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Food Review | Gurney Drive

I went for a date with my guy at Suntec one day and we can't decide what to have for dinner.  As we walked along the restaurants at Fountain Terrace, we found Gurney Drive and decided to try.
First on the pic, our drinks.  I had Ampla Juice and my guy had Calamansi drink, both are popular drinks in their restaurant.  They are said to be high in Vitamin C, which is a must have in my life because of my sinus problem. Taste a bit sweet.  Maybe you can asked for ice water so that you can make use of it to dilute a bit of the sweet taste.
This is Penang Lok Bak. Thumbs up! Hot and crispy.  I mean you should have it when it's hot! Wu xiang and tau pok. Yummy! A must try side dish.  But the portion is very small. Is never enough for us. 
I can't remember what is this but is definitely the prawn mee.  Don't know is it the signature dish.  But my guy never comment much. That means is nice!!!!!!!  I shall have it next round if we are at Suntec.

This is Penang Fried Kway Teow. To me,…

Family affair

这就是我们叫得肉骨茶。数量有限。我们叫两锅,两碗油条和三碗饭。不错吧? 刚刚好,全吃光。妈妈说弟弟喜欢吃肉骨茶,所以他边吃面,边吃肉骨茶。哈哈。。。吃饱,喝完饮料,聊天然后就回家。在吃的时候还下雨。好彩要回家时已停。就这样,一个上午就过了。

Culinary | Egg Mayo - My 1st Attempt

Hey there!  After consulting my colleagues on how to make egg mayo, I finally did it last night and succeeded!  Though still have to do a few more times to get the right balance taste, but is a nice try. I gather the ingredients: Kraft Miracle Whip and eggs.  Recommended this Miracle Whip by my colleague.  I am so lucky getting it at petrol station which my colleague said not all NTUC has it. This shows that I must do this egg mayo cos is simple and sure gonna succeed.
My hard boiled egg.  First I boiled the water before putting in the eggs. After that I let the eggs be cooked in the boiled water for 10 mins. Once done, I took it out for cooling about 5 mins before cracking it.  So excited!
And yes!  After cracking and peeling off the egg shells, I used a fork to squash it evenly.  My bro said that if there is a blender, can just throw in instead of me do the squashing... Wahahha... But I enjoy it!
Lastly, I mix the squashed eggs with mayo (a tablespoon, which I think is a little too much…

OL's life @ Brotzeit

Yup... After a day of hard work, it is relaxation time for us.  Met up with the ladies from Dearie Club for an unofficial gathering, especially those thirsty for a drink. Well... Gd for them. *Bleah*
The photo tells it all. We are at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Raffles City.  Woohoo... Well I'm first timer there.  Because I seldom drink or enjoy OL's life.  What to do? No $$$$ so how to enjoy? Cheers... Yup! While waiting for our late comer as usual.  This drink lasted us for an hour plus. Wahahaha... From chilled to non chilled.  Drink slowly okay?  Who ask u to drink like nobody's biz? Alert!!! Hazardous.  These 2 ladies are hazards to the environment.  Because they are hot mama... Wahahahah....  Guess who is the one with a very good life, taking cab everyday and enjoy ATAS life??? Look at them drinking.  Soooooo thirsty for a good drink.  And please!  I never say I'm thirsty.  I'm just a follower ok?  Cos they are paying for my drink and food but $8 …


I simply have no mood to work.  Because I'm in dilemma.  To wait or not to wait?  It is just making my life miserable.  Well... I shall not think about it for now, this moment... Let mi crap thru out this post. This phone is DEFINITELY not mine.  But is my guy's.  His mobile contract is just 13 months old and he is so desperate to get this phone.  Reason?  Because he needs to have those notes from his classmates and everyone in his class is using iPhone and only he, the odd one out.  Well... What can I say?  I knew he can't resist the temptation of iPhone.  Cos everyone, everywhere is using it.  For me, I still can wait.  Not tat eager to have one cos I can play using his.  End up I downloaded lotsa apps that I want and it fills like 1 page. Hahaha... He told me to buy the same too so that in future if have any doubt abt the phone or don't know how to use, can ask each other.  I think I know better than him cos he is so greenhorn towards new phone. Too boastful of me bu…

Is yet another week

I don't know why but I have not been exercising regularly for these past weeks.  Either I'm not feeling well or I got appointment.  Shouldn't be that way.  Very bad for my body!  My tummy is bigger, thighs feel bigger again.  Arrghhh.... I don't like!  I must really wake up from my cosy zone again!  I wan a good body!!!  Both in weight and shape.  From 21 Nov 2011 onwards, I will go back to a regular exercise regime and diet watching!  Pocket is hurting too... So sad!

Tea Time at TWG

Christmas is round the corner.  Orchard is filled with Christmas mood everywhere. Finally I am having an afternoon tea with my fren at TWG Ion Orchard on a Saturday afternoon.   Woohoo... Love it so much!  Waited for about 15-20mins before we get a seat. Ordered 2 tea time sets, Sublime and Majesty. I was so into the teapot while q-ing outside.  Nice right?  They sell teapots and accessories... Wow... So fascinating!  I ordered black tea.  Was recommended with Nuwara Eliya OP, a light one.  I don't really know how to appreciate tea but I do know what I like.  Just tat bits of sugar to my tea, it is just so perfect!  Without adding, it tastes so natural too... I love black tea.  She is having a good taste of the tea for don't know x-time.  Orange tea, am I right?  Nice pose from her too.... Thumbs up! Oh man... Look at that!  I simply love the display of that bottles of .... tea?  Or I should say is tin of tea?  Look at that BIG 'Creme Caramel' tea... Can I bring one home?  …

My Beauty Diary

Yup!  I found and bot this at Guardian few days back. New product I guess.  Selling at $22.90 and other than this, 2 more to choose from.  I choose this, Repairing & Moisturising. The one I chosen has the orange smell. A light orange smell which is very soothing.  Suitable for all skin types.  U apply it day and night.  One layer on the whole face in the day, two layers on the whole face before you sleep.  Basically it helps retain the moisture on your skin.  I'm going to try it tonight.  Was sick this few days... No mood for anything... Wahahahahaha...

