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Instant Noodles I love it!

I read this article and find it quite interesting. Is about food again, mind you! My love for food is always that much. But this time round, is about Instant noodles.

I guess most of you out there have it every now and then when we are on the go, busy, eat for the sake of eating (like my guy) or simply can't find anything to eat. Or you are instant noodles addicts (like my bro)?

How about the history of instant noodles? You may want to check out the link. Wikipedia shows a page on instant noodles. Very descriptive. I heard there is a instant noodles museum in Japan. Wow... I would love to visit that when I go Japan again. Saw it on tv actually.

As we know the most basic way of cooking instant noodles is throwing the mee into that boiling water, pour in the seasoning and that's it. Smells good! Same goes to cup noodles. Pour in the boiling water and will b done in 3mins. Woohoo... It looks in this form. Very seldom did I have it in cup noodles. Unless I crave for it. In that form.…

What do you look forward to?

Hey peeps...

It has been quite boring on my blog. Simply no time to blog and is mostly descriptive wordy post.

Well... I shall just gather my photos and do a good post this weekend.

But please tell me what do you look forward in my upcoming post?

Food? Places of interest? Holidays? Chill out places? Or what?

Tell me by tweeting me at

Well... actually I have lotsa things to post but the photos are everywhere... Sighz...

Anyway I will do one this weekend cos my exam is over by Sat. Woohoo....

Waiting for your tweet...!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

All about NuffnangX

Well... Have you heard of NuffnangX? U do? U don't? 
Well... U got to know it right now since you love reading blogs of all kinds.
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You can see the ads on my blog too, on the side bar. Sometimes... it depends.
What is the advantages of this application? Follow your favourite blogs (could it be me? nahhh...)Enhance conversations (you can converse with your fav bloggers too!)Discover new reads (something like editor's pick)So what are you waiting for? Stalk your favourite bloggers via your phone now!!!
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Alright. Heavy investment I guess. But I ♥ photography. 
Guess that's part of my plan in future. Setting up a small studio of mine for photoshoots.
But my guy said that I should start from home first. 
Right! He said he will not rent out the other room (of our new flat) to others and let me do my stuff.
Hey one more room is his entertainment room. Damn it! I think I shall share that room with him.
Half for me and half for him.
And we can still carry on with renting a room for extra income.
Why I ♥ photography? I don't know. Maybe influence by my dad previously who always pinpoint on how I take photos.
What I ♥ to shoot on? Food, product and holiday peektures. Even if the food is awful, so long the shots are taken perfectly. Even if it is a lousy trip, so long it captures the best moment at the right place, at the right time. Even if I don't really use or think that product is good, capturing it in a way which will capture the heart of others.
My Instagram is flooded with food peeks…

Emotional Window

It has been for a month plus since I started my new job. Well... basically up till now, I feel I'm so useless here. There is nothing challenging in my work up till this moment. All I do is photocopying and some simple calculation and formatting a document. Crap! I can do more than all these. And is true.

Maybe I give myself 6 months to see if this industry is suitable for me. 6 months and that's it.

But in dilemma too. My new flat is coming. Probably in 2014. And now is like I have only 2013 to prep for everything. What if it comes early? And I am not done yet with my undergraduate program.

Ohhhhhhh nooooooooo......... I can't imagine that! Keep my fingers crossed. It will come only in 2014. *keep chanting it in mind*

Anyway, have been saving up for all the necessary. And I hope my job now won't screw me up in my saving plan.

Yah right! I am so contradicting right? Give myself 6 months to see if job is suitable yet scare it screws up my saving plan.

All these link tog…

Times Up!

I guess is really to my max. Or should I say is because of my upcoming examinations which causes so much of mixed feelings. 
I don't wish for a desk-bound job anymore. I wish to do something of my interest. 
But I don't think I can do it. Or is there another way out?
I like photography. Especially on food photography. But I haven't got the money to invest on a good camera.
Some say should start from small before you buy a professional ones. Ya I guess so.
I have always wish to be a freelance photographer. Taking up ad-hoc assignments. 
I ♥ that. Hope to fulfill this wish soon.
Another one that I had in mind is b my own boss. A cafe. 
And I will make sure that the photos on menu will be all taken by myself.
Plus the food which will also be prep and made by myself. 
To be frank, I'm into baking, cooking and food photography.
So I shall kick start my plan! Once started, no turning back.
And is gonna be a good, long term investment.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I ♥ Uniqlo

I have been wanting to blog about that and since I am giving myself a break tonight, may as well I do it rather than later.
As we all know, Uniqlo originated from Japan! Yeah... I love Japan and lotsa stuff like culture etc...
The first time myself and my guy patronised Uniqlo was at Narita Airport in March 2011. We are like doing a last minute shopping before boarding our flight back to Singapore after 5 days in Tokyo. Really had a wonderful experience in Japan. And so we went in the store and bought like SGD200+ of stuff from Uniqlo. I think this is crazy!!! I never spend so much on shopping before and this is the first time I did that in other countries. Well done!

Our first purchase. Please minus away those like keychains, camera, pouch and mufflers. The rest are Uniqlo stuff.
My guy bought alot like tops and boxers. Me, bras and leggings.
I love their bras. Seamless. Basically I want comfort. So even if it doesn't do any push-up effects, I don't mind. 
So after we are back in S…

Examination Fever

Yes... Is yet again my examination. My 2nd semester and I guarantee this time round is tough! My assignments are so damn terrible that I almost breakdown. Luckily I have my fren to help me with some ideas and amending my reference list. For god sake! Harvard Referencing. Thank you!!! I don't know why am I feeling so tense up this semester. Last sem wasn't that bad even though I failed one assignment by 1 mark but manage to pull through overall. That's why I'm here in my 2nd sem. God! What am I doing here? I am supposed to be revising whenever I can!!!! Every minute and seconds are sooooo indeed precious. I read while I eat. I read while I poo. I read while I have chance in the train, travelling to work or elsewhere. Provided is not crowded but fat hope! I guess understanding is better than memorising. But if I never memorise the key points, how am I suppose to further elaborate on key points? Correct right? Well... I hope by 24th Oct which is my first paper, I can be c…