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Food Review | Shi Li Fang Hotpot

So how many of you out there love steamboat/hotpot? I actually love it so much, be it any form (the traditional ones w charcoal as fuel, electric-type or canister-type). Why? Because it is the simplest way to kick start any family or friends' gathering with a simple soup base and ingredients that can be found at any wet markets or supermarkers. Of course that pot too. Obviously right?  And then do it at the comfort of your home (or your family/friends'). If not, go any hotpot restaurants if you are lazy. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your meal.
But which one is more pocket-friendly? Recently found one that I'm quite pleased with and that is Shi Li Fang Hotpot, a Taiwan Hotpot shop. In my opinion, it is like the economical version of the raving Hai Di Lao. Compare the food quality and service, of course is way apart but no doubt, Shi Li Fang Hotpot can up the game if they want. Anyway I'm more concerned about price. Yup I know some of you may say that you pay peanuts …