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Food Review | The Scholar 秀才 - Singapore

Don't be mistaken what I am gonna blog about. It is just another food review and this Chinese restaurant is named The Scholar. I guess it is quite appropriately named, especially when it is operating inside the University. I am glad to have this opportunity to try out the menu at The Scholar. All thanks to my colleague for the treat. All three of us had a very full-filling lunch. 
Important note. The Scholar is not open to public and only meant for members and NUS staff. So if you wanna come, hook on someone who can satisfy either one of the requirement.

Ordered a mix of appetizers, vegetables and of course their signature dish, Peking Duck, a not-to-miss dish. You can see most of the tables ordering the Peking Duck. So are we. Served with a pot of hot piping Chrysanthemum tea, time to dig in the mouth-watering dishes.
Yes... it lives up to its name. The composition of the ingredients for the fillings brings out the fragrance taste along with the crispiness on the outside. The fi…

Travelogue | Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Hot hot hot... The weather just gets hotter, like in summer!!! If we have that four seasons in our country, definitely summer time now. WEATHER IS A BITCH!
Anyway, this is another trip to JB with my folks and I actually realized too late that this week is school holidays and the causeway is so packed that you are cursing and swearing when the queue for custom and bus journey just not something you expect. Bad move. By the time we reach City Square, it is lunch time at 12.30pm and my folks are tired from the standing and hunger. Me too. Imagine we started the journey from 10+ in the morning. Seriously can't beat that crazy crowd. Good thing is that we don't need to fill up that arrival card. If not, it will be even slower at the custom. And also our Singapore custom side. God bless us. But SBS bus frequency for 160 and 170 CAN YOU INCREASE MORE? Seriously. If I ever wanna step in JB again, I opt for the CW1 bus service. Frequency more. I'm willing to pay!
Anyway, we chose …

Culinary | Butter Cake - Baking

I was flipping a cookbook that I bought from Popular bookstore. Then saw this butter cake recipe which is simple with not more than 10 ingredients; plus the ingredients are available in my kitchen pantry. Decided to try using alternative flour, butter and reduced sugar amount. The method is damn vague so I used my knowledge gained from watching Youtube video and reading up to make this 1st butter cake in my life a success.
Ingredient A
Golden Churn Butter, 250g (originally: normal butter I guess, it didn't specify) Fine Sugar, 170g (originally: Castor Sugar)
Ingredient B
Eggs, 4 of them unbeaten Vanilla Essence, 1 tsp
Ingredient C
Cake Flour, 200g (originally: Plain flour) Baking Powder, 1 tsp
- Pre-heat oven for 15 mins at 180deg. - Mix and sieve ingredient C. Put aside. - Beat ingredient A in the stand mixer till creamy. - Then add in ingredient B and beat till fluffy. - Once done, stir in with a spatula ingredient C, by batches. Mix well. - Pour into the baking tin. - Bake …

Travelogue | Penang via Princess Cruises

I hope you have an idea of Sapphire Princess through my previous brief introduction post and if you haven't read, please click here. Like any typical cruise, probably the ship is larger. But just love experiencing a different cruise from the usual Star Virgo. 
And so in this 4D3N cruise, there are 2 stopovers at Penang and Port Klang. So I'm gonna write a short post on my Penang experience though it is just for a few hours and this is my first time stepping into Penang. I long to come here because of its mural arts at George Town. Probably, I should come and stay for a few days next time to immerse myself in the artsy streets and cafes with my parents. Come! Who want sponsor me and my parents? Haha...

Finally after almost 24 hours, we arrived in northeastern part of Penang, the Swettenham Pier. It comprises a cruise terminal which not only Princess Cruises but other cruises like Star Cruises docked at this terminal. This is also the first time I went through the custom area w…