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Well... What I am about to say is a married man in 40s with kids in my office.
This incident triggers my anger just this morning.
He called my colleague's DID line and I ans, knowin she is not around and not knowin he is calling.  Well I just told him she is at the manager's table.  So we hang up. Nothing for this part.
And this is the part where triggers my anger. I went to the copier to get the chop and he is there.  Happily I told him that I will miss bickering with him when I'm away from tml till Wed. Guess what? He turn away and leaving mi with question marks all over mi. Small chit chat oso cannot is it? It was like, what e fuck? Did I offend u early morning? Why u so stern towards mi? Den I feel awkward, after that angry. And so I stop talking to him frm tat moment on.  I was even angrier when my manager was doing my performance appraisal in the room.  He told mi to give due respect to that fellow Mr P and the other fellow Mr E.  U guess wat my manager said?  Dun '…