Food Review | Mee Soto at Banquet

Despite having flu and cough, I had mee soto for lunch today.  Bought it at Banquet.  Since I'm working there, I bot that Banquet card to enjoy discounts.  Hahahhaha... Raining heavily during lunch. I was q-ing up for my food.  Then I realise spending $3.80 for mee soto is quite worth.  They add the potato ball thingy to it.  I love that a lot.  I don't know how to spell that potato thingy so I call it potato ball. Nice ba? Not a bad taste. Enuff to fill your stomach.  Those working around Raffles Place can go try it.  It is at Clifford Centre, Banquet.  The stall selling Malay food.  They have mee siam, nasi lemak lontong etc.

Mphosis Sale

Well... I bot 2 items from the same.  50% off! Great.  Sales till tomorrow 12 Nov 2011, that's what the retail asst told mi.

Bot this on 9 Nov.  Hahahah... A grey pants. Usual Price: $63.30 and After discount: $31.65

Next buy on the following day. Jumpsuit.  Usual price: $52.60 and After discount: $26.30
There is black colour too.  Mine is a grey.

Food Review | 臭豆腐 Stinking Toufu from Pasar Malam

Well... Because we miss the taste, decided to try it since there is pasar malam aka night market at Woodlands, opposite Admiralty MRT. I simply love the box because it is so Taiwanese.  Simply must have a shot of it.  But the main cast is inside this cute lil box. Upon ordering, already no stinko smell.  A bit disappointed. Especially him.  When we got home, we tuck in.  I taste it as sour, vinegary, not crispy, no crunchy sound from my mouth.  Verdict: It is just the normal taste of fried toufu.  Very disappointing.
Ya... We can't expect much from pasar malam standard.  Still, the best stinking toufu comes from Hong Kong and Taiwan.  At least for the moment because we been there before.  Looking forward to the next trip.  TBA.


I is tired. Now at tis moment. 1 hour of gym. Agonising whether to go swim or not.  Why? Because I left my goggles at his hse.  Just don't wanna spend for a new one.  So I just head home....  My mum cooked.  As per my request.  So I had a seaweed soup for a start.  I was damn hungry in the gym.  Telling myself: I work hard in the gym, I got a good meal waiting for me at home.  Well done!  Had lotsa broccoli.  My fav.
I better stop now for a 1 hour rest or nap.  He will be here to fetch mi at 5+.

What a Saturday!

Since 8.30am, I have been staring at the computer, watching Youtube, FB-ing.  Damn it! Is a boring Saturday to begin with.  Ya... I am at work.  Going off at 1pm.  Fish!  Luckily, my fren is on MSN.  If not, I think I will be munching away with the snacks in office.  Well... What to do?  Anyway, I jus down with 2 small packs of Twisties. *Bleah*  1 small banana... *Bleah* 
And 1 Barcook bread!!!! *Bleah*  Cos is Sat, so no q at all.  Usually, I saw lotsa ppl q-ing up for the bread. So-so.  Nt really fantastic.  I had their Raisin cream cheese bread.  Too cheesy.  I dun really like cheesy stuff bt sometimes hv to get use to it cos it appears in Mcdonald's fishy burger. This bread is their signature bread.  Erm... Actually I totally forgot about it having cheese in it cos the last time I had was months ago in March.  Cos of the raisin, I bought it. Haiz... Maybe u guys can check it out again thru their webby at

Before I came, I down with 1 low fat yoghurt…

The Usual

It seems like a usual ritual every now and then after my run in the evening.  Resting more than expected before I head for my bathing session and also my dinner.  Guess what I'm doing right now?  Ya... bz with my FB games.  Is either Cafe World, The Sims Social or Restaurant City.  Nothing else.  Or k-po about updates from my frens.  Haiz... Definitely need a good rest.  N guess what again?  I just knew that I will put on weight again... Wahahhahaha... My precious weight is always fluctuating between 53-56kg... Well... Still gt a month plus to go before I know how much I really lost.  But nevertheless, I'm not bothered by that alot... Feeling healthy is more important.  Lotsa beauty sleep...  Emotionally happy.  That's fulfilling.  Just have to stop now.  Bath, makan, hv a 20 mins mask session while waiting for his call.  N end my day at 11pm for a good night sleep.  Kaoz... I have to work tml... Damn boring... I will be wasting away half a day doing nothing bt FB-ing... M…

Food Review | Tom Yum Kungfu

Apparently, I have shared the photos in FB but anyway, I just want to do a review of this wonderful little shop.
Tom Yum Kungfu is the name.  Well... I don't see anything related to kungfu in the shop.  But a simple Thai deco in this little shop.
I wonder if that Ah Beng is the boss... Anyway it doesn't matter.  Cos he is capable of setting up a shop.  Maybe there is shareholders too. 

Because I went there with 3 other colleagues, wondering around Boat Quay and then fate just brought us to this shop.  Never know the food is just that good.
We decided on having steamboat.  Ordered a $38 with the above just nice portion of food for 4 of us.  Food is nice.  U can choose between bbq and soup based.  All in one, I shd say.  But as for the meat, it can be better if cut thinner.  This is the feedback from my colleague. Wahahahah...
That's before and after. Hahahah... The smell is damn good.  Before we step in, we can smell it from outside. Yummy!
This chicken wing is nice.  Not so oi…