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Juicy and Hot July

Well... Why do I call it Juicy? Cos there are 3 bb parties to go and my Dearies Club members will b there. So actually, our club members will mit up for 3 times in a mth. So catching up and juicy news from members is unavoidable. Bt please... dun b in bb parties anymore. Damn boring abt it. Normal gathering outside will b good.
Why do I call it Hot? Cos is yet another month as usual. Hot weather of cos. N oso a HOT miii.. Why? Bcos I am continuin wit my exercise regime: jog-gym-swim. A hot body (perspiring after exercise) and a hot body again (tone and slim body).  Hope I can achieve that. I give myself till end of year. C hw much I can reduce. My ideal is 50kg. Plus my proper diet. NO MORE nonsense. NO MORE junkies. Low salt low sugar less fried food.
My company sent miii for a 2 days course in July. Risk Management. Well... I m in this field. Can't avoid takin all tis courses though I'm jus Admin Exec. Hopefully I can progress in this field.
Ya... And my 2 runs too. Great East…

My Best Lunch Deal

Today is a lucky day for miii. My lunch costs miii $3.20 but.... come to think of it, is shiok.

Beehoon + 5 side dishes.  My beehoon is pathetic bits but is way enuff for mi. Da 5 side dishes as u can see above. Wow... Beans, veggie, meat, potato n e other one I'm nt reali sure wat is it bt tastes nt bad. Vegetarian food. I don't know until I tuck in.
Actually I just wanted 1 dish + beehoon bt the lady told miii they dun sell it this way. Well... I just anyhow choose. More veggie beta la... I wan to slim dw and b healthy too. K la. Once awhile. Bt tml onwards must $2 below makan. Hahahahah... Save n save! Bloody hell... Bankrupt due to BABY'S PARTIES! 3 in 1 mth. Kaoz...

This stall is at Clifford Centre, outside Guardian store.  Rem! Whether u ask for rice + 1 dish or not, u still pay $3.20. So best is, take up 1 rice/beehoon + 5 dishes at $3.20!!!!

Is a BABY month

Right! This is crazy! 3 babies's party in a month! Mad! I m always attending all these thingy. Den when is my turn where other's attend mine? Basically, is al abt kids. So I m nt goin to buy expensive stuff. Cos once they grow up, it wil b put aside. Well... I m so terrified sia when I saw another FB event which is another 1 yr old party. Sian... Damn boring... No more liao if 2 yrs old. Straight reject. I seriously dun like attendin sia. Waste my money. Though is some sort like a gathering for all the Dearies, bt damn sian... Dun care ar. I work within my budget. Nt necessary ones, I just go about digging those new soft toys of mine and give! F***! Nw my plan is this: Baby shower: Alrite. That one can go about spending more. 1st birthday: $50 below budget. 2nd birthday: Pick from my new soft toys or dun go! 3rd birthday onwards: NO MORE! Not that I am very stingy, but I have to tink for myself. Hmphf!

Culinary | American Breakfast

Well I seldom cook. So I must learn from nw. Grab e stomach of my guy so tat he wont go strayin ard outside.. Wahhahahhahah... It doesnt look fantastic bt is my effort to let him hv sometin tat I cook. Hv to improve further on my sunny sideup. E skill is nt there... I wan it turn out nice in shape. Hotdogs to b cooked nt too long. Lucky it didn't go 'chao tar'. Toast is nt brown enuff bt still e hardness is there to taste like a toast. Wahhahahahah.... Bt overall he said is good. Simple breakfast. No nit lotsa hassle. I feel gd too...
I think e last time he had my cooked food was years back. Fried rice. Cos I went CC to learn cookin. So I try out e fried rice at his hse. Turns out gd. Wahahahah... Den after tat no more.. Ya I rem! Lunch. Few times. B4 I left my previous company, I prepare lunch in e mornin for him at my hse, bring to work and wait for him to come n look for mi. Den I will heat up at e pantry b4 givin it to him. Simple ones like rice, baked beans, luncheon …

Mind is set

After some thots and encouragement from my guy, I set my mind to take up my degree course in SIM.
Did some calculation. Means tat I have to forgo my holidays and savings for 2 years. What to do? For a beta future, either one of us hv to do it. So I will go ahead. Cos if both of us study, no money for our flat. Tats why I keep telling him to take out his cash investment to put in e bank. Though he lost in investment and haven earn back the losses, but now we nit more cash. Hope he listen.
Not totally I can't save up during this 2 years but it is just that bits. I gotta scrimp and save even harder. 加油!

