile I make a breakthrough from normal stir-fried veggie to Sambal Kang Kong (if you follow me on Instagram). Then from herbal soup to Egg Drop soup or ABC soup. To me, all these basic ones I must learn. 
The only time where I cook together with my bestie was Chinese New Year months back when she and her family came for visit to m…

Food Review | Yet Con 逸群 Chicken Rice

Heard a lot of times from my parents, and even my husband about this Chicken Rice stall at Purvis Street. The opportunity comes when I'm running errand at Bras Basah with the husband. Dinner settled. Given the limited seating capacity, so I guess you can wait when it is full house. Lady luck is on my side. So wait no longer. Quite looking forward to it.

Anyway, let's talk about food. To be honest, I find it decent but nothing to shout about. But it didn't stop the crowd from flowing in, be it lunch or dinner. I do love their soup, especially when I'm not a soup person. Tasty and I can't stop. And as I'm quite into a heavier taste on chicken rice, the ones at Yet Con is on the lighter side. Spent $17 including drinks is somehow reasonable (not very but okay), given the limited choice in their menu (Chicken Rice + Char Siew + Steamboat). I think got expanded menu esp steamboat.


I must say I really love that this restaurant has the most ret…

Food Review | BORNGA, Original Korean Taste

There are many Korean restaurants in Singapore serving identical food like Korean BBQ, Army Stew, Bulgogi, Fried Chicken and so on. How to choose? Based on reviews? Every individual has their own taste preference. So may not be accurate. Based on branding? Even worse. I have come across those big names and long queues but food not really fantastic. So what to do? Go on your own and try. Not nice, treat it as money throw into the water and never come back. 
Came across BORNGA few years back. Didn't give it a try until now. Finally.

Chef's Recommendation:Born-Ga Bulgogi

A Korean dish consists of marinated beef, different types of mushrooms, vegetables, Korean glass noodles that is cooked over a perforated dome griddles. It is similar to Thai Mookata where you can have grilled food and soup in one go. Using their special sauce, the beef fillet taste succulent and chewy. Priced at $45, ideal for 2 pax.

Was told by the waitress that we do not have to do anything (judging from the pi…

Food Review | Sembawang 白米粉 (White Restaurant)

So surprising that my hub decided to bring me for dinner at The Punggol Settlement. A damn secluded place where you drive through trees and more trees along the roadside with some houses and also... chalets which is just walking distance to The Punggol Settlement. You get sea views of Malaysia just across and Pulau Ubin just somewhere around (pardon my lack of geographical knowledge).
You can find drinking bars, seafood restaurants (eg. House of Seafood, Jing Long Seafood, Ponggol Seafood) and restaurants that serves cuisine like Japanese, Thai, Peranakan and many more. I can see that the seafood restaurants are competing with one another as we are been approached one after another while walking past their restaurants. And there is one small Giant supermarket to cater those having picnics there, pak tor, cycling, running or strolling. Oh forget there are chalets nearby. 
Whatever. We settled for Sembawang White Beehoon. Their main outlet is opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. Like al…