Exercise Tips for OL (Office Ladies)

Sometimes we do get bored from our desk-bound job. Other than doing whatever is on hand, what would you do if you wanna take a breather away from your desk, for that short while?

I put myself through 2 exercises that I can do when I'm bored at work. Kinda crazy but I do it in the Ladies. Of course when there is no one inside. 


Yes. I do about 30-50 repetitions each time. Easy right? Get into your position (legs parallel to your shoulders) and do a half squat. Although you are not holding any weights with you but it doesn't matter. Increase the repetitions to your comfort level. But take care of your kneels. 

Space constraints for a cubicle so you may want to do lifting of your arms instead of stretching straight out your hands. They called it a bicep curls. 

So mine is a squat with bicep curls. 

But if you are at home, do try squats while showering. I do that (extreme crazy I am). I let the water from the shower head splash on my back and squat! Quite therapeutic, like you are getting water massage. Yes I'm of course not holding that shower head and it should be on the holder, splashing from high.

This is my own tip for myself. If you think is crazy, ignore it! I'm that crazy.

Heel lifting

Why not? This is the most simple exercise you can do. I do 20 repetitions, facing the vanity mirror in the toilet. Of course again, when no one is around. I simply don't believe that every minute, there is people in the toilet.

Easy right? But do at your comfort level. Don't strain your legs. 

I'm not gonna tell the benefits of doing these 2 exercises here because you can google for it. Too many perceptions/views/advantages/disadvantages about these two. So is for you to see how it can benefit you. I'm just sharing what I will do when I'm bored at work. 

That's all. Bye!