Food Review | Tom Yum Kungfu (2nd visit)

If you have read my previous post on Tom Yum Kungfu, then I don't need to describe too much. It is all about Mookata and if you are wondering what is Mookata, it is a traditional Thai BBQ. Just like BBQ steamboat. When you step out of the place, you smell so BBQ. Lolz. Loving it.

Went with my friends after my last paper that evening for an indulgence. I deserved it, okay?

Interior Settings

They play Thai songs. Slightly dimmed ambience which is of my liking. My guy came here with his brothers after I went there and happen that the owner is one of his friend's friend. 


We ordered a 3 pax portion. Looks little but is just right for us 3 ladies. For BBQ and normal steamboat soup base.

Lots of meat leftover so one shot we BBQ all. But is nice. Juicy and tender. They marinated it well with whatever condiments or secret recipe they have.


Fried Kang Kong

I have mentioned this before in my previous review and I recommended to my friend. Love it. I read reviews about this and not many find it nice or special. Excuse me! Have you ever see kang kong fried till like tempura type or not? Do you know the crispiness and crunchiness that exist in this fried kang kong? And you can find prawns and dory fish as a combination here. Nice okay?

Pomelo Salad

Nice and refreshing. Boost your appetite. No wonder I don't feel very full that day. Maybe I should try making it at home. So nutty taste. Worry no more for diet! Have this on the table.

Fried Chicken Wing

Must remember to order this. No regrets. Crispy and nice. Juicy. But have it while it's hot. Enjoy that crunchy sound in your mouth. Seriously, I think not many food taste as good even when it is cold. 

This is one of the many choices of Mookata. Try it.

Visit Tom Yum Kungfu at:
16 Circular Road (the street behind Boat Quay)
Singapore 049372