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Food Review | Tim Ho Wan

Suggested going for dimsum dinner with the husband here at Tim Ho Wan since there is no exaggerating queue and he hasn't tried it yet though. Featured in the Michelin guide, heard lots of raving reviews about Tim Ho Wan, how nice their food are and on the negative side will be always their queue like long waiting and crowded. I was like so tempted to go since I never been to the one in Hong Kong, although I did once had a take-away for my parents who were not very impressed with their dimsum. The husband has this particular taste bud so he might have a different say.

So their menu is just one glance on a sheet of paper. Limited varieties but have those staples (must-have) of a dimsum eatery like Prawn Dumpling (Har Gow), Siew Mai and so on.

Shared with the husband these 7 items and is enough to fill up the stomach even without a proper meal. The overall taste was just like those we had at other Chinese restaurants that serve dimsum. And I don't see that if there is a next rou…

Travelogue | Seoul, Korea

Before I continue, for my readers' convenience, read my Korea travelogue here:
Korea Travelogue - Jeju Island Korea Travelogue - Yong Pyong Ski Resort
Okay. Done! So let me continue with the last leg of this trip. Back to Seoul after 2 nights stay at Yong Pyong Ski Resort. Unforgettable experience. Why? Because many of my 1st were given to this place. Snow. Ski. Nuff say. I'm like repeating again and again. 
Lunch. Okay. We are like a bunch of glutton. Eat and nothing but eat. And some more is meat. That is why I say this is not just a kimchi trip but a meaty one too. Agree? Seriously 'loving' it. Fat die me.

Bukchon Hanok Village
And next up, to Bukchon Hanok Village. There residents still living in this area, in the traditional houses which I'm really mesmerized by it. I don't have the very good skill to capture the essence of every houses but I must say it is definitely a worthy walk through. There are guides around the area to help direct tourists and also so…

Travelogue | Yong Pyong Ski Resort, Korea

And so... the travelogue continues. After Jeju Island, we fly back to Gimpo for our stay at Yong Pyong Ski Resort. Rather excited because skiing for the very 1st time in life. Moments of snowstorm while trying out at the ski field. Falling big times on that rough hard ice. And best of all, snow! That's probably around noon time. Heavy snow fall. How can you don't like when it is your 1st time in life seeing and touching snow? We are so blessed this trip. I don't need Cherry Blossoms because I saw it in Taiwan. I need snow!
Upon arriving at Gimpo, we head for lunch.

Thereafter, we head up to Everland which is near to our lunch venue. 5-10 mins I guess. Not sure what is in store for us there. But first, let us go visit the animals inside Everland.

The highlight of the zoo is Liger, mating between tiger and lion gives you Liger. Get it? You don't? Too bad. Anyway, I wasn't listening to what the guide says and keep snapping away. So I forgotten which is Liger. Can you…