This Christmas with Pizza Hut!

'This Christmas season is a time for bringing and sharing the happiness around you with everyone.' 

Let me tempt you to read on my post. Haha... I'm one of the lucky 50 being invited to attend Miss Tam Chiak Christmas Party at +Pizza Hut City Square Mall, Singapore. Btw, she is a food and travel blogger so do check it out on her blog if you are looking for information on the best places for good food.

Pizza Hut Singapore was born in 1981 and in the early days, their top favourite food is developed through a deep interest and passion in culinary cooking and pizza. With this interest in mind, they travelled all the way to Dallas to master the art of making authentic pizzas from YUM! University of Culinary Pizza. 

I always remember this simple yet catchy advertising slogan of Pizza Hut on television: '2-35-35-35, Pizza Hut Delivery'. I wonder who is the brain behind this. So talent. Surely can make it in this advertising industry. Because of this slogan, everyone knows Pizza Hut. Well done.

So was there on a Tuesday evening (19 Nov 2013) to try on Pizza Hut's new Christmas menu. Can't wait to share with you peeps out there. So follow on with the photo story below and enjoy.

So here we are at the party and as you can see from the menu, the drink in front is Emerald Sparkles (Green Apple flavour). Yes this is just some norm sparkling drinks with syrup and tiny cubes of the fruit. There are also Berri (Strawberry) and Summer (Mango).

The restaurant is half filled with Miss Tam Chiak's readers/followers and heard that the response was overwhelming for her first ever party. Sounds great! And we are the first to try on the Pizza Hut's Double Decker Pizza which will be launched on 20 Nov 2013 (the following day of the event) for their Christmas menu. We are so honoured. There is Miss Tam Chiak standing on the left of this peekture interacting with all of us.

First up! The Criss Cross Fries. One of those sides. I know I superb love criss cross fries but then this is not what I'm looking for. Nothing to rave about. Crispy! Tasty!

Hey yo. The Christmas Platter. There is fried prawns (like tempura), baked potatoes and drumlets. I remember Pizza Hut's spicy drumlets are awesome! Can't get enough of it. Nice and tender meat. I quite like the prawns which is fresh and crispy on the outside. Well... as for the baked potatoes, I don't really fancy that. Too bad. But well-baked till it is soft with melted cheese over it.

Next. Truffle Mushroom Baked Pasta. I seldom have baked rice/pasta or even lasagne. So I find it quite tasty but salty too. There are hams, mushrooms, cheese (for sure) and condiments. Luckily is shared between 4 people. I think I won't want to have it all on my own because as you go further, it gets a little sick. I don't like that feeling. So good food at a minimal portion is enough.

Before I move on, let me show you how this Double Decker Pizza (first peekture of this post) is made. Two lucky readers get to make the pizza together with Miss Tam Chiak after a demonstration by Pizza Hut staff. Pardon me for the photos as I missed a few steps because everyone is crowding around the small table.

So this is how it looks before going into the oven. 2 layers and that is why the name Double Decker Pizza. I keep believing that the 2nd layer is the pita bread wrap. I insist it is, unless somebody tell me. The demonstrator speaks so soft and people are giggling around. Hardly can hear.

And so now it is the readers and Miss Tam Chiak's turn to do one on their own. They can bring back the pizza made. So good!

Miss Tam Chiak was fast among them (in the middle). Already putting the cheese on top. Stress level for the other two.

And then again, I missed some parts. Anyway I'm bored. So waited for all these to be done and the pizza to be served up on our table. 

Hey yo. Check out the Berri Sparkles. Looks nice huh? On the left is unstirred and then on the right is stirred. Cool.

Sorry for the dirty plate. Nah... No one bothers. No change of plates by the way. Excuse me. It is like a free food tasting. So I cannot ask for more. So each of us had 2 slices of pizza and I only manage to finish about 1.5 of it. I'm too full, after a slice. And there are games, quizzes going on in the midst of this 2.5 hours event. Lucky ones win vouchers. A Instagram contest too so if you have Instagram, check out the hashtag #mtcpizzahut and you will see lots of postings from the night. 

We saw the demonstration of how it is made and you can tell from the photo how much of ingredients are used in just one pizza. A very different taste with every bite that stirs your taste bud. Most important, mango sauce is used to add on the flavour. Like it is named, there are 2 layers to this pizza and a wrap was used as a 2nd layer to contain the sauces, wrapped cherry tomatoes and so on.

This event ends on a happy note plus a +Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream!

We got goodie bags to bring home too. Wow... I'm happy like a little kid.

And also a photo taken before the start of event and was printed for us free. Too bad my friend was late and she is not in the photo. Boo...

Thank you Pizza Hut, Nuffnang and Miss Tam Chiak for having us in this even. Good food and great company! Peeps in Singapore, check out the Double Decker Pizza this Christmas and if you are having Christmas gatherings, do consider Pizza Hut as one of the choices.

Heard that another local food and travel blogger known as Brad Lau of is gonna hold his party at the same Pizza Hut outlet (City Square Mall) on 3 Dec 2013 for his readers too. Check out his blog for more information on how you can be one of the lucky readers to join him for a fun-filled night of food and games, perhaps.