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Food Review | Canton Paradise

And yes... After surviving through my 2nd semester, I'm glad to proceed the next semester in 2013. Finally is the 2nd and last year 2013 before I go to the next stage of my life and that is marriage.
Though is pre-planned, but I'm glad to meet up with my girl friend for that few hours of chewing the fat. We had our dinner at Canton Paradise, JCube. Been there few times with my guy for dinner and we love their food. So I bring her there since our initial plan was to have Nana's Green Tea (which we find out it sort of like close down is it? Correct me if I'm wrong.)  They use fresh ingredients for the fillings of har gow (shrimp dumplings), siew mai (pork dumplings, I guess according to Wikipedia) and so on. 
Their variety of congee deserves a 'Like' too.  Simply what I love most. The thick kind of white porridge. Who don't love? Raise up your hand. U must be joking if you don't like.
So at Canton Paradise.
The colour of their menu really blend in the restaura…

I thank God for that!

Gotta my long awaited results. Can you imagine since 8am this morning (29 Nov 2012) till 2+ in the afternoon, all the students are waiting for results to release and yet is the same old problem face in Australia side. IT system of theirs got problem again. WTF!!!
My first semester also face the same problem. This semester is also the same. And always during the day of releasing results. Always!!!! I can simply tell you that IT IS NOT GOING TO BE THE LAST TIME AND GOING TO BE IN THIS WAY TILL I GRADUATE!!!!
When I first login, it reflects my results from previous semester. Then I thought 'okay lah give chance I refresh again'. I keep refreshing for duno million times. The same thing. Then I got a sudden thought why not see if the school got FB page and then alas... there is and already students are bombarding their page. Then I join in the frustrating fun.
About 11+, the previous sem results are taken down but it say 'You do not have any results today' (something along the…

Prep for EXAMS

My examinations are over for almost 2 weeks and I have been slacking for 2 weeks (never went for my routine run). Shall buck up. Well... Shall not talk more and let the photos to tell what I did during these 3 weeks of preparation for that killer modules. 

On a Fri evening, I went to Jurong Regional Library to study for 2hrs before I head home for the day. Crap. No tables available and so I sat on the sofa. Study in th

Public Phone

I guess most of you have used public phone before... But with the technology advancing everyday, these public phones will be extinct soon enough. Just like pagers. I kept 2 of them at home for memories (I think I have more than 2 but not sure cos memory loss over the years). Another one will be the number '1711' which we usually call to check time but it has ceased its service. We shouldn't forget their existence which actually help us in our daily life. I mean last time. For now, is all about smartphones. Yup! I own a SII and once contract end, I shall change to Note II. Why I don't support Iphone is because so common everywhere and one of my module assignment is about Apple and I am kind of disgusted after reading more about them and also analyzing them on how they manage the company, their staff etc. *PUKE* That makes me even don't want to use their phone. 
Back to public phone. So one insert 10 cents to the coin phone for a 3 minutes talk. Any changes right now?…

Food Review | Nice and Cheap Food in NUS

Yes... I am working in NUS. And now I am going to recommend what you can find in the canteen of Science Faculty. Come try it. Cos I see even SAF personnel went there for food despite long q. NUH staff don't need to say. So near only. Drop at Kent Ridge MRT station (Circle Line), walk about 10mins and you will reach Science block. Ask for direction to NUS Faculty of Science canteen. That's the nearest canteen. Or you may want to try at NUH Staff canteen but nothing much over there. So for now, I stick my ass on Science canteen.

For tourists info. If you wanna see the place and life of our students in NUS (one of our local universities), you can do so and meanwhile get to taste our local food in the canteen too. And is cheap! Definitely.
First up! My bro intro me to have this Dory Penyet. He says that is damn nice. Not oily and the fish is fresh. I don't is it the way they fried or the batter for the fish but I like it. $3.50 mind you. Don't you think is worth? How much wi…