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Travelogue | Enjoy a Short Holiday in Malacca below $300

1. Join the tours organized by RC (Residents' Committees) 

Why do I say so? Because the price is made affordable for the residents at their zone, though it usually attracts more senior citizens. The tours organized by them are usually a day or 2-3 days tour to Malaysia. My dad was the one who came across this 2 days 1 night tour to Malacca that was pasted on the noticeboard at the lift lobby and thought I would be interested to go (rather than always JB) and yes of course I do. Luckily the RC accepts participation from others living outside their zone. 

Don't expect the tours to go further than Malaysia. I'm not sure whether they have organized trips to Batam or Bintan (I seriously can't remember) but is either in Singapore (factories tour esp during Chinese New Year) or Malaysia which is what I come across usually. But better than nothing right? At least you get your passport stamped rather than leaving it blank till expiry.
This tour costs $178 which includes …

Travelogue | Malacca, Malaysia

What's in our TUMMY!

Where we SLEEP!

Where we GO!

Although it is just a short 2 days 1 night tour, it is always nice to go for holidays with your folks once awhile. While it may be tiring for both of them, at least they are happy with our companion. Age is catching up on them real fast so bring them for holidays as much as we can while they are still mobile.  
The folks had been to Malacca a decade ago and according to them, there wasn't much of shopping malls back then and their trip was mostly walking around the fortresses, churches, heritage buildings left behind by the Portuguese, Dutch and British centuries ago during the colonial days. It is quite an interesting tour where you get to see the architectural style back then and if you are not aware of their history, it will be of no value to you because you won't know how to appreciate it.

I enjoyed the trip through photography and food, minus shopping. Immersing in the culture of this historical state in Malaysia. The me…

Travelogue | Kuala Lumpur via Princess Cruises


Well... a long overdue post, like 6 months due. Honestly speaking, I went through the photos taken in KL and definitely can't find any decent ones. Was there for hours only and not even half or one day and we have to hurry back to the ship. So never really organize well enough to see what I want to look out for in KL. Furthermore, towards the mid afternoon it started to rain. Superb turn-off. That is why I find it boring in KL. Should stay for at least 2 days to explore. Too bad. My husband isn't interested to come here again.
The shuttle service provided by the cruise dropped and picked us at Suria KLCC. And from there, we took the local bus service to Petaling Street, also known as Chinatown. A very touristy choice indeed. Walked through the streets packed with people on a Sunday, with cars driving in, which was quite annoying given that it was so packed and narrow road. Had lunch in a big coffee-shop. Not very fantastic fo…

Effort in Writing

Not sure if my readers know that for about 5 weeks, I have been writing posts for Foodpanda Magazine and that explains why no updates on my own blog. If you haven't know, go on and read from the link below:
I realize the effort put on writing the above 5 is more than what I have given to my own blog posts here. That is very bad of me and I just realize it after writing the 5 posts. Probably, I just want to achieve some recognition for my writing and the posts here in this blog. Because I don't write every fine posts all along. I just write whatever is in my mind, be it in constructing the sentence and grammatical thingy. This is just me.
But for the 5 posts, I think, plan, write and rewrit…

Home Planting | Lifestyle

Used to seeing my parents planting at home and also outside the doorsteps but without much sunlight though. And then read online news about the growing trend of farming on HDB flats (another article to read here) and was quite keen from then on since I have my own house now.

Initially, my mum gave me two plants of the same kind (I don't know what it is called) which is easy to maintain as you don't need to water it everyday. Actually was given to us (my mum and myself) by my uncle who works in agriculture/landscaping field. According to my mum, it produces anion which is good for our health. Not sure how true it is but she specifically said to put near television. Anyway, I'm sure there are other plants that works the same too.

So the following photo of the unknown name plant (虎尾兰) from my mum:

With that as a boost to planting at home, the opportunity came when we bought our first plant last year which was a pot of pomegranate (石榴) from pasar malam (night bazaar) near our…

Sophisca Singapore x IamStellaChen | Giveaway

Frankly speaking, I'm someone who loves interesting and weird stuff. Seriously, the things I buy are unusual as compared to other ladies out there. And sometimes I find that I'm so not feminine at all. But who cares right? This is so me. When I go for holidays, I come back with stuff like magnets, cartoon face masks, Nanoblocks, air freshener and more. Things that ladies don't usually buy unless they help their friends to buy.
I think about 10 years ago when I first travelled to Taiwan for holidays, it was the Taiwanese idol drama craze. We watched many Taiwanese dramas and so much wanting to go there to get a feel of the places where the dramas are shot. Especially Xi Men Ding. And that is where I found Sophisca. So attracted by their items like Sanitary Pad packaging, Condom boxes, Dollar note boxes and many more. Haha... of course it contains chocolates not the real pad or condom. Good way to trick your friends. 
Not long after (maybe years later), I remember seeing th…

Travelogue | Koh Samui Trip plus Flight Cancellation

It has been long since I updated my space. Sorry about that. Please... I beg you come back to my blog. I promise to update whenever I have interesting stuff to share.

Please be aware that it is gonna be a wordy long post. So before I start all the whiny stuff on my 1st ever flight cancellation, I shall highlight on my trip which some were not covered in my article with Foodpanda. ITo get some idea of my trip, feel free to read up from the link below:

Was beach bumming at Chaweng beach, which is just right outside our hotel. Wow... I witnessed how crystal clear the water is. But I know there are places even nicer and clear (like Maldives). But anyway, this is good enough at Koh Samui that is an hour plus away from Singapore. Hot and damn hot I must say. But cocktails during happy hours are our remedy. Chillax.

Beauti Drink. Found this at 7-11 and it was out of curiosity because a lady was exclaiming about this drink. Curious ov…