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Healthy breakfast ideas

If you are unsure what actually a healthy breakfast is, do read up on this article which can be found in Yahoo! Healthy Breakfast Ideas. And also some breakfast ideas which you can try on.

Don’t skimp on breakfast, it’s quite simply the most important meal of the day. Breakfast might just be the last thing on your to-do list in the morning, but if you’re short on time, grab a quick breakfast that doesn’t consume too much time or get it ready the night before. Here are some some healthy breakfast options, a combination of south Indian, north Indian, ready-made and continental options. "A healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” says Dr Jyothi Prasad, chief dietitian, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.“There’s a nearly ten-hour long gap between dinner and breakfast, during which the body is on fast mode. As the name suggests, breakfast is the meal you eat to break that fast,” explains Dr Prasad, “It refuels your body with essential nutrients to kick-start your day. So don’…

White Rice Link Seen with Type 2 Diabetes

Health researchers said on Thursday they had found a troubling link between higher consumption of rice and Type 2 diabetes, a disease that in some countries is becoming an epidemic.
Further work is need to probe the apparent association and diets that are notoriously high in sugar and fats should remain on the no-go list, they cautioned.
"What we've found is white rice is likely to increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes, especially at high consumption levels such as in Asian populations," Qi Sun of the Harvard School of Public Health told AFP. "But at the same time people should pay close attention to the other things they eat. "It's very important to address not just a single food but the whole pattern of consumption."
In the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Sun's team said the link emerged from an analysis of four previously published studies, carried out in China, Japan, Australia and the United States.
These studies followed 350,000 people over a times…

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Finance Tips For Single Women

I can use these tips too, though I am not single but I am not married yet. Hahahah... Finance Tips for Single Women

The way most people live these days is drastically different than in generations past. People are generally waiting until much later in life to marry and have families. Considering this, many women will be single for at least part of their adult lives. Also considering the current rates of divorce, there is a reasonable likelihood that many women will find themselves single again at some stage after marrying. Those time-honored gender roles tend to suggest that most women are not great at putting their own needs first, though when it comes to personal finances, women must consider their own needs and wants in order to secure their financial future.
Budget First and foremost, build yourself a solid budget and stick to it. This is just good sense for absolutely everyone – single, married or divorced. Examine your monthly expenses, remembering to include everything from housi…

7 shocking food facts

I am damn surprised! Do read up! 7 Shocking Food Facts

Seven surprising facts you may not know about your food Even after analysing food packets, checking out ingredients and swatting up on calorie counts, there are certain things you may not know about your food. Here are seven food facts that may surprise you. World chocolate supplies are set to run outIt is one of the most popular treats worldwide, so it may come as bad news to many that world chocolate supplies may soon run out. Due to political unrest and dangers to farmers in the Ivory Coast (where a large proportion of the world’s cocoa beans are grown), many fair trade cocoa farmers and trainers have fled the country and chocolate production has hit a low. It has been predicted that supplies of sustainable chocolate are set to run out, and a chocolate drought has been predicted for 2014.

One of the world’s most expensive foods is made from saliva
From caviar (fish eggs) to truffles (an edible fungus), it seems that many of the worl…

7 ‘good’ habits that are bad for your health

I recommend you peeps to read up on this. 7 'Good' habits that are bad for your health

Think you know what’s good for you? You may be surprised. Take a look at these seven seemingly good habits that can actually be bad for your health.

Drinking water
While we are probably all familiar with the advice to drink eight glasses of water a day, more recent research has suggested that there is actually no scientific evidence supporting this recommendation and that drinking excessive amounts of water can actually be dangerous by lowering the concentration of salt in your blood. Health-conscious water drinkers should also be wary of the trend for drinking bottled water, as studies have suggested that the chemicals (phthalates) from plastic bottles can leach into water and disrupt hormone levels.

Talking over your problemsTalking through your problems can be a great way to gain some perspective and get things off your chest. However, studies have suggested that, after a certain point, rehas…

Beer Time @ Beer Market

Is simply a night for the ladies @ Beer Market, Clarke Quay. My first visit there with my ladies. Cool concept when it comes to buying drinks. Stock market price. Ups and downs. Buy low and drink high! That's their slogan. Wahahaha... Wait for the right price and call for the waiter or waitress. Order food thru the menu as usual. So does mocktails, cocktails etc. Wow... So high... And that's the night for our gossiping and laughters till 10+ before we head home for the night.

Food Review | Chilis Restaurant + Our Anniversary Dinner

Share with you peeps out there my experience at Chilis, Resort World Sentosa. It is a wonderful experience with that excellent service. Their servers will ask if you needed anything after all the food are served. At an appropriate interval, they will come again or pop by to ask again, or any desserts order and most importantly, clearing the plates and finished food. Thumbs up! This time I took charge in ordering because my guy said he always made the wrong choice of food and end up forcing himself to finish whatever he ordered.

Well... I simply love the steak. Nice. I seldom have steak and this time round it makes me feel that my choice is right.  The shrimps are awesome! Springy, means fresh. Yummy... I love fresh shrimps. I really do recommend having their salad for a start. The cheese quesadilla wedges is so yummy! It is crispy too. Wow... I finally had a wonderful meal with him and he is satisfied with my choice.  So I guess from now on, I am going to b the decision maker when it …

New found goodie!

Alright... Working at Raffles Place is real costly. Cos there is always something that attract your attention, especially your wallet. And from there, you have to spend and spend... So my colleagues found this wonderful stuff. I have misplaced the brochure which states the benefits of this seaweed jelly. It is expensive so we share among colleagues which will be cheaper. One pack 4 cubes. 1 cube to 1200ml water was my initial try. I try out on Osmanthus flavour. It looks v watery but actually it has solidified. Strange right? Compare with those jelly we made, this is totally different. It is like the ice jelly we have at dessert stall. Nice. Not that sweet but not bland too. It blends in well with lime. My mum said we should buy those mixed cocktails and have it together. It took almost a day to get it fix. Maybe because I did it in the night time. Hahahah... Love it when it is chilled. Easy to swallow because it is still that watery. 

I shall find that brochure and let all you peeps t…

Food Review | Din Tai Feng

I swear that this will be the last time I am going to Ding Tai Feng.  The food isn't good at all and I don't understand why there is always a long q.  Last evening just patronise the outlet in Sentosa. Gosh... As usual, is a thumbs down from my guy and I.
The dumpling soup. Is taste of the soup is nice. U know what? Just like any soup where u put lotsa MSG. But the dumplings are way lousy. The skin of dumplings is thick, which we don't like at all. To have a good dumplings or I should say a skillful person who did that, the thickness is just nice. Only thing I will agree is the prawns within is some how fresh. Springy. Now is the braised tofu. A very small portion (though it looks big in the photo) which is costly. But it suits our taste bud. With the minced meat on top and the sauce.
Steamed chive dumplings. As usual, thick dumpling skin and the strong taste of chive which we don't really like. Basically, is tasteless to us and we have to put soy sauce or the braised to…