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Food Review | Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu

Went Leisure Park Kallang after work to get a new washing machine from Mega Discount Store. Once done, time for dinner. Walked around in search for food and happen to come across this Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu. A lousy foodie me who didn't even know of this existence. I only know the one at People's Park Food Centre that always have a long queue and sold out even before lunch time end.
This place served authentic Hakka Yong Tao Hu that are freshly made and in their menu, there are different combinations to choose from; dry, soup or laksa base, yellow noodles, beehoon or kway teow or any two. Sides like otah, prawn rolls, veggie and big fishcake. Here our picks:

Signature Yong Tao Hu (Dry) with Yellow Noodles $7.20

Simple bowl of YTH, mixed with sweet and chilli sauce. Just like any YTH. But here, you don't get to choose the ingredients but take what is given. Tofu, fishballs and beancurd skin wrapped with fish stuffing. But the noodles portion was not a lot even though we go…

Food Review | Sin Heng Kee Porridge

Heard that this is one popular and well-established name known for its porridge. And one day when hubby went there for work purpose, he got to know that Sin Heng Kee opened a branch there. Rather excited because it is time to explore new food place in order to expand my list.
The shop is located near the entrance leading to the carpark. A corner which takes me a few rounds to find during the first time. Once you entered the shop, you would be welcomed by the gigantic menu on their shop wall for everyone to see. More than 10 over porridge-type to choose including sides to complement your meal. Seriously can't decide on which one to have at first because I want to try many but limited stomach capacity.
1st Visit

Century Egg & Mix Pig Organs $5.50

At first while looking through their wall menu, I thought this was going to be good. But what I didn't like was the trace of red fluid in my porridge. Understood that it was because of the organs threw in to mix and cook, probably I …

Food Review | Boon Tong Kee

Had actually wanted to try this popular Chicken Rice food chain for the longest time since moving to the North. The husband finds it expensive but if it is worth the try, why not? So finally did it. And this post is a combination of my visits to bring you some of the dishes that I had and also my picks***.
***Signature Boiled Chicken (For 1 - 2 pax) $5 or $10

Of course, what is Boon Tong Kee without their Signature Boiled Chicken? Must try because is so soft and not dry. The skin is silky smooth. Requested for more soy sauce over the chicken. This dish is like a must on our every visit. Also what matters to me too is the fragrance Chicken rice ($0.60 per bowl). Honestly, if I can a nice bowl of Chicken rice anywhere, I savour the rice without any meat. I mean it. That is what I did many years ago when I visited Hainan Island, China. I think I have 3 big bowls of rice. Filled your tummy up just right. You will feel oily on your lips but it just goes off after that. *Lip smacking*

Deep F…

Bistro Hopping | ECP and Macritchie Reservoir

When cafe-hopping is too mainstream, let us bistro-hop then.
Throwback to one sunny Sat afternoon where my husband and I met up with his fren and wifey. Looks like a couples' date to me. His fren suggested to go for a drink at East Coast Park (ECP) since weather was crazily hot. It has been long since I stepped in this place. The sea, the blue sky, the greens and families hanging around at the beach. Miss the younger me who hanged out with friends here, for chalet or chit-chat by the beach till late night. And how I wish I can cycle. I would have just rent a Obike or whatever bike available and cycle along the beach. Okay this shall be my goal by end of 2017.
Not just that. I finally saw Amber Beacon which is not far from the bistro. Taking photos and walking up the tower for a panorama view of the place is a must since I don't know when I will be there again. 

This place was a project by NPark to bring everyone a new dining and recreation expe…