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Culinary | #howireducefoodwastage - Breakfast

I started this hashtag in Instagram on my own. I have checked alright. Nobody use it so I dominate it. Anyway, these days I have been quite careful with my purchase. I told myself no more mindless or impulsive purchase of anything including kitchen stuff. Well... so far so good for the past one week. My fridge is quite clean now and no more food hogging inside without any attention gotten by us. But sometimes I think back, buying small quantity may not be reasonably cheap as compared to large quantity. Again, you don't want to open up your thinking cap to think of how to fully utilize the balance of your purchase. Sigh...
Mineral Water
Just like bottled mineral water I bought. Because the husband is using it to make some drinks but then ends up, stop. So I'm left with like at least 7-8 bottles of 1.5L of mineral water. And till few days back, I realized it has expired. Pardon me but all along, I never thought that mineral water has expiry date. Sorry for that but really, to me…

Culinary | Spring Roll and Turmeric Flavoured Fried Rice

Have you ever wonder why you bought something for your cooking but never use it and leave it to expire? Sometimes is due to curiosity because it is unique or something new to you. Sometimes you never plan what you wanna cook properly or change your mind at the very last min. Yes... all these happen to me and recently I realize that I am wasting lots of money on unused food items. So now... I'm on the bandwagon of reducing food wastage. I can't imagine being a miser, I still waste money this way. TOTALLY BAD EXAMPLE! Spare a thought for those who don't get to eat. Sin. I sinned.
Inside my fridge, I found a pack of spring roll skins which my mum gave me weeks ago just because she bought the wrong type. Superb lame. And a pack of frozen lean pork which I bought few weeks back. So the thoughts of making spring rolls with what I have hits me immediately. With my husband suggested to add onions and dry shrimps, that will be one of the dish for dinner. 
Spring Rolls


250 g …

Food Review | Tsukada Nojo Singapore

My friend and I waited exactly an hour from 6.56 pm to 7.56 pm to be seated. Yes... I think this is the only time that we are so determined to try and despite having to stand for an hour, we are just curious and wanted to find out ourselves how awesome this collagen soup is that attracts so many patrons who would go gaga over this Beauty Pot. Luckily we skipped one group ahead of us who wanted a bigger table (because there is a baby along). And there is a time limit to your makan time. About an hour and a half. That is why when you queue up, the waitress helping out at the entrance will tell you the expected waiting time  (about 30 to 50 mins) and how fast all depends on the makan speed of their customers within that 1.5 hours.
So for the first timers, they will serve you personally on each table. They will tell you what to have first and last. But to us, it seems more like a steamboat with all the ingredients thrown into the soup.

It was served up to us before 10 mins. It looks like…

Culinary | No-Bake Jelly Cheesecake

Previously I used the premix from Betty Crocker to make No Bake Cheesecake but when I wanna do it again, no where I can find it again. Did they just stop this product line? Probably it is. My parents and husband love it to bits. So after procrastinating for very long, I decided to make one from scratch instead.  Being a noob, I have to start with a simple recipe so that I can advance from there. Alas... got it! And it was a success. I love simple jelly cheesecake that not only give a boost to my confidence in baking, but also I will have nice food photos to show you readers. Hope one day I'll be more courageous to work on new creations for cheesecake.

Crust Ingredients:
100g cornflakes processed into fine crumbs (or like powder-form)60g melted butterCheesecake Ingredients: 1 tbsp gelatin powder3/4 cup hot boiling water1 block (250g) softened cream cheese45g icing sugar1/3 cup Vitagen, optional Jelly Layer:
1  pack (90g) Tortally brand jelly powder250ml hot water250ml cold water
Crust P…

Culinary | Homecooked Fish n Chips

So on a weekly basis, I will go for a grocery shopping with my husband after work. Like once a week and usually for weekend supply or replenishing of food stuff. At NTUC Finest, you find lots of specialty products. And it is also the place where I found my truffle oil. And just last week, we found the Sutchi Fillet by Fish & Co and was so delighted. At first we suggested steaming it but later on which is yesterday (our SG Election Day), we decided to make Fish n Chips. It shall be accompanied by our another find at NTUC Finest, Flavour Crisp Fries. This is our favourite and you must try. It has been already seasoned and all you need is just to fry it. But we adopt air-frying. Crispy and a little spicy.

Marinade (for fillet)
Paprika, Pepper, Turmeric Please estimate on your own because it all depends on your own preference. Spread on both sides of fillet and put in the fridge for at least an hour. You may want to slice it into half like what we do as it is quite a big piece.
Batter (…

Culinary | Homecooked Dessert - Red and Green beans soup

It has been a while since my last post. Have not been wanting to blog unnecessary, especially when I don't have anything in mind. Writing this post is because right now in Singapore, we are facing the haze issue, again. Every year, we definitely have to face this because of the burnings from Indonesia. Everywhere you go, you smell the burning in the air, which is totally unhealthy for all of us. Some may experience eye irritation, respiratory problems (esp my dad) and many more. So people, stay indoors and spend quality time with your loved ones. For me, other than stepping out for marketing and later on, voting, I will stay at home with my husband till Monday comes. Not to waste this holiday (because polling day), I cook Green Bean Soup. Have been wanting to cook this but too lazy and no confidence that I will cook well. My mum already told me how to cook, what is needed and so on. Finally find time to do it. Right time to cook this dessert to fend the haze.
But fir…