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Long Achievable Way to a Nice Bod

Not just a long journey to achieve a nice toned body, you wanna maintain it like forever. But there is no forever if you think that effort you put in for a period of time to achieve will last forever when actually, it is not. Your eating habits, exercise habits and lifestyle determine a forever or not. 
Habits are really something many of us had a hard time to change. Esp changing some bad habits. What kind of bad habits? Sleeping late. Having suppers. Snacking on junkies (chips, eg.). Not drinking enough water. Lazy to exercise. And many more. I admit I'm one of those. But then I do have good habits too (build up since I got married). Stairs walking (Ascending) and walking as much as I can.Drinking of lemon water on empty stomach in the morning.Squats during shower time (Yes I know is weird but I like).Side legs lifting on bed before hitting the sack (glute strengthening exercises) I guess way back to my 1st Half Marathon in 2013 November, I slack up to date. The lack of proper e…

A Different Lunar New Year 2015

Happy Lunar New Year! How's the long weekend of yours? Collected lots of red packets? Or just like me, gave red packets for the 1st time as married woman? Kind of exciting when giving out red packets. And didn't expect to receive too. Cos we are newly wed and 1st LNY as married couples. And as usual, their wishes are the same: Next year red packet will give your kids. Well... so common right? Okay... try our best. Let nature take its course. 

So let me share with you my week of feasting and visiting during Lunar New Year week. Mostly feasting. That reflects how much a foodie I am.
Reunion dinners...

This year's reunion lunch & dinner, our main cast on the dining table is Pen Cai. Never tried before and was looking forward to it. But both our family use different cooking style to do up the Pen Cai, and of course other dishes.
On the 1st day of New Year...

After a long day of visiting, head back to my parents' place for dinner before heading to hub's place as our …

Food Review | HONGUO (Revisit)

I'm back for HONGUO again after almost 2 years. A real long hiatus. Well... you just gotta try something else till it brings you back where you start.
Simple dinner. Just one side. Enough to fill 2 hungry souls up.
Naturally, cucumbers are refreshing fruits (technically) to have on hot weathers, esp if you slice and put them in fridge for hours or till it is chilled. Here is a simple dish and kind of easy to cook too. Garlic, soya sauce and sesame oil in mixture, then pour over it. Or maybe put the cucumbers into the sauce mixture for absorption of taste. I shall do it at home myself. Interesting find.
Right from the start, when we talk about seafood fried rice, I will first turn to their seafood varieties like prawns and/or squids. Sometimes, crabsticks. Then the freshness of their seafood. I give it a pass for their seafood items here. Lastly, I will turn to their rice. Fragrance and you taste the every rice grains. Flavourful, and top with some spring onion. That is how Fried …

Culinary | Home Cook's Journal VI

Got miss my home cooked foods? If you follow me on Instagram, should be able to see some of my works.
But it has been long since I do a post on my cooking. 废话少说. Let's start.

Some typical ingredients I use for my fried rice cooking. Found in my fridge and kitchen cabinet. 

Another version of my fried rice. I think green peas is like a must to enhance the color of the overall outlook. And eggs mixture too. The rest is up to you to explore. I'm gonna do a silver fish fried egg soon. Stay tune.
And so slowly and steady, I should be able to master my Fried Rice skill. The husband loves it and request on every other days. Probably I can cook better Fried Rice than him. Well done. At least something that I can be on par with him. Very competitive. I mean is just me one sided thoughts.
Standard Condiments: Pepper, Sesame Oil, Fish Sauce, Light Soya Sauce

One of those weekend dinners which we never want to go the extreme. So simply cook something that requires no planning and just fried and…