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My Little Victories

Cheap masks frm Sasa Hong Kong. Wonder if it is gd. Bought 2 extra packs for another gf of mine.. Hee... HKD5 for 2 packs... Hw u tink? Gonna try it soon.
Sometin beta as a gift for my bud... Haha.. Bought at Warnerbros shop located in Macau Tower... I bought one for myself for souvenir. Nice plcs in Macau r al in there... Lov it. Worth e bucks.

Ok.. My bro commented tat it looks like a fishmonger's boots.. Damn it.. Bt it nv dampens my spirit.. Cos I like it.. Haha.. Bought frm Shenzhen too.. So mani shops sellin boots and is dirt cheap compare buyin in SG.. Another gd deal!

I tink tis is e main purpose of my trip to Shenzhen.. Haha.. Finally fulfill a little wish of mine in gettin e LV speedy 25... In addition wit a cardholder (on e left). The wallet in front is my guy's. Hee.. Thot of gettin one more LV bag bt haiz.. Cant make up my mind cos too mani to choose frm.

Wadss Up!

Bought tis at Watson. Haha.. Cheapo tumbler at $2.95. Lov it. I jus cant stop myself frm gettin Pooh back home.. There is a lunch box actually.. Was tinkin whether to get or nt. Bt later drop e idea cos I'm afraid it will b stored in my cupboard of Poohs.. Haha...

Bought this pair of shoes last mth when I met up wit e gals at Vivo... Frm Charles & Keith. Is a torture wearin it at first. Oh well, u noe shoes do 'bite' u on yr v 1st try. Bt nw use to it and I feel comfortable wearing.. Hee... Gt discount by usin my gf's membership.. Nice.. If there is any others tat I fancy, shall brin my gf along.. Woohoo

Bring back the childhood memories


Finally an eva nitey dinner

Oh well... Too dark. Haiz.. My camera went flat.. So sad. Tis is my first and eva homemade candle light dinner wit my dearie.. Hee... Is nt tat kind of ex and sumptuous candle light dinner, bt a dinner which is economical and tru e heart.. I luv it... N I guess my guy tinks e same. E glasses and candles r bought b4 hand.. Hee. Guess where? At Daiso. Hahah... Ingredients r bought at Tanglin Mall.. Hee.. Wat we hv? Lobster soup, red wine (I brought it frm hm), baby carrots, asparagus and e steak. Nice. Al my guy's effort... Mi jus wash up everythin... Haha.. Suppose to b mi doin it bt end up my guy.. K la.. Next round shall do him a full dinner.. Wee...

The Window of Spirit

Can you see any difference? Hmm my guy's idea of mi gettin a colour lens to make e pupil bigger... Ok if u come close to mi n c, u wil c a slight difference... My pupil is bigger a little... I use Freshkon. Haha... Try onli... Mayb next time try usin Acuvue... Cos is ex ma and tis mth I'm goin for holidays, so I decide to hv as trial myself wit Freshkon... Hahaha..... Fun. My guy onli realise when we were havin dinner.... Hahaha. His reaction was so cute n funny....

My Naive Act over a guy

I'm goin to post somethin of my past... Some stupid acts I did in e past over a guy... Cos I was two time... Tats was abt 4 yrs ago... Naive tat time.. Bt by postin here nw, wil always make mi rem tat I wont make e same mistake again.. I'm stil havin some phobia over tis matter... Til nw, even if I'm attached, tis thin doesnt seems to get over mi... Cos tat was when I m hurt terribly... Mad tat time... Cos I nv been two time b4... Like wat she say, I shd b e one stoopin so low to fight over a guy... Disgrace... Shame... Disgusted... Hope tis feelin is gonna b over soon... Cos I lost a dignity battle! ++ I wrote: So u r the one who yr Boyfriend is Andre lEE rite? Damn bitch... I m his Gf Stella. Been
him for v long. U beta Stop contacting him and
leave him alone. He is mine. C yr email. I hv
email u too. Bitch Slut
She wrote: Oh come on la..scolding bitch shows just where
ur maturity level is...pls show more sensibility...
So you say his urs..then take him away..but the
fact dun s…

My Sunny Wkend!!!

A sunny wkend to Dempsey Hill.. Woohoo! 2nd time there. 1st time nv get dw to walk ard n take pics.. Bt tis time, reali set my foot in tat plc. Haha... Is hot and I'm screamin help for a shelter!!!

E ambience of tis cafe is best! PS Cafe. I wonder isit e one which ProjectshopBloodbros hv at Paragon. Stil wonderin... Thot of hvin lunch there bt it seems like we dun reali noe wat kind of food offered.. So giv up!

Did u c DOME? Yes.. N I m headin there. My guy actually wanted to go Harry's bt I dun like.. So we settle for DOME....

Nice ambience.. Luv it. Wat I c is tat tis plc is full of middle class ppl or ang mohs... Hmm..... A yuppie's hangout plc too...

Look at tis platter.. Yummy.. I duno it comes such big portion... Too bad.. My guy had spaghetti. Cant finish actually bt die die swallow e last few pcs of wedges in.... Spend almost 50bucks jus tis meal.
Next, we head to Tanglin Mall... Intention is to grab e ingredients for our candlelight dinner at hm, bt jus nice get…

Happy Feet Again..

Woohoo.. Jus 20mins, I spend 20bucks on a herbal foot soak at Beauty Empire. At Scarlet Hotel. Woohoo.. Shiok! Tis e 2nd time I go wit my bud for some indulgence. My feet feel so soft when I walk.. Haha.. Told my bud shall go tat every once a mth durin our lunch time. Short relaxation. Away frm tat stupid company of ours.. Shall go for a body treatment next round which wil b abt two wks time b4 I head for my holidays. I reali nit a gd one.. I'm too tense.. Frm sch n work. Mayb relationship too.. Bt stil, I nit a change. Reali in nit a change in life..