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Food Review | Morganfield's

Now at The Star Vista, I have 3 places in mind to try. Boston Seafood Shack, Bornga and Morganfield's. I filter out most of the restaurants there to come out with these 3 and my friend picked the last one. Alright. Let's try. 
It's been awhile since the last drinking session with my ladies. So most of the time when I meet them, confirm drink, esp when you have just tt one drinker girlfriend. Lol.

I guess this is gonna suit my hub's taste bud. He tasted ribs from other places that turns him off. I think this is good though to me is like mediocre taste. The sauce over the ribs is sweet, he might not like but I think he won't resist. Half a slab for 2 pax is more than enough when you gonna have a seafood basket. I seriously can't stuff myself so much. I'm a fried food person and so most of the time I stuff myself with the below.
Serving for 2 pax. Chips, calamari, prawns and fish. Fresh prawns (Bingo!), chewy squid and fresh fish. Mama mia. I love to make my …

Food Review | The Manhattan Fish Market [Halal-Certified]

Before I give a short review, I just can't help but to comment on their service.
Last night, went dinner with the hub at Northpoint as he wanted to try the Star Platter from The Manhattan Fish Market after getting all the coupons from my hse.
This long-haired, plump lady served us and led us to our seat. Then I present the coupon to her as we just wanted that. It actually saves her lots of time. Okay, she served up the soup, shortly the drinks by her colleague. The platter took awhile to arrive. It is okay for us. Once on the table, she gave us the serving plates with no cutlery. We waited for awhile, thinking that she knows and is coming back with the cutlery but never. My hub was a little piss off and asked for it when another staff was nearby our table. 
I like to highlight that it is SO difficult to get their attention. There is one specky guy which have made eye contact with me but treat as though he didn't and ignore me. Damn it.
Sloppy. Our table is just down on luck. …

Travelogue | Foodies in Melbourne, Australia

Okay... So like I say that 90% of the photos taken are non-food related. Now let me show you the 10% of food photos. I usually post the food pics on my IG so probably you have seen it if you are a follower of mine in Instagram.

That was my 1st meal in Melbourne. I never knew that for the next few days I'm gonna have more Chinese lunch and dinner. Sigh... What's the diff in SG? 

Well... I'm hashbrown intoxicated. I had like at least 5 hashbrowns per day alone and 1 to kiap with muffin. WTF. U know how to calculate right? 30 hashbrowns in 5 days. I must be crazy! Shall stay clear from hashbrown for a month. How crispy and crunchy it gonna be, I SHALL NOT EVEN LOOK AT IT!

Nah... no biggie. Just Fish n Chips. Finally after like 2-3 Chinese meals, we had western food for good. Pumpkin soup was okay. I had all the greens. Follow the footsteps of my hub. Eat all the greens for better digestion and bowel movement. 

I don't condemn Chinese food as I'm a Chinese too but the…

Travelogue | Graduation Trip - Melbourne, Australia

Oh hi! I'm back after a long hiatus. Well... anyway nobody cares to read my blog but then I just drop some photos taken during my recent trip to Melbourne with my friend and her son. Meant to be a graduation trip cos our uni, RMIT is in Melbourne. So let me take you through with a photo story of my favourite. It seems more like a photography trip to me. 90% of the photos are not relating to food. OMG! How well did I fare for my skills now? Any improvement? For me to find out.