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~mOi first pO fOr 2OO6

Yeah... Finally gt e time to post liao. For e last 14 days, like nt much achievement. 1st day of 2006, I went wit my gal fren n her guy to our DARLIN's hse.. Yeah... A Xmas cum New Year party. A unique design of her hse. Nice. She gt lots of SIMs lei. Haiz.. I wan to play!! I luv tis game. N e doggy Misty, look so much like my Uncle's dog. Bt keep barkin at ME!!! Shit. Anyway, we gossip abt tis n tat then went off ard 7plus. Hmm.. Luv it.. Then gt back my Macro assignment. I gt 95! Surprise rite? Mi too. Partly my dad help. Haha.. Lucky mi! Mi n Jo went for a trial belly dance class @ Tanjong Pagar. $5 n I luv it. Kind of difficult cos u nit to control part by part of e body. Ok tats a gd exposure to belly dance. E instructors dance reali well. Then hor.. I went to Ministry of Sound with my frens. Long q sia.. N when we went in, e place is damn big n nice lor. Bt music turn off lor.. So later on we switch to Dbl O. Beta lei. Retro Nite.!!! Haha.. After went for supper at Juron…