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Beat the Blues

Good Morning World! Is Monday again. Let's beat the Monday Blues with a simple, home-made yet hearty breakfast. Nice day ahead!

Online Shopping Again

Oh well... Up to date, out of 7 items I have ordered, received only 4 items. 2 items still awaiting for shipment and yes, they said 14 days upon payment made then they will arrange for shipment and today is the 14th day. And the status is still under 'Preparing Shipment'. What the heck! Sighz... Guess what? One is missing. I wonder is it the postman keep it away. Damn it. Same item, I ordered 2 nos. and I thought it will come together but instead only 1 came and the other lost. Now I am claiming for refund. But I made other purchases yet again.
Swimwear which cost a total of $8.50!!!!
Samsung Galaxy W mobile cover for my brother, cost $15.86. Bought white and black.
Handmade earcap accessories at a total of $5.90!!!!!

Indulgence Deprivation

Well... Some unhappiness at work has made me real demoralize. Big times! I am not sure why it happens but even if I'm in the wrong, I deem fit have the right to know and maybe apologise if it is really my fault. But nobody wants to tell me... So sick of it.
So I intend to do something. And that is an pre planned urgent leave next week. I know is bad but I really need it. I really want to make that day a wonderful treat for myself. Indulge in food, shopping, exploration etc. I'm going to do it on my own. So I shall call it a Loner's Wonderful Day Out. I am still in the midst of planning my day out and the only item that I have thought of was running. Yeah... First thing first in the morning is a good and quality run. Shall either be a 5km or 10km... depends whether I'm lazy or not. And after that, tentatively will be a haircut. And after that... no idea yet. But should be able to come out with a good one by Sunday. Need to choose a nice outfit for that day so that it mak…


Wondering how I get myself this name? That was way back 80s - 90s when I was just a Primary school kid. Always calling myself lotsa names like May, June, Mary, Jenny, Jennifer and etc. Stella is one of them. And I am also not sure how did I landed with this name since then. Creepy. My memory on this part seems gone. What the heck! Anyway, I am Stella in the past and now. I wonder if it suits me or not because having this name, I gone thru shit before what I am now. Well... you guys out there will be saying, 'Who's never been thru shit?'  Ya... U're right! But why those actor/actress or even singer change their names? I mean mostly their Chinese character. For a better career path. That's what I know. Some other reasons may be for themselves or marriage or family or whatever it can be. Anyway, Stella is quite a common name. There is a beer naming after Stella which is Stella Artois and a fashion brand name, Stella McCartney. Hahaha...
So what is this Stella who is t…

Food Review | Sushi Express Foreva

I guess I have talk about it before that I have shifted my love for sushi from Sakae Sushi to Sushi Express. But I just want to re-emphasize again that I really love Sushi Express. Though they have not much variety as Sakae Sushi, but just purely on sushi is good enough. From $1.80 per plate to $1.50 per plate, it is so economical and plus, free cheesecake! Their cheesecake is so delicious. But each person can only have one plate. So don't be greedy. One is enough to satisfy your taste bud. Well... Most of the time, I went with my gal friend during lunch and few times with my guy.
I guess this type of conveyor belt sushi chain is quite common in Singapore... I love sitting in front of the bar, anticipating the next coming up plate of variety from the chef. Just see above, is all salmon. Alright... Is damn good feeling that I have learnt to have salmon. It has Omega 3 which having the right amount is good for our health.
One of my favourite, Chuka Wakame. It tastes like jelly strips.…

Advance Mother's Day Treat

Alright... To avoid the crowd during the weekends, I decided to bring my mum out for a simple treat... Eh... maybe is just that over the weekends I will be at my guy's place, so I bring forward and my dad agree to it too... He hates crowd. *clap clap*  Wanted to bring them to the new shopping mall, JCube for a dim sum dinner but my dad said that it will be damn crowded cos is Fri and maybe there is some who are as clever as us. Well... We had our dinner at coffeeshop. Hmm... Real simple fare... 
Hee... There is seaweed soup, toufu, you-tiao, broccoli with scallop, yam ring.... For the whole of today, I had too much... By dinner, I am still full (even during lunch time, I am still feeling full). And this is what I left on my plate... Oops... Now... I know I can share with my mum for rice. Half half. Chit chat over the dinner table, finishing almost everything.  Yup I mean almost. 
Bought a gift for my mum and my guy presented to my mum. As usual, everything I source. Den he pays for i…

My Online Retail Therapy

It is simply my first time splurging online as part of my retail therapy. Well... Guess how much I have spend for just today? $61.90. Yup... Compare with my colleagues, I have considered that little. But is a lot to me. Is retail therapy the only way to release stress? Well... An expensive way to do so. Ok! I am $61.90 poorer when I get my May salary this month. Arrgh... Here is my purchase....

Good Sunday Everyone

Well... Finally manage to get up in the morning at 7am with my guy, for a short morning run. Hahahaha.... I almost wanted to give up waking up.  But for the sake of our planned breakie at KFC, I just have to do it. And so, we went for a real slow run.

Not my personal best record but running beside him is good. His usual pain on the legs has made him run slower than his own personal timing. Actually ran a bit more than the record above. Just that this stupid GPS thingy is not working and can't sense any signal at all. And I have to switch off and on again. Kaoz.... And damn it. I never realise I set the wrong activity type. Biangz... Instead of running, I set to walking. And realise it only when we stop. Arrghhh.... Anyway, that's the thing. So we walk a 2km to KFC for our breakfast. Seldom have breakfast at fastfood restaurants. 

Is a real hearty breakfast. Love it. Though I never finish my waffles but I bring back the leftovers.
Tomorrow is yet another day at work. Boring... Sha…