At Work

What have I been doing for the past 3 mths in my new company?
Well... After shifting to the new premises in April, is all the setup thingy going on.
Now currently is the preparation for Golf Tournament in Aug. Is less than 2 mths frm now. Being co-ordinating with other sites in the event. First time doing this. Quite enthusiatic.
Same goes to another thing and that is the recycling program. Sendin up to tenants the bins and gifts.
Next new thing in my work is carpark. I am handling carpark matters in our building. Process the monthly/quarterly payment.  Ensure prompt renewal notice etc.
So... I guess I am doing fine here. Learning more than usual.


Well... Seriously I'm not happy about being taxed.  Cos this shows I'm earning more and will kana aim and tax by that blood sucker.  Though is less than $100, I'm still not happy to pay. My guy has been taxed too and is more than $200.  Basic is low bt earn it thru OT. Wat e heck! Nah... Forget it! C hw much they can tax mi again next year. Hahahah... My dad said is something good cos if nt, I will remain the same all e way. No progress at all. Ya... Though is true, bt still not happy abt it. They get big bonus and us? Peanuts.  Arrghh... Let mi get over it! Crap!

His Consultation

Well... I really have to do so for our future. Not tat he is sick in e mind or what. Bt for his own good too. Insomnia for many years. Getting worse each day. Read alot about insomnia. It can lead to high blood pressure or diabetes too.  The worst case is you must have at least 4 hours of sleep and not below that. He is not having proper sleep and enuff hours of sleep. His sleep debts is way too much to compensate. I experienced myself wit him turnin side to side at nite cos he jus couldn't get to sleep. Tried lotsa ways like taking Chinese medicine, aroma therapy etc. No use. Finali after so long, he had at least a proper sleep last nite. Cos ytd I accompany him to c a doctor at Sayang Wellness Clinic. A clinic under IMH, which not only specialised in sleeping disorder, bt also in eating disorder, emotional behavioural, sexual dsynfuction etc. Hahahah... Bt he went for sleeping disorder consultation. I think I'm way patience in waiting. Hahahah. Went for blood test. If his in…

Test of Endurance

Well... Is July soon in a wk's time. N is also a mth which my endurance and stamina will b tested.
I participating in two runs: Great Eastern Women 10k and Shape Run.
I have been quite regular to Shape Run since they start this women's run and also a loyal reader every mth since their debut issue. Cool rite?
I will not go for 10km run bt both events for 5km. Slowly, will join bk 10km. I used to join 10km run. Bt I tink I shd start frm shorter length of run first n slowly build up my stamina. I tink without my guy, I wil nt hv such great determination to push myself further cos I'm a definite lazy woman. Both mi n him tested our endurance every Sunday to accomplish 5km.  Bt sometimes due to laziness (especially myself), we completed 3-4km. Bt sometimes 5km. Rare. I consider this as an achievement for mi and him. This June has proved how I wan my life to change after I rch 30. I swim, jog n gym. Love it.
I heard lotsa saying that if u run alot, u wil get bulkier thighs. Actuall…

Kellongs Special K

‘Kellogg’s Special K’ is a first step at breakfast to feel special

Kellogg’s Special K is a tasty, crunchy breakfast made from rice and wheat with a crisp malty taste and less than 2% fat. It is a source of protein & provides vitamins needed by women including Folate and other B vitamins. Kellogg’s Special K Original 45g X 6packs priced at SGD4.90; 360g pack priced at SGD7.20 & variants priced at SGD8.20

Take up the Kellogg’s Special K 2 Weeks Challenge to kickstart a healthier lifestyle!

The Kellogg’s Special K 2 Weeks Challenge is a simple and scientifically proven challenge, which can help kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

It's simple. Just replace 2 meals a day with Kellogg’s Special K.

For 2 meals a day (Breakfast and either lunch or dinner) for 2 weeks have:
45grams (1 cup) of Kellogg’s Special K with one cup of skim milk and one portion of fruit.

Enjoy your third meal as you normally do, but try to balance it with a low fat diet and lots of vegetables. And watch those …

Gift from Europe

Our CM went for 2 weeks holiday to Europe. Damn rich! Come bk wit al this for each and everyone. Coolz! Thank u Simon!

Food Review | Dian Xiao Er is GOOD!

Last but not least, this prawns is a must-have too if you are not allergic to prawns. They used superb fresh prawns and is juicy too. 

Dian Xiao Er nv before fail us wheneva we dine in, whether with my guy or family, all dishes are good. Worth paying that price. My latest visit is at Marina Square outlet. UOB credit card gets $5 dining voucher when you pay for your bill with it.

