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A Closure of 2014

Have not been sleeping much for the past 1 week because I'm packed with dinner gatherings this festive season. But okay, happy of course along with tiredness which led to a sulky face in the end. Whatever! Let me spam my photos from last week up to year end. Long picture post.
15 Dec 2014

Went for manicure pedicure at First Lady since husband is working late. And I have to paint my toes to cover that ugly sight as usual. So they did a Christmas theme nails for me. Instead of the usual green and red for Christmas, they did a blue Christmas for me. Something special than usual. 
If you live in Woodlands area, go First Lady. Conveniently located at the overhead bridge beside Admiralty MRT.
Read my post about them here.

16 Dec 2014

A gathering finally with my ex-colleagues from Keppel. Catching up with our work and life. All are well, and busy of course with their work. Everything gets better for everyone. I'm glad about that. And we took pictures together after the meal with their…

Culinary | How I fail on Chiffon Cake

Anyway... it is something depressing and I can't help thinking that why baking a Chiffon Cake is that hard and it has almost dampen my spirit in baking. Not that I don't have successful bakes but those are just no-bake cakes. I think cooking is more for me as I have le husband to teach me and that's why for the past 7 months of marriage life, I am able to cook every weekend. It makes me happy cooking than baking. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Let me show you the failures.
Recipe: 3 egg yolks 4 egg whites 80g sugar (split to 2 portion for yolks and whites) 50 g cake flour 40g milk 50 g neutral oil
What I did: Reduce oil to 30 g using Canola oil.Bake with 3 different temp and timing (120C - 15mins, 130 - 20mins, 140C - 25mins)The whites are beaten till not so stiff top peak but almost there.Put a packet of Milo (30g) to attempt Milo Chiffon CakeObservations: Rise to a certain height, not up to the brim even.Shrink after 10 mins left in the oven upon complete …

[Featured] XT Body Nails Face

Calling out to ALL West-side LADIES!!!! 

I'm a West-ender (previously for 30 years) and definitely a lazy woman to start with, esp known to my friends. Couldn't be bothered to groom myself, especially even after seeing my friends going for manicure pedicure, hair treatment, facial, spa, slimming and many more. Because why? Expensive and I'm very stingy person most of the time. They have this saying: 'In this world, there is no ugly woman but lazy woman.'Wasn't very affected by such quote until after I got married. I realize just how much I have been missing (yet again) and also 'destroying' myself to look haggard and ugly. And that's when I started to look into the necessary to kick off my beauty regime. 
So ladies out there, don't be lazy and a no no for that 'hack-care' attitude like me. When something is within reach to make you glow from inside to outside, go for it. If there is something which you think you can't handle on your …