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Culinary | #howireducefoodwastage - Pancakes

I don't know what lures me to buy that box of Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix. I seriously can't go supermarket shopping. Instead of buying clothes and all pretty stuff like other ladies do, I buy cooking and kitchen stuff more. Or home deco more. Damn it! NTUC, Giant and Cold Storage, you should each sponsor me a week supply of groceries. I'm superb regular shopper in these 3 supermarkets! 
I'm surprised (pardon me for being ignorance) we can use shortening like we use oil for greasing or cooking. OMG! I finally can have a better way of getting rid the shortening from my failure mooncake making. No more wastage. And I have bananas at home (because e hub will have one as breakfast on weekdays) and a bottle of Manuka honey which my mum gave me long time ago. Just right to have Pancakes topped with banana and honey.

1 cup of Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix3/4 cup of cold water1 tsp of Chia seedsToppings:
1 banana, slice thin1 tbsp of Manuka HoneyMethod:

Food Review | Segar Restaurant 食家小厨 [Halal Certified]

Yes! To my Muslim readers, here is my latest find. A Halal Chinese restaurant at Chinatown Point. If you have already know, that's great! If you haven't, read on.
Wasn't sure what to have for dinner, as usual. Wondering around the basement for something that both myself and the husband would want. Being typical Chinese, we settled in at Segar Restaurant. One look on the menu, it looks like Zichar stall but in a more comfy, air-conditioned place for dining. Ordered something simple to try.
Bittergourd Omelette - $8

This tastes more like Fu Yong omelette style (yes it is) but with bittergourd. It is not heavily seasoned so a little bland for me though. Slightly oily too. Probably it is meant to be this way because of how such omelettes are cooked. The first thing came into my mind is why bittergourd? Probably the others like with prawns, scallions, tomato and even chai po are too mainstream. Sounds more like home cooking huh? 
Hong Kong Kai Lan w Oyster Sauce - $10.80

Spot ho…

Food Tasting | Special Festive Menu only at McDonalds

Hooray... my favourite festive season is nearing, which is just less than a month! I feel so excited every year in December because not just Christmas is coming, awaiting to usher a brand year, plus AWS a.k.a 13th month supplement from the Company. And lots of Christmas gatherings where you get to eat and eat non-stop plus gift exchange. I just can't describe how I feel in words! *Ecstatic* 
While thinking of the gathering venues, have you ever listed McDonald's as one of your choice?
WHAT! NO? Too mainstream?Where got people go McDonald's for Christmas gatherings? Hey why not? People also can study there, meet financial advisors there, couples pak tor there with a simple fastfood meal. So what is so weird about having to choose McDonald's as your year-end gathering venue? Come on lah... if you think that way then you gonna miss out a lot. Boo...

I lugged back my dinner under the hot sun on a Saturday afternoon. What is more better than to have your dinner at the comfo…

Culinary | How I succeed on Chiffon Cake baking... finally

You might have come across my previous post in December 2014 on How I fail on Chiffon Cake. *Mood dampen* It just have to depress me in this way towards the end of 2014. Behind my mind, I was cursing and swearing how the hell other home bakers do it and why they can but not me. 
So.... after almost a year since the last bake, with much reading up online plus researching, I finally pick up the courage to do it one more time. November 2015. I'm trying it all over again. Very determined because I don't wanna be just a lady who can cook but also bake. I believe I can but just too lazy. That's why I have dragged till now. Nevertheless, is never too late. And I'm glad I did. I can't wait to bake a birthday cake for my husband this December. More practice to fine-tune the process.

Pandan Chiffon Cake
1st Attempt

Grow baby grow... nice surface. Oh by the way, my oven is a housewarming gift from my friend. Yeah... Joanne!!! Your oven is fully utilized from failure to success…