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Durian Fiesta

Yesterday was a heaty day. We had crackers in the office, mouthful of fried rice before heading for our durian feast, myself for lunch was fried wanton noodles then last but not least, the durian dinner with my colleagues. Gosh... This is not good! Hahahhaha... I will have to jog 10km to burn all these fats. But overall, is an enjoyable night with them. Love it. Shall some photos with all on our durian feast.

 We still get to takeaway durian for free... Wow! I love it to the max. But I'm not going to have durian anymore. I think I had enough to cover back the years which I never had during the season. Anyway, I'm not really that keen but since all my colleagues are going, then just go....

Latest Timing Update!

I have checked out the website just now for my timing and here is the results:
Bib No : 593 Rank : 119 Gun Time : 0:30:16.61
Nett Time : 0:30:00.70 That's more like it! That is my timing for 5km! Great! Till the finalised results, I am satisfied with my timing. I have improved by 15 mins, as compared to last year result. Way to go!

Shape Run Update!

Alrite. Shape Singapore released e preliminary results for 5km and 10km run. Total mess! N I am so confused about GUN TIME and NETT TIME. What the hell! Cos usually I can't b bother much about my timing after a run. Knowin it is good enough but this time round is not the same. Because I want to know if I have improved on my timing compared to last year. But I swear is definitely better than last year. I am damn confidence!
Here is e preliminary results which I think is crap especially the Nett Time:
Bib No: 593 Rank: 119 Gun Time: 0:30:16:61 Nett Time: 1:02:32:11
I swear I saw my timing (under Gun Time) when I rch finishin line.
Haiz... No point dwelling over it now. Let's wait for actual timing ba.

Shape Run 2011 - Completed!

On 24 July 2011, I finally completed my 5km run. I believe this time round, my timing has improved. But to avoid too much of guessing, I shall wait for the results to b out by next week. Satisfied! I have never tried running all the way till the finishing point. Because of my laziness and lack of determination and endurance. But today, I did it! With just a stop for drink station which is almost to the 4km point and continue with my run. On e verge of giving up, I walk a few steps and then push myself to continue because I am just 500m away from the finishing point. And I did it! Well done! Shall continue to jog for leisure and also for slimming down. Never give up!

Join mi next year for Shape Run 2012!

Is Weekend Yet Again!

Is gonna be a long post. I think so. Cos I accumulate everything to post 1 shot. Hope nobody find it boring.  Not in sequence.
20 July 2011:  I went for a swim after work. 10 full laps. No kick. That means I can swim more laps. Well... Shall try next Wed again. But won't overwork myself. I swim leisurely. I spend 1 hour to finish 10 laps. Wow... Good job! Shall challenge my timing again. After my swim, no intention to anything from KFC. Just want to make my own dinner at home. So I fry egg, for my sandwich. Had wholemeal bread with the egg. Fry another one for my brother. Why? Cos my parents went for holiday in Taiwan. Can cook whatever I want. Hee...
19 July 2011: Guess where am I based on the photo above? Hahaha... Having lunch with my Dearie. At R Burger. This is my meal. Ebi Fry Burger meal, consist of burger, potato wedges and iced peach tea which cost $7.80. Over my budget but once awhile, is okay.
22 July 2011: I have been digging out my books to read. And now reading up again …

Working with Keppel

Well... Lotsa ppl tink that I am just making a wrong choice by joining them.  But now I am with them for 4 months and still never regret my decision to leave my comfort zone of 4.5years.  I am way better over here despite those irritating tenants giving lotsa stopid, silly complaints. Because everyone in this office will help each other. Not like before, I met selfish, arrogant bad souls who just want to make your life difficult.
My guy is happy for mi that I am happily working over here.  But I am worried for him cos he is not really happy in his company of 11 years.  Well... This is life.
Great thing about working here is got lotsa of events and lunches/dinners that we get to involve. Though June and July are the boring months without Public holidays, but it seems like a eventful month. 
Had a free seafood dinner + 1 way transport to East Coast in a bus.
Coming Monday, a buffet lunch for all the staff because of 100 days accident free job site.  Each staff will get a NTUC voucher.
Next …

Lazy Lass

Well... Kind of lazy today. Nv go jog. Duno why. Feel so lethagic. Anyway, what I did was rope skipping and arms toning up.
1000 counts of rope skipping, split 2 session (interval of 10-15mins) to complete. Phew... I sweat like hell.
For every session, 20 counts of arms toning after rope skip.
Tip toe exercise. For my calf. 20 counts, 3 sets.
Well... Though I think is not enough but still, I tried my best. I take it slow. Cos my target is by end of 2011 to lose 6kg.  Take it easy. Happy mood, u exercise more and stress-less.
Nw my exercise regime is: jog-gym-swim-skip-bell
I hope it works cos I blend in all sort of exercise rather than just jog and swim. I read that before.
Since ytd I jog, today I do sometin different.

