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Not Again!

Failed! Is always a failure.... Reali wan to giv up! I m always nt in his plans... Always and foreva... Sian... Always his plans of buyin hse to rent n earn bucks bk.. Best part is e money earn is for his achievement n tat is car! Ya.. He said tat buy car oso let mi drive! I make sure I dun pass my driving! So angry.... I m nt impt to him at al.. Onli he himself is impt. Den jus live witout mi lah since I'm nt impt! Sick!!! I totally dunwan to care abt tis stupid fellow anymore... Concentrate on myself wil do. Jus like him. He is always sayin a simple life, work n get paid tats al.. Nth abt mi!!! Everythin goes without mi... Fine. Frm nw on I dunwan to care abt him liao.. I mus b selfish enuff! I care for myself, my life, my own pocket (tat's money), my everythin!!! I oso dunwan to include him anymore.. Exclude him frm mi! Yaya.. somebody say b4 I'm nt e one ma.. Fine lo.. Gd time for mi to look for another one oso... Stil in e search!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So …