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Changes in life

For a few mths liao, felt tat he has changed... Nt like e one who I noe at first.. I duno y I feel tis way bt tis is e changes.. N he nv admit to changes in him towards mi... Isit bcos of e quarrels tat always had happen btween us??? Or is he hvin someone else out there which I duno n nv suspect? I reali dun like tis feelin cos his behaviour is somehw similar like Andre... E kind of sparks at first cease n it becomes worse until I find out abt him two timin mi... Al e symptons is jus e same as wat Andre did.. I m reali scare tat he wil b e 2nd Andre... Wat shd I do? Mayb I'm jus nt a flexible person in terms of relationship... Once he treat mi tis way, I wil expect him to treat mi e same tru out... Any changes wil onli make mi feel tat he lost e feelin or interest in mi.. Makes mi quite scare.. For sometime liao.. I duno y... Reali duno y... Hate to say tis bt if it is goin to b e same for v long, I reali hv to get myself ready for anythin tat will happen cos I dunwan to waste any…

SITEX show 27 Nov 2008

Went SITEX show last nite wit my guy.. Wow.. pack wit lots of ppl. Intention was for e Starhub promo bt long q... Haiz.. Quite attractive packages......... Too bad. My guy dun like crowd.. Al along... So we walk ard.. He gt himself a SE bluetooth... Woohoo.. Finally a gd one.. Cos those he is usin al lousy one. Hopefully is ok for him nw, tis new one.. And he gt mi e MP3 for Xmas present... Woohoo.. I lookin forward to a new MP3 so long le.. Thanks to him. Was wonderin to get 2 or 4GB. He asked mi if 2GB is enuff.. N I tink again, is enuff ba cos I onli select songs tat I wan to b put inside... Haha.. And oso a 2GB memory card. For my camera.. Woohoo... Thanks to my dear... Can brin for holidays liao.. I tink I brin along my DS lite for him ba.. Dwload al e games tat a guy wil like to play n he wont b bored on board the plane.. Ok.. I shall do tat.

Ladies Nite ~ 26 Nov 2008

Finally after so mani postponin of date, we met up. Went Vivocity... Seems like a regular plc for mi. Cos I always went there wit my guy.. Hmm.. Had a hard time decidin wat's for dinner... In e end, we set our mind at Barcelos... Order a family pack which is a full chic, slice into 4 portions... We shared among e 6 of us... N side dishes like corns, wedges, coleslaw. 1 last main dish, a twin chic skewer.. Nice nice.. comes wit some chips.. Yummy... Whole nite we r talkin abt pregnancy.. Cos one of my darlin jus giv birth.. Talk abt al sort of wife's tales... Hahaha... Nt bad rite. Laffin away e whole nite... Mit up wit them soon........

Another BANG!

Fuck! Tat bitch complain abt mi again! Our EVP came over to my workdesk n told mi tat next time if there is any meetin or briefin in e office, jus attend. Bloody hell! I attended tat stupid briefin session last wk. Skip yesterday session cannot meh? Y? Scare I say bad things abt e co isit? Actual fact there is NOTHIN gd to talk abt my co except bad ones... They mus noe e fact tat nth is gd abt tis co... Office POLITICS NO. 1!!!! Mother fucker!!! Hw I wish she can leave tis co soon or die faster... I noe I wil get bad karma.. Bt wat to do???? Hvin tis mother fucker dominatin everythin in e office makes mi SICK!


Haiz.. Lend my camera to my bud. Bt heard frm her tat she nv took a single pic wit her guy durin their retreat together... Kaoz.. Wat a waste!!! Reali wan to strangle her.. Cos I wasted two events tat I can take pics.. One is last Sat which I went to a weddin dinner wit my guy... Wat a waste!!! I wan to take pic of those drunkards... Haha.. So funny!!! Another one is yesterday where I had lunch wit my executives cos one of our ops mgr resigned n yesterday was his last day... So we went lunch at China Square... Hahah.. Nice nice.. I lov e food there.. Nv tried e fish. C la... I sacrifice e camera for my bud's sweet retreat wit her guy.. Yet no photos taken... Kaoz.. Reali wan to scold her upside dw... Kaoz.. Bt is ok... As long she enjoyed her day wit her guy in their own world.. Wahaha..

