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You ought to try in order to know if it is good or bad right? Sometimes we can't rely on reviews or words of mouth when it comes to food right? Some maybe wrong and vice versa. It all depends on individual's palate right? As for myself, I got this weird taste bud. Sometimes when others think is nice, I find it norm. When is bad, I find it nice. Tell me about it!

So I head to Ambush at JEMS with my guy. Here, I based on reviews again. Ya... too defiant. Always get 'cheated' by photos and reviews yet still rely on it. Fine... Let's see what my instinct tells me this time round.

Their menu is like a newsletter style. I remember seeing this type of menu at Potluck (IMM). At least something special than those norm hard-cover menu.

OOhhh... I saw funghi! Love. Must order. I always like saute mushrooms. So is escargots. I'm not afraid of having escargots anymore after my first try at Poulet. You can read up on my previous post for Poulet if you want. 

Since they serve paella, why not? It is going to be as nice as the one we had at Serenity (Vivocity). Hope it don't fail me this round.

Baby Calamari Fritti Skewers $6.80

Oh my gawd! This reminds me of Old Chang Kee. My love for calamari is everylasting everlasting. Provided it is cooked/fried this way. Nice, crispy and chewy. We love it. The deep-frying part is an important element too. Too long or short, it affects the overall taste. Dip in that sauce, it creates a different kind of taste. Sweet element.

Funghi Alla Gamberi - $9.20

Let's talk about that one in front (behind is escargots). The photo didn't do justice to the food. But I'm just gonna rave about my favourite funghi dish. Although it is just mushrooms and prawns, but it tastes just so good! My kind of comfort food if I don't choose to have any mains. I love the way the mushrooms are sauteed. To me, mushrooms taste the best when saute. I'm gonna try it out one day at home and enjoy all the mushrooms on my own! They used olive oil which is healthy. And the prawns are superb fresh and springy. No regrets for this! Recommended, especially to those mushrooms lovers out there. 

Escargots De Bourgogne - $8.50

I hope you don't see it as yucky. I did my best shot on the photo. Lousy phone I have. No justice to this wonderful escargots. To me, I need the seafood smell to be removed in order to enjoy this escargot. It did. All I can taste is the chewiness of fresh escargots and lots of garlic. Totally cover that smell. I don't like and won't even think of ordering if it scars my impression. Wonderful try. 

Marinera Paella - $13.80

It looks like baked rice right? But they used a different kind of rice to make up this Paella. Very tomato taste. I certainly like. You can find fresh prawns, salmon belly, small little scallops, clams and mussels. It kind of make me wonder how they manage the fire so well that it is not too watery or too sticky. This is the essence of what paella should be, my opinion okay? We actually did not squeeze that lemon onto the dish but it is good enough. With every mouthful, the tomato taste stays. Apparently it fills two happy tummy. 

Everything we ordered above is shared between me and my guy. The portion is just right. The price here is reasonable and affordable if you are tight on your pocket. 

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