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Travelogue | Experience 5 days in Auckland for SGD1400

Oh yea... finally a little dream come true. A trip to the City of Sails, Auckland, the North Island of New Zealand. We have been putting off the plan because the tour package is a little expensive (though worth) and also if we were to travel free and easy, not courageous enough to self-drive (never try before to drive in foreign land). So only this year we decided to plan for a short one (which is a stupid decision though) and never look back. That avoided us from much disappointment. Truly.
Honestly speaking, our impression of New Zealand is all about Hobbiton and Kiwi, their national pride. Then was asked me to find out more on Lonely Planet guide and it did helped a little with some useful information. I have to emphasize that my travel plan might seem lousy to you but it was just perfect for us to some extent because we followed our own pace, relax and travel like a wanderer. Eh... so to say, relying on our own instinct.

Welcome to Aotearoa (New Zealand),  the Land of the Long Whit…