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My Virgin Training Shoot - Birthday Party

Okay... I have not been blogging for quite awhile and I'm not sure what exactly I'm busy. But one thing for sure, my mind is all about assignments. Damn it! And that is dragging me. I wanna do food review but damn lazy. Anyway, it is not gonna earn me any big bucks so why care? 
Alright. Since I have e photos on hand, I shall blog about my first training shoot at my guy's niece and nephew birthday bash. The location is at Blue Horizon Condominium, like is always there. Been there like once a year just for the kiddos birthday bash. This time round, the sister (my guy's) invited a lot of people so food preparation and all sort of stuff make everyone in the house busy like hell (except me and my guy). I volunteer to b photographer for the day but very unprofessional because blardy shit, I forget to bring extra battery. Arrghh... So never manage to shoot the last part a lot which is cake cutting. Sighz... But nevertheless, is a good try.
So let me start like now. First a few…

Invisalign Journey

Finally I have made up my mind to do some thing to my teeth. Instead of those metallic braces my friends have all done, I opt for Invisalign which is invisible type and at least I don't need to look further weird with my smile next year when I'm set for wedding shoots. That's my concern, although is sort of inconvenience. You can't have beautiful smile with that metallic braces on your teeth right? Ya maybe shoot from far can't really see clearly but how about close up? You can't asking the photographer to take distance shots or photoshop it for the sake right? It is all about nice pretty photos!!!! I want INVISALIGN and that is final!
Umm.. I wonder how the dentist feels when he/she sees my horrendous teeth. Yucky! Front teeth 2 of them overlapping on 1 and yellowish. Wahahahahah... I feel disgusted myself too. Sorry for the description made. 
My purpose of doing it is I find that my teeth are pertruding (you can see sideway of me) and I think is ugly. I want so…

Food Review | Dian Xiao Er

I'm back for more food reviews. But first just let me do this review on Dian Xiao Er. Although is not the first time I'm patronising their restaurant but maybe I should give them some publicity here in my own blogsphere. Ya lah... Nobody give a damn about my review because there are lots of popular food blogger out there already whom might have already give good review about them. So what???? My space, I pay for my food so I do whatever I want!
Dian Xiao Er is a place that I have already listed in my family gathering venue because of their good food. And I believe that elder ones will like Chinese cuisine more than others due to their brought-up in the 1940s-1960s or even earlier than that. Yes I came here not only with my boyfriend but with friends and family too. It is probably quite a family-friendly place. At least to me. Their service is good. The service staff leads you to your table and caution you when there is stairs where lightings are dimmed. And if you are carrying …

Are you HUNGRY?

And yes... we are in the month of August 2013. New month new hope right? It is gonna be another new challenge from +OpenRice Singapore again!
As you know, the Gourmet Challenge is finally over (ended from 31 July 2013, so remember to redeem the prizes by 6 August 2013). It has been running since March 2013. I kind of forgotten when I join Openrice. But anyway I had lots of fun in food reviews and redeem prizes that I like with my monthly number of reviews. 
Now it is gonna b a new challenge from them. Something that is similar to Gourmet Challenge. The prizes in Gourmet Challenge are redeem based on the number of reviews you have on that month and a minimum of 15 reviews to redeem a small gift like Starbucks or Coffee Bean Card or Kopitiam Card.
But this time round, you redeem using your Openrice EXP points in total for that month!!! Did I read correctly? I think that is what I have understood from. And also you can redeem many prizes so long as you have sufficient EXP points.
Let me pres…

A Bread Parade

And yes... Breadtalk celebrates their 13th birthday and they had this promotion which you buy 10 buns for only $10!!! Or 1 piece at $1.10. Every single buns in their store. And sad to say, I bought 10 buns only on their last day of this promotion which is yesterday (31 July 2013). Anyway it is a great enjoyment once a while having their buns. It is either I find it expensive (just like Swee Heng) or I got no mood for buns. 
Anyway, I enjoy 2 buns this morning for breakfast. Superb nice. The rest I leave it for my family to enjoy. Meanwhile here is 11 photos of my buns purchase yesterday. Why 11? Find out when we reach that point. 
Taken with my Canon EOS 650D

And... ta-da.... After buying 10 buns, is still not enough. Free one more. Total I have 11 buns!!!

Well done! This week my family is superb enjoying the nice buns from Breadtalk. Guess what? The nearest outlet from my workplace probably at Clementi Mall but there is always so crowded and having this promo will add on to the traffic…