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I run because I want to lose weight. 

I participate in race events because I like running in big crowds.

Now that I have achieved my ideal weight, I run to keep healthy. 

I'm not so into controlling my diet anymore because losing weight period is over for me. Although I can't achieve my back-then 48kg but at 52kg (from 55kg), I'm good with a height of 1.60. And before I met my guy, I told myself I'm gonna look for a boyfriend who is fit and loves exercising plus no gambling, drinking or smoking. I gotten my wish like half granted because he buys lottery, drinks occasionally and smokes everyday. But I admire him as even though he smokes, he got a nice set of white teeth and he can run and also a sports-know-how. Okay so with that, I accept his everything.

I'm the one who asked him to push me, tease me to slim down. He did it, along with my determination and in turns, he admires me for my achievement. He totally see me very up by buying Small or Extra Small size clothes for me. Yes I can fit in. Damn it. Boobs get smaller, of course can wear.

One thing for sure, running plays a big part in my slimming. Never stop even till now, though frequency is less.

Big small race events, I have participated before and have a small amount of finisher medals and certificates for memories.

So now let me show you some of my SUPERB unglam photos during race events. Taken by photographers who have passion in sports photography. Thank you Running Shots! One day I shall be like them too. Seriously I would love to do so. And some I took myself with my lousy phone.

Nike Goddess Run 2012 - 5km

This supposed to be a BFF run. Bloody hell!!!! My bff is way behind me. Wahahahah I ditch her behind. No where to be seen. Oops..

Nike She Run 2013 - 5km

Ohh... my hair grown so long now. This was like shorter. Whatever.

Safra Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2013 - 10km

Me and my guy joined this race because his running friends asked him to. Well kind of unbelievable that my guy gotta know running cum cycling kakis. I think I would rather he knows such friends than others who he just hang around at coffeeshop to drink. 

I used filter for this peekture before the flag off. I totally look like shit after our 10km run. Spotted photos of me and my guy taken by those awesome photographers of Running Shots. Hehehehe... The person which is mi that is unglam, not the photographers' skills. They are awesome and they volunteer themselves okay? So we must appreciate them.

I don't know how the selfie turns out to b me in purple top but actually, is a pink! Thank you Erwin from Running Shots!

Pioneer Road Run 2013 - 5km

Basically I don't like this event and it shall be my first and last time. Simply don't like. You have to stop at every traffic lights as we are running at neighbourhood. I'm too used to running in races where the road is blocked a lane or two for running. So that I don't need to worry so much about cars coming. 

Here comes my unglam me! Fine.

Shape Run 2013 - 5km

As compared to last year, my pb is totally lousy this year. Never mind. I will do it again!!! Here comes the unglam MEEEE!!! Spot me in pink on the right!

Great Eastern Women Run 2013 - 21.1km

I go all the way out for my very first half marathon despite menses. I'm quite anal about running during my menses because I scare leakage. Whatever. It was a good one. It never stops me from setting a pb for this category for the 1st time. 

Yo!!! Is me. Behind the camera is my guy. He was forced out of bed to bring me here, wait for me few hours till I complete, snap photos for me. Wahahahah... Appreciated. Although he is not professional in photography but still, some photos he took can be used. Very selective.

Nice or not? He took it after I head to my start pen. Not bad huh? I use it for my FB cover photo.

So for the journey, I run at slow pace for the 15km with just a grab of water at hydration point. I think from 18km onwards, my calves are telling me they are tired. I slow down and stop a few seconds and finish up the race at 2 hours 32 minutes (round up to the nearest). 

So proud of myself. I set initially to complete in 3 hours but I did better on actual. Cool! I ran a half-marathon. I wonder if I would ever want to run a full marathon. Let's see about that.

What has helped me sustained through out is our favourite GU Gel. Took a pack and thought I would need another but guess in a hurry plus troublesome to take another while on the run. Consume a pack of 100 calories, I burn approximately 700 calories for the half marathon. 

Oh ya... Maxifuel sponsored their sports gels in this event too. Thank you Maxifuel!

And so I end my 2013 with a happy note. Achievement unlocked. 

By the way, don't ditch me for those ugly me! I'm born like this. Accept me as what I am please.... At least my blog posts can entertain you all. Wahahahah... Kidding! I doubt not much of people love reading my blog. So, don't care! Post whatever unglam photos of mine here. See till you all sick!

As for 2014, the first race will be 2XU Compression Run 10km with my guy. Subsequently, shall choose probably on quality races. But no doubt, I will participate in Shape Run faithfully.

Cheers to all runners around the world. Thank you Running Shots for all the photos and most importantly the effort. Awesome photographers!