My Works

*15 Nov 2008* My Spring Roll with prawns and meat as filling
*9 Nov 2008* Mee Goreng goes wrong... Wrong choice of noodles

@ Marina Barrage 15 Nov 2008

Went there after viewin some pics frm a fren's Facebook. Find tat it can b quite an interesting trip there. Drag my guy dw though he was mislead by me on the road... Haha...

She's a sucker

Ok.. Again, I bang head wit her again.. Tis stupid VP of Admin in my company is a total sucker of fresh young balls....! In jus hrs, our ppl can bcome her ppl... Jus bcos of a small argument wit her in e mornin over coverin of her stupid INEFFICIENT receptionist's duty, she go n find our SVP aka BOTAK aka loves bein suck for help.. Askin him to let our relief to b under her so that she can deploy her as n when.. Mother F***KER! She win ok? I thot I can hv a helper to sort e filing out for mi to prepare for year end n next year ISO.. In e end, cos of of pettiness, she go find fault!!! Fine. Let her b ok!!!! My khakis can al c tat e SVP side e Finance, HR and Admin division.. Go ahead.. I wil fight al e way for it!!!! I make sure I find lots of prblm for Admin division. I wil make sure!!!!!! She sucks! She loves suckin balls...!!! Treat her to more balls! E bigger e beta cos her mouth is big enuff to contain 2 in 1 mouth.....


I hv rebonded my hair yesterday... Purposely take half day leave for tat. Went wit my bud. Imagine 2 staff go on leave jus for tis.. Hee... Had lunch at Amoy st. Vietnamese restaurant. Wow.. first time k? Bt taste bland.. Nth special. The spring roll is good. The coffee is nt tat bad too... They hv a special way of drinkin. Check out e pic below. Haha..
The above is Chicken soup with noodles. That's wat it states in the menu... Haha.. Jus plain glass noodles nia.. Haiz.. Forget to take e spring rolls pic. Overal, is fine. Jus tat is abit squeezy. Haha.. Rainy day lor. So we sat inside, gossipin al e way til it gets smaller. Den head to MRT station for our appt. Kaoz.. My first time steppin in Little India.. Yucks c so mani tat kind of ppl.. Arrgh n my bud keep goin e wrong way... *Kill* Finally we rch there n straight away they wash our hair.. Haha.. n there goes e process of rebondin.. Gd thing is I'm wont b tat bored cos my bud is wit mi.. Somemore gt tv to watch.. Ha…

Fight! HTML

Arrgh.. hate doin up my blog over n over again... Hmm.. I'm quite particular too over the skins. So change til I like one den settle for tat.. Haha.. Shiok.. I hv done up another one again.. Tirin.. Time consumin doin al tis... Bt is stil fun.. I learn alot of codes by doin tis.. Dun nit to go sch to learn liao.. Wahaha.. Free lesson by my own.. Wat is next? I duno.. Til den.

A lousy wkend

Woohoo... tis e eggy fried rice done by my guy over e wkend. Satisfy my taste bud... Haha.. I can take a rest for a wkend. Next wk den continue wit my sushi for him...
Haha... here comes my sushi in previous wk.. Hmm.. nt bad ba! At least gt e look. My guy said the rice tastes bland.. So I tink I wil put my vinegar.. Tat time nv follow e ratio la.. Bt at least somethin la.. Al thanks to tat mold I gt. Convenience n hassle free.. Woohoo...
Lets talk abt y is a lousy wkend for mi.. Ya indeed is a lousy one.. Feel tat mi n my guy is driftin apart.. Jus duno y.. E way he shower his love is diff frm last time. N I dun like it.. Feel tat my presence is nth to him.... His expression tells alot of things... He seems like doin things for e sake of it nia.. Nt wholeheartedly... Onli e part where he knows I'm angry liao for keepin mi waitin n waitin n changin e meeting time, he made tat effort to come dw e fastest tat he can.. Bt I stil hv doubts abt it.. He said actually he wants to go lun…