My Retirement Plan

Well... I am sick and tired of working.  I set my plan to retire at the age of 55 years old. Just have to struggle thru 24-25 more years. I shall execute this plan from 1 April 2012 onwards, 24 years to my retirement. Damnit!
One important thing to keep in mind is: Never b a materialistic woman.
Why? Because the more u want to compare with others, the more money spent on unnecessity.  The more u tink of wanting this and that, money fly away from u.
I must b a simple lady. Real simple lady. Clothes wear till old and spoilt then buy. Dun b scare to wear same clothes every week. Mayb can put on our thinking cap more often, how to mix and match our existing clothes so that we would look the same every week. Hahahahah.  Most impt is I mus b at least slimmer than before so that I can wear those existing clothes in my wardrobe, which has not been touched since the day I put on weight. Save money!  Travel twice a year will do. N I make sure is a 1 week trip, for mi to enjoy e fullest.
I will save…

Food Review | Seafood International (East Coast)

Is so so sinful... But what to do? Is a treat. Our dinner at East Coast, Seafood International. Wow... Lotsa ppl were there having dinner. I expect that the food are good with that kind of crowd.

Day 2 Updates!

Alrite. A bits of yesterday.
I had my dinner (Kellong's cereal) late but before 10pm. Before that, my stopid mouth cannot resist the temptation of the chips. Arrgh. Well once awhile. Guilty.
For today, as usual my cereal for breakfast. Hot green tea in the mid morning. Arrgh... Yet again, biscuits!!!!
Well... what to do? Den is lunch time. Beehoon + 1 side dish cost mi $2.50. Small portion. Anyway, I find that having this as lunch, my sodium intake will burst. Arrgh... Try again.
But for tonite, I doubt I can follow faithfully. I'm going for seafood dinner with my bunch of colleagues. Is a treat! One of our old technician just gotten his CPF.
Ok... Tml is another day. I can do it! I drink lotsa water. N pass out lotsa water too...

Updates! Day 1 Challenge

Well... I had a late lunch today at 2pm. Cos doing some banking of cheques. Waited for so long. Damnit! Had Yong Tau Foo soup with beehoon. Cost mi $4.30. Well... Beta than nth.

At this moment, I am resting in front of my computer after my jog. Duno why am I feeling lazy today and never jog as much like other days. Well... due to my 'aunty visit', I take e chance to rest. 3 days no exercise. Oni until ytd, I went for a swim with my fren. Haiz... I hv to follow her pace. 4 full laps oni. If nt, my usual will b 6-8 full laps. Bt oso bcos I feel that sometin is drippin out from mi (well... my 5th day of menses). So no choice... Hv to stop. And today, so lazy man... Don't learn from mi. This is bad.
So to compensate my laziness, came back home for rope skipping. Target 500 counts tonite. Done with 250 counts. 250 more. Have my dosage of isotonic drink. Gonna finish my 250 den my tip toe exercise and that's the end for today. Gonna hv my Kellong's cereal after bathing...…

2 Weeks Challenge!

From today 14 July 2011, I will start my Special K challenge!
Had my Kellong's cereal for breakfast this morning.  My hot green tea for mid morning.  Stopid mouth insisted having bits of biscuits from our office pantry. N I stop! No more!
Waiting for my lunch. Choose the right thingy so as to support my diet!
Stay tune for more of my updates!
Courtesy of Special K. Visit their website thru the link from my blog under My Top Fav Sites.

Healthy Eating - Less Salt!

With courtesy of Health Promotion Board, I like to blog what I have found in their website to remind myself every now and then.
Salt contains 40% sodium. Excessive intake can lead to high blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for stroke and kidney disease.
Most foods are naturally low in sodium bt salt and sauces such as soy sauce, ketchup and chilli sauce added in the preparation of food contributes to most of the sodium we consume daily.  Canned or processed food are very high in sodium.
An average healthy adult needs no more than 2,000mg of sodium a day (equivalent to a teaspoon of salt).
That's the reason why I try not to have chilli sauce when I am having fastfood especially for my fries.  And also opt for mineral water instead of soft drinks. Hahahahha... So I have done the right thing.
So people out there, remember always!


Seriously, this has to go. I am not sure why it has been hanging in my cupboard for so long.
I am selling as a set cos to me, is of the same range. $4.00 for this set. Not negotiable. Dirt cheap!
Please leave a msg on my tagboard if you are interested.


