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SHE Concert

Haha... it was a damn shiok concert! Though I go alone, but I reali enjoy it... But behind al tis enjoyment, there is a price to pay..... I m stuck in the cab at ECP from 7.30pm to 8.25pm... Hmm... due to the soccer match, e traffic flow al go towards the stadium... I was so upset in e cab n I oso upset the cab driver. Haha... Bt lucky enuff, when I rch there n found my seat, immediately the concert start. Thank god!!! Saw Fei Lun Hai and Stefanie Sun.... They are the special guest! Hmm... Everythin was so best. Luv al e songs. They reali can sing well... Their vocal was good... My god! They are reali e best gal band of Taiwan. Hmm.. after enjoyin e nite, come another prblm.

When the concert end, is 1 hr away frm midnite. Damn it.. Outside is drizzling... Kaoz... Then I duno my way back lor. I wanted to head to Kallang MRT. Then I stupid enuff to follow e crowd n end up duno where I m. Wanted to take cab bt nv draw money n oso hard to hail a cab sia.... Duno hw lor. Then lucky enuff...…

Hay Dairies Goat Farm

Haha.. I went to the goat farm on 2 Jan wit my parents and my aunt. And nt bad la.. took quite alot of photos of the goats which I post in my Friendster.

We took a bus from Kranji Mrt which cater to the public who would like to go to visit the organic farms, fish farms etc. Then something stupid happens... A group of aunties also going lor... U knoe what? The bus only can have abt less than 20 pax. Arrgghhh... They can book e seat first de wor.. So angry til wan to shout liao... Stupid no brain O-BA-SAN!

Bt anyway... I learn a new thing and that is goat milk is good for health wor. So tat day bought 5 bottles of chocolate goat milk back... Nt bad. Next time go there buy again. I knoe hw to go le so can go alone n meanwhile feed e goats... Haha

End of 2006

What hv I achieve?

1) Got my Basic Exercise Course Certification - Haven collect the cert
2) Finally learn my driving once again - Mar 26 my TP
3) In my current job for 8 mths n no regrets! - done e correct choice to leave tat suckin previous job
4) Learn yoga - In CC....
5) Finally my passport got 1 chop le - But jus a one day trip to malaysia
6) Learn my Japanese Language - Stil ongoing... Hapi learnin...

What I wan to achieve in 2007?

1) Hv a weight of 47kg - I mus do it
2) Get my driving licence and aerobic instructor cert
3) Travel to Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan - Mus go tis yr!
4) Get 2 As or A distinction in my year 3 of my diploma
5) Save up my 1st $10k
6) Sign up for my Japanese Language Stage 2 & 3

I CAN DO IT!!!!!