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Food Review | The French Table

Always keeping a lookout for new places for meals, especially dinner time. Well... most lunches are quickies and am not that particular so long as reasonably priced. Yes, sometimes I do popped in to cafes or restaurants. But that is some times.
Passing by at times to the bus interchange and their cakes will usually be the ones that caught my eyes. Also having to eye on The French Table for quite some time because first, convenience, and then second, no queues nor crowded. That is like the basic criterias when it comes to patronizing a food place. I'm totally not that sort who will queue for the sake of food. Unless I'm challenged by how raving the reviews and how so many people go gaga over it by queuing for hours. That was just one time for that Beauty Pot. Okay lor. Hands DOWN!
Was quite looking forward to their menu and what was gonna be offered to us. Didn't order a main for myself because if I do, I don't think I can finish as there were sides that I am craving f…