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Food Review | First Thai

Chance upon First Thai restaurant, all thanks to my colleagues whom brought me along (not easy to drag me out for lunch with a big group). They have patronized this place quite a few times which is quite a distance away from our office and is right at the corner of a stretch of shophouses. A rustic and simple looking restaurant that is packed with lunch crowds. Came to this area before for chicken rice which is also at the same stretch.

For Thai cuisine, I love Tom Yum Goong and Phad Thai. Being a inflexible human, I hardly ever try other stuff that is too foreign to me than the two. Sometimes out of no choice (when you meet friends for a meal), you will try a little here and there because you are already gonna pay for it. Anyway, my colleagues picked some nice dishes out of the many from their menu. I couldn't agree more, though some I personally don't really fancy (I'm picky in a weird way).

Always heard of Basil Minced Pork or Chicken but never try it out myself. I mus…