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August Fever!

Haha.. I'm back once again. Jus today, I completed the New Balance Real Run @ Sentosa. Not bad. A good progress from Shape Run 5km to Real Run 10km. Wat is next? I thot I can participate in the Army Half Marathon but due to the fact that I will be attending my BEC on Sun, too bad! I may try the Standard Chart Run and 2nd linkway run. Shiok shiok!!! Yeah!!! My foot is achin. Long time no run. Where got time? My exam period but lucky next Tue is my last paper! God bless! Hopefully al pass. I do scare wor!!! My co. is organising a bowlin tournament and preparation is almost there le. Haha... Trophy not done, catering not done! But at least the date, time, venue al set. Hope everythin goes well. Me being in the committee cant turn up cos I m on course.!!! C lor.. Maybe can go. Mus check the timing first. Talkin abt my co., recently a lot of people resign. As usual, the fact that our co.'s turnover rate is too high! As long I know I will be the next in 2 yrs time. Haha.. after I ge…