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Travelogue | Explore Yilan 宜蘭, Taiwan

Sometimes you get a little bored going to one place for multiple times. Yes... I feel so too but luckily, we get a chance to get out of Taipei for one day to explore Yilan, which is about an hour plus drive from Taipei. Actually booked a driver guide for a day and he just brought us around Yilan, whichever place he thinks is worth a visit. Have not much of expectation over there because I came with no plannings. So let's see what is installed for us at Yilan.

So we arrived at Wushih Harbor Visitor Centre 烏石港遊客中心. At first, not sure why are we here so just walk around, hoping if there is some nice scenic views. 

So as you walk in, across the visitor centre stands Lanyang Museum 蘭陽博物館. Nice architectural design. But we are not heading there though. So everyone started taking photos from here. Oh the high speed train just passed by, like twice. 

Across the road from the visitor centre is the harbour where many yachts and some boats docked at. You can tell with that smell from the se…

Travelogue | Explore Taipei - Satisfy Hungry Souls

*Counting fingers* I have actually traveled to Taiwan for 7 times in a span of 8-9 years. Wow... but not like one man who was in the news (I read it somewhere just days back) that he traveled to Taiwan for 57 times in a span of 3 years? That sounds crazy but I can understand how he feels about this lovely place and I will do the same too (if financially enables that to happen). Even though now they are still politically controversial, I practically fell in love with Taiwan starting from their idol drama, MPV Lover (MPV 情人) then gradually watched lots of dramas, going WOW WOW WOW about places in Taiwan. And the most common place is Ximending 西门盯. Then I think in 2007, I traveled to Taiwan with my friend for the first time. All the excitement cannot be contained, even my parents are excited, though they are not going with me. Like a mountain tortoise I am. 
But now, a mountain tortoise no more. I explore further new places with every trip (though is still Taipei most of the time). So i…