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Food Review | Peach Garden

I guess I'm the sort of food blogger who doesn't go around the island to get a taste of the different variety of food available in Singapore. But I will make an effort to explore a new place when I have a date with my husband or my bestie. And that is when you will see my review. 
Long story cut short. So I brought my husband for a birthday treat here at Peach Garden @ Orchid Country Club which is just a 5 minutes drive from our home. Convenience and also we can get some groceries from NTUC if needy.
Honestly I have no idea of what Peach Garden has to offer but knowing that it is a Chinese restaurant and serves Cantonese cuisine, the variety will somehow be the same as what other restaurants has to offer so it shan't fail us in terms of the quality and taste.
XO酱萝卜糕拼咸蛋软壳蟹  Fried Carrot Cake w XO Chili Sauce accompanied with Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk

The carrot cake can be done in smaller cubes. Soft shell crab is crispy and love it when it is coated wit…

My 4th Half Marathon

Honestly speaking, other than the first 5 km of running, the rest of my 16.1 km was walk, short run, walk and repeat. No joke. And it took me 3 hours 28 minutes and 21 seconds to complete my entire half marathon. The saving grace was I managed to finish before the cut-off time. On the other hand, I was really upset for not being able to run in proper. 
I told myself that this year, I'm gonna to pick myself up from where I fell in 2015's run, at the very 1st km of the run. This is really unbelievable. Even till now I don't understand how and why I fell flat. Fate must have been playing a joke on me. And ever since that fall, like after a month, the pain on the ankle starts to creep up on me. Frankly speaking I really don't know if the fall is the main culprit to my suffering for the entire 2016. I can't run nor walk properly without having that pain, going on and off. Went for acupuncture and specialist to get a customized sole, the pain didn't really go off th…

SHOUTOUT | Newly Revamped Bosch Experience Centre

Let us have a look at the newly revamped Bosch Experience Centre at Level 4 of Robert Bosch Building at Bishan Street 21. Bringing customer experience to all whole new level with the contemporary home setting in the 4,000 sq feet Centre with the latest range of Bosch home appliances and the state-of-the-art technologies. Customers get to see, feel, touch and operate their appliances to see how it can fit into their home spaces. The Centre hosts one-on-one product demos, culinary classes with brand ambassadors and exclusive events. I want to attend!!! 

Currently using their hand blender and chopper. Very useful for my culinary journey. Looking at their stand mixer now. Hmm... let's see how it can fit into my baking journey.
Not forgetting their products such as the revolutionary Series 8 ovens that feature 21 innovative technologies like highly-sophisticated sensors. Too bad I can't get a built-in oven for my kitchen. Maybe can do so if I decided to move house. 
Or you may wan…

Christmas Collections at Sophisca

My most anticipated month of the year is here!!! Yes... is Christmas month and I am so excited. Because it is a season of giving. And receiving too. Hahaha... And having to attend the media preview of Sophisca's Christmas Collections for 2016 on the 1st Sunday of December gives me not but excitement. Sweetness overload with plenty of chocolates and candies wrapped in pretty cute Christmas packaging. Kids will definitely love it, and so will the adults too.

So let me bring you through what they have in store for you this Christmas.

Here are some of their True Words Collections ($2.90 each). Don't they look pretty? Presentable as a gift.

If you do not have a Christmas stocking for decoration, grab one from Sophisca and there are various designs to choose from. Comes with candies and chocolates for the sweet tooth. Price ranging from $12.30 to $17.90.

I bought the 3D puzzle myself because I love it so much. It comes in 4 different Christmas Cottage designs and cost $16.90 each. …