Who can sponsor mi and my guy for a long holiday?
Now on my list, Swiss and Greece! Beautiful place... Wow!
But for now, I have to think carefully. I must choose between my degree course and many holidays. Well... I wan both, can I? But yet another thingy is poking mi from my back.
My upcoming new house. Arrghh... Renovation and furniture. Cost a bomb to us.
Actually what is more worth?  To miii, all are worth. If I have to choose 1 out of the 3, I will choose my house. Expecting it to come in 2014 or 2015.
I must really consider carefully. My degree course is definitely a on thingy. But is whether next year a right time to study.

Brassiere vs Undies

I have just tidy up my wardrobe. A small part of it where my lingeries are.
Well... I realised my bras and undies are on par. Means I should have enough to wear everyday.
Hahahahah... But I short of 2 colours: White and Yellow.
Never enough color: Black.
Hmm... When my guy earn a lil bit more of OT from work, I shall ask from him. He bot mi a set few months back, which I choose myself. Yeah!

Healthy Diet Pyramid



This is Me!

Today I went to weigh myself and the results below:
Weight: 55.2kg (Before my dinner) Height: 1.60m BMI: 21.58kg/m2 My Healthy Weight Range: 47.4 - 58.6kg
Imagine I m so close to 'Unhealthy Range'.  Well I must continue to shred off my fats. Stubborn ones. Arrgh...
Must continue with the following: No more food after 8pm. After 8pm, only fruits & yoghurt. At least 2 times a day, 3 sets 20 repetitions of my calves exercise. Rope skipping daily for 500 repetitions. Gym-Jog-Swim I wan to tone up my thighs... THUNDER legs! Wow... No way!!! This coming Shape Run 2011, I must compete with those who r as fat like miii! I must win them!

Addiction to Shopping - SHOPAHOLIC

Why do I say that?  Well... Something keep bothering mi. Why a married woman can still behave like young ladies, who can really shop till they drop?  Recently, my ex colleague went Korea with her husband. Den she post those photos of her loots. Imagine how crazy she is! One whole pile of clothes and shopping bags. Wow... I m v impressed actually but I feel sad for her husband. Mayb her husband don't mind her shopping sprees but I think the money can b used on better thingy like their new flat which will b done by end of 2011. Mayb they are rich. But from what I see, they are jus in e mid range salaried staff. Also not that kind of ATAS range. But I really v keen to find out how her husband feel. Realllly! She is totally out of control in shopping. No kids now but in future, I'm not sure.
From her recent post before her trip, I guess some unhappiness at work. V funny. We resigned from the same company and she is paid way better than mi in Far East Org. Bt she got so much of com…

Food Review | Astons Express, Golden Shoe Market, Clifford Centre

Well... Is a sunny Saturday afternoon. My guy picked miii up at workplace. Actually wanted to head for Arnold's Chicken at City Plaza but he doesn't seems to like it. So sudden thot of Astons. So we head to the one nearest from my workplace at Chinatown. 
This is my guy's Teriyaki Chicken. I nv taste it but he said so-so. U noe what? He had the coleslaw but not the pasta salad. Kaoz... I like it. So we exchange. I had all the pasta salad and he all the coleslaw.
I love mine. Chargrill Chicken... Yummy. I think at Astons, you can get affordable Western food. Imagine u pay just the main course and free side dishes, somemore u choose 2 of them. Good deal? To mi, it is. It costs us only $11.80 for both.
Next stop. My lunch on wkdays. I finally found the $3 Ban Mian at Golden Shoe Market. I think in this area, u can't find anything cheaper than this. Actual price is $2.80 but $0.20 add on for take away. Wahahahah... Ok la. Nt bad. As usual, tasty food is full of MSG!
Another lu…

1st Treatment with Musee Crystal

I was like... so excited abt this treatment cos I nv hv the courage to sign up with all these beauty salon. Well... Musee Crystal is first. Today is my 1st treatment.
Reach Plaza Sing quite early straight after work. Window shop awhile at Cotton On and nth I fancy. So went up to Musee outlet at Level 4.
Waited for awhile and the consultant came. She scheduled my 2nd appt first before going ahead with my treatment. 6 Sept, same time, same place. Den proceed to the room.
I was asked to change to their spaghetti top only and put all my belongings in the cabinet provided. Den just lie dw there waiting for the start.
She got miii wearing a shade first and asked to lift my hands up. She started with shaving both sides of my underarms. Den apply cold gel on both. Damn cooling... Den started using the beams of lights (I assume tat is IPL). No pain. Seriously. Damn cool. Den she wipe away the gel, cleaning up with a cloth, applying essence den lastly moisturiser. And I'm done!
They are still ha…