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Ushering 2012

Less than 5 hours, we bid goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012! To leave all the unhappiness in 2011 and bring along our happiness with us to 2012. Hope the year of Dragon be a better one compared to the year of Rabbit. A year of disasters, wars and other misfortune in 2011 is too much for anyone of us. No more of these nonsense though not really possible but maybe lesser of all these in 2012. HUAT AR!
My sincere and realistic resolutions for 2012 is: Continue with my diet cum slimming plan;No impulsive travelling;Good grades for my studies (At least a C grade, sigh...);Following my heart and learn to reject;Stay or leave for a better job (Target by July 2012);Have lotsa $$$ in my bank account;Spend on necessaries only;Discover a new hobby;Be a good girlfriend.That's all I asked for. Though to some, my resolutions sucks as it is not resolutions to them at all but some common thingy that we do everyday in our life. But to me, some of them are not that easy to achieve. Anyway not many peo…

My Wardrobe Series Debut

Yup! Is SALES!!! At Cotton On. Went there during my lunch time and spend about half of my lunch time shopping in there. After much consideration, I bought the following:

That's my taste. That's what I fancy. I don't care how others think so long as I'm happy with what I have bought. Spend a total of $30 for 2 dresses, a cardigan and a pair of flats (not in the picture). Great deal right? $10 per dress, $5 per cardigan and flats. Woohoo... Shiok! I love Cotton On. Especially when I get to grab all these cheap and nice stuff... If the sales is still on when I'm back to work on Tues, shall dig out more. Forgotten to see if it is the last day of sales today. Sigh. But is okay.

Happy Boxing Day!

One of those enjoyable moments is having afternoon tea with your best pal and talk to our heart's content. That's what I have done on Boxing Day. Though hanging out at malls can be better if it is at town but I do feel good enough to be at somewhere near like Jurong Point. Bakerzin. That's the place. Nothing is better than this. Not costly yet a SWEET deal. Muackz.... More to come. A Monthly Affair.

Eventful Christmas Week

Christmas celebration everywhere. So do us at work. Initially we plan to start during lunch but as the words spread wide, we started real early at 11am on a Friday 23 Dec 2011. Here are the highlights of our mini Christmas celebration. That's our so-called Christmas lunch and it left us so sleepy and no mood to work for the rest of the day. Hahahah... Too into that Christmas mood. Sigh...

And then is Christmas eve. I have never attended a wedding dinner on Christmas eve. Great. This couple definitely gonna have a memorable wedding anniversary every year. The dinner was held at Raffles Town Club. My first time been there too. We were the last to arrive for our table. My guy's friends has arrived earlier than us. But the banquet hasn't start yet. On the table as usual is the wedding gifts. Inside that 'Thank You' box is a luggage tag. The other box is a pair of chopsticks. So nice. I like collecting it. Hahaha... As reference.
Here comes the first dish. Cold dish with c…

Food Review | Tiong Bahru Boneless Chicken Rice & Curry Rice

Went lunch with my colleagues. Follow them all the way to the shophouse opposite Central. A long walk but is good. Cos I never know I will b that full after that.
We had chicken rice at Tiong Bahru Boneless Chicken Rice & Curry Rice stall. The stall is small but packed with lots of patrons during lunch time.
Looking thru the menu, ordered the following food which we can't finish even with 3 mouths.
First to come is our soup. Yup is nice. Why is it nice? Maybe lotsa MSG. Hahahah.. That's what my guy always said whenever we had tasty food. Anyway is either stocks or MSG or really boiled with the chicken for hours.
I guess is the home made barley drink. I had the warm one. My colleague recommend it. Yup... Definitely a good one. But wish to leave my stomach for the food. So end up I never finish the drink. Too bad.
Yes. This is the one. My colleagues wanted to have white chicken but accomodate me in having this roasted chicken. I like it. Boneless and the meat is tender. Recomme…


God damn the whole thing. Imagine yourself in our shoes. U have left with no other choice than MRT (the fastest and most convenience way) to reach your destination. And one fine day, u have to wait for 5 hours just to get home because of train disruption. Usually it takes u 30 to 45mins to get home from work. How will u feel? Other alternatives available like free shuttle bus or cab or ask someone to fetch u home.  What if the bus is so packed that is never your turn to squeeze in and u stil have to wait. Cab, everybody is hailing a cab and is long q. Last alternative, ask your family or fren to fetch u home. Tiredness creeping into u after a day at work and u get damn frustrated! All thanks to our wonderful 'World Class Transport'. Breaking down 3 times in a week. Affecting some many commuters. Just simply shoo them off by refunding their fare for that few days. U refund this small money but u get big money on the other side. Not bad! Clever company. The hot topic of the week…

Xmas Gathering cum Gift Exchange - Part 2

Here we go. Let's continue with that evening of laughters at Superdog VivoCity. Now presenting to you the photos of us opening presents... Hahahahha....
Our little gal who is so eager to swallow that 'Apple', but is a speaker I think. Think only ar. She is first in line to open the presents.
She is the troublesome one. Have to take her twice. Because she has double present. *Jealous*
She is cleverer than the one above. One shot 2 presents. Calvin Klein wor... So fortunate of her to pick Bell's. Hahahah....
Where got ppl drop one side of the earrings into the drinks? Haiz... Y no cherish ppl's effort in buying SUCH a nice gift? Hahahahha..... This is 2nd take from her. Cos she CLOSED her eyes!!! Kaoz.... Ya... Damn it! Force me to point middle finger on this pretty present cum wrapper... Ta-da!!! Nice one! With a rabbit. But the focus now is on my thunder arms. F***! Big and ugly... Fish!
Yeah!!! She picked mine! It is so cute lor this weekly planner. Have a good year ah…

Food Review | Freshness Burger + Blabbering

I went there near 9pm. A late dinner at Freshness Burger. Open not long, after the renovation of Causeway Point I guess. Actually never had that Freshness Burger but instead, we choose others from their menu. Hahaha... 
Lime soda to start with. Refreshing but it just taste like any other soda drinks. Oh well...
Our burgers are here. Had bacon omelet and tori katsu burger. Both tastes good. I personally think that what I had is worthy, which is tori katsu burger. The patty is big. But oily. As for bacon omelet, it tastes like normal sandwich which we do at home, putting in fried omelet, bacon, lettuce cheese and etc. 
Look at the meat patty and the amount of veggie available. At least u won't feel too oil because the trace of oil coming out from inside. Should I call it juicy instead. Juicy or oily? I'm bad in this so I shall not say further.
And lastly, fried potatoes. Nah!!! It is potato wedges. Plain taste. Not salty but feels abit oily. Not so bad. Should I feel guilt or not af…