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Food Review | 267 Eating House at Jalan Kayu

I realized that patrons to 267 Eating House will sure have a pack of otah from that famous Hiang Soon just few shops away. That include us. After ordering our food, expect probably 10-15 mins of wait before serving up to us. So I guess that is the best way to feed that itchy mouth or hunger. Follow suit.
Just last week I tried Thasevi Prata. This week another try at this stretch of shophouses of Jalan Kayu. Another choice of Zhi Char stall and variety to choose from. The only thing that I don't like is those irritating flies around our table while our food is served. Probably they should take hygiene into consideration. They have limited seat capacity so do find the right time to beat the crowd.

How I range the food will be from best to good: Indonesia Prawns, Sambal Stingray, Beancurd and Stir-fried french beans.

The beans can be better if it is cut into smaller length. Quite decent plate of beans but nothing to shout about. As for their beancurd, the inside is silky but I don&#…

Impromptus weekend

Year-end is coming, which means the start of more gatherings till we welcome 2015 with both hands. Time flies and soon we are a year older. What is waiting for us in 2015? Really curious. I hope everything will be good.
Went to his friend's house for steamboat a.k.a chit chat session since he shifted to a a bigger house. Damn big with 4 storeys. Never took any photos of the house. So just follow the photos through and you know how my Sat is spent. Geez... have to plan what to get for steamboat next month as our turn to host them the first time in our house since we shifted in.

This is how it looks when 6 of us hang out. Alcohol and cigarette are staples to the guys. Quite norm. And snacks.

That's all on a Saturday night. That crazy husband wanted to stay till 6am but I cannot stand it. And his friend is sleepy already. So head off home at 5+ in the morning. Excuse me... I really long time never stay out so late. I don't really enjoy it. But why did I always do so in my yo…

Food Review | Nyonya & Baba Peranakan

Listed this restaurant the last time we popped by at Vivo City and finally settled for a meal after work here. Looking forward to it because is pretty new to me as I never had Peranakan food before. And the husband because he seems to know what to order. His mum (my MIL) is a Peranakan so probably influenced for that reason. He is not a Chinese too.

Before our meal is served, Achar and Keropok are served. The husband calls the former as Asia Kimchi. Not sure why. In what ways does it look like kimchi? Maybe it does look like, somehow. 
Ordered their SET A for 2 pax which basically fits all the choices the husband wants.
Soup - Bakwang Kepeting

When served, this is how it looks. Thanks to food styling. Well... the soup is tasty (like pig organ soup as described by the husband) and the meatballs are indeed good. 

Spot the prawn within the meatballs. Sorry for lousy photos in this post. Bear with it, though me myself can't stand it.

Vegetables - Nyonya Chap Chye

Love this one (imagine…

Food Review | Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant

Through words of mouth, I always heard my friends saying that famous prata at Jalan Kayu, many a times and because that time I stay in the West, it is pretty turn off to head to another side of Singapore. But now with me living in North, it takes about 10-15mins to reach Jalan Kayu. But note that parking is extremely a headache there unless you are not lazy like me (walk from the open carpark opposite Jalan Kayu Interim Park to the restaurant). I must say the road is extreme narrow for a bus to pass through (even though it managed to). I hope the authority can do something to widen the road as it is another food paradise to explore in Singapore with the famous prawn noodles and otah.

So finally get to try this famous prata but then I go for fanciful prata like Ice Cream Prata and Paper Prata. Just in time before the peak hours as it opens 24 hours and today is Friday, so expect a crowd coming later on. 
As it is called, it is thin like a paper. Dip in the gravy, it tastes decent and …

Lazy Me. Lazy Beauty Regime.

First of all, I have to emphasize that I'm an ordinary girl. I actually don't dress up myself very well. I just want to be in comfort that I don't really bother about my color coordinate. Thus I will always look weird. Sometimes I quite conscious but also not very color coordinate still. I think it all depends on occasions. Probably I can blog about my #OOTD to show you peeps.

And I don't really have that full set of beauty regime and I don't usually wanna write because I'm not some beauty blogger. Typically, I'm that lazy woman in this phrase, '世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人. I wasn't being bothered by that even when I was a famous Pimple Queen since Secondary 3. Tried different pimple/acne creams, see doctors at Polyclinics, tried different facial cleansers, old traditional ways like using cucumbers to minimize inflammation, apply egg whites like facial mask and using Hazeline Snow 雪花糕.

So if you people used it before, this is how it looks in the earlier years. M…