Since I left

It has been 3 mths plus since I left my previous company. Heard many things from my guy. Hahah... Thank God I left. I am so glad. Cos I can't stand the fact that this division is expanding in a way too fast which not mani ppl can adapt.
My guy is left to do lotsa thingy. Cos I'm nt there to help anymore. He has to get used of not having mi ard. This is e only way he learnt from his work. Bt responsibility and work load increased yet no increase in remuneration. So do you think is fair? He has sacrificed quality time with mi to work. Though overtime pay compensates all, bt do u tink is good enuff? I don't think so. Even though money is impt to both of us bcos of our future, bt stil quality time is impt. 
Money + Quality time must b balanced.
Insomnia is the reward that he gets for his hard work. Is this what he want? Definite NO!
Spend lotsa time searchin for remedy for his serious insomnia prblm bt stil nth helps. I think if he leaves this company, his prblm shd b solved. Bt i…

My future Yishun nest

How u guys think? Layout good or nt? Almost the same. Bt at least different from some. Hw shd I plan my cabinets etc? Well... furnitures and fixtures a must of cos. I have list down some things to buy based on rooms. Have to depend on myself if I wan some nice yet reasonable price thingy for our room. Most impt for us is: save space. Space must be fully utilised. Pls... is a 92sqm flat. OMG! Wat to do? Oni if we both know each other earlier. Too bad.

Smart Saver

Frankly speaking, I'm not really a smart one but can b one soon.
A smart saver doesn't have to b like mi, saving so aggressively like e below symptons: Grumble over a loss of $1.30 just bcos tat Aunt selling beehoon mee add in a chicken wing cos she assume I want. Not sure if she gt hearing prblm. Restrict myself from buyin breakfast outside bt havin bread or half pack of instant noodles at hm as breakfast Grabbin every chance to get free meals Rather hv cup noodles than proper meal cos is cheap. 2 cups for $1.15 (I tink so, cant rem) Hv my dinner at hm wheneva I can. Will not join frens for dinner bt hv it at home den chill out wit frens on drinks oni. For a smart saver, I tink they wont b like me.
So I tink after getting my next pay cheque, I tink I hv to revamp my saving plans. Spend nt more than $3 per day on working days Choose healthy food, less salt and sugar Go swim on wkdays and gym on wkends Twice a mth on cup noodles lunch (hair drop tremendously) No outside drinks bt hot green t…

My 1st Consultation at Musee Crystal Tokyo

Is a rainy Saturday. My appointment is at 1.30pm. And I'm late. Rushing by train, finally reach Musee Plaza Singapura outlet. Straight away, they bring me to the room for filling up the form.
At first I was thinking why is there a need for an hour consultation. But after I went, I understand why. They let u have time for form filling. Then the consultant will come in, explaining to me the process of my treatment, dos and don'ts and most importantly there is no pushy sales which I really like. 
After that the consultant let me go thru the terms and conditions before signing the contract for this hair removal treatment. I am going to have 6 sessions but actually is unlimited so long as I'm still not satisfied with the results, I can still go back for treatment. What's more, I got a free 1 time upper lip treatment. Because is GSS promotion! I am so happy about. After paying at the counter, went back to the room to wait for a copy of the contract and receipt, and is done! Go…

Keep Running!

Nah!!! I'm not a lady who go for a pair of performance or branded running shoes. I'm that simple. Cheap and last long enough. And this pair did me that and I love it. Maybe because I seldom jog with it. But I gym with it more. My jog n gym leggy companion is this pair. I jog for leisure and slimming. Same goes to gym-ing. So there is no need for a good one. As long I see that all these effort in my exercise regime works on my body and health, is worth having a cheapo pair. How cheap is cheap? Under $50 range. Cos is my world of simplicity. Call me a cheapo. I don't care. Cos that's how I live my life.

Money Saver

I declare myself as a money saver. I scrimp and save for our Korea trip next year, which estimate about $4k for 2 pax. Well I noe is not going to b just me scrimping and saving, he has to do his part on that. I hv already promise no more trips frm nw till end of 2011. I mus have some form of determination.
I think my frens also can't stand hw I save. I can reali find e cheapest food for lunch or buy frm e food centre at my place. Hahahah... Or FOC for e whole day cos get treats frm anyone I know or bring frm home. Well I did tat to save more nt jus for Korea, bt for our future. Bt first to come is e trip. So strive hard for tat. He is doin his part too. Savin here n there bt wont save on mi. Hahaha... Tats wat I love abt him. Bt for mi, I wil b e same like him, on some occasions onli. It depends. Hahahah. Cos I m damn stingy.
I wan to retire at the age of 55. So tat I can rest and relax. Travel ard the world. So mus work hard on tat. Cos our govt will not so easily release our CPF …