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Food Review | Chir Chir Singapore

In Singapore, there is this Korean frenzy going on for years which started from  KPOP and K Drama. Up till now, it went way in depth to their fashion and even food. Yes... they overwhelmed JPOP a.k.a Japanese Pop. Anyway, there are many Korean restaurants entering Singapore market which you may know of like Chir Chir that sells fried chicken since 2014 when their first outlet opened in Singapore. This is just one of the many. There are also Korean BBQ, army stew, ginseng chicken, tteokbokki (soft rice cake) and etc.
So since it is more convenience to travel down to Chinatown Point (new outlet) than to Orchard, I met my friend at their new outlet for dinner at Chir Chir. After that can go shopping at the festive market right? Since you are at Chinatown already. I wanna know why humans are so crazy frenzy over Korean food. Oh by the way, I happen to know from Facebook that their chicken are Halal certified though the shop itself is not because they serve alcoholic drinks like beer. Wha…

Culinary | #howireducefoodwastage - Soto Ayam

Back to the kitchen for more weekend cooking after a week (or more) of hiatus. I miss my kitchen, although once a while use it to cook instant noodles. Haha... so we are into the 9th day of 2016. And decided to go easy on a Saturday with a one dish meal, Soto Ayam (or Mee Soto) for our dinner. I love Mee Soto and you can find it at Malay food stalls. But I couldn't find a good Mee Soto, yet. So meanwhile in search for some good Mee Soto, I shall try cooking at home since having the paste in my kitchen cabinet.
First of all, I thaw my frozen chicken wings. Wash it clean and cut away fats (if any). Bring it to boil with water, salt, pepper and ground turmeric. Why turmeric? To add some color to the dull white chicken. 

I let it boil for at least 45 mins to an hour for the softness later so that the skin and meat can be easily remove and rip off. Yes indeed. I got my shredded chicken meat in less than 5 mins. Remember to go through running tap water for a better texture. Do not thro…

Travelogue | Sapphire Princess Cruise

Finally a proper holiday with my parents after so long (not including those short trip to JB). Well-deserved one especially for my dad after being plagued by illness for a year or two. Most importantly, this trip is for my folks and a birthday treat for the husband. All three of them are happy, I will feel the money worth-while. Though is just cruise, we are not onboard Star Virgo, again. Was considering to go for Costa cruise but my friend introduced this Princess Cruise to me and since on promo, why not? But please bear in mind on board this ship, all prices quoted in US dollars. It is a US cruise. And US dollars are like quite universal currency. Whatever you may disagree with me, just remember US dollars. So let start now. More photos to bring you through this post. Don't wanna write too much just in case grammatical mistakes or whatever.
Our first lunch onboard the ship at Deck 14, an international buffet where you definitely find something of your liking, or taste bud. Not …