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Walking through Armenian Street

The last time I'm at this area will probably be the visit to Singapore Philatelic Museum for Harry Potter's exhibition. Read here if you haven't. Or even earlier than that will be my bro's ROM and mine. But if it hasn't been because I got my job here at Armenian Street, I won't have come here for no reason. But now I have every good reason to explore the place while I can before my contract ends. Document down the every sights here and share with you peeps. 
This is my everyday street view as I walk to my workplace from City Hall station. I would say this is an area where you get to see lots of heritage building. They look so sturdy and nice. Especially The Capitol building. It was torn down and rebuilt at the same location where it now stood. And also this is where Singapore Management University or SMU is located too. Unlike other local universities, SMU is in the heart of the city and you see the young and vibrant of this area. 


My workplace…

Food Review | 炭 Taan Charcoal Grill

There is a saying that we should always go out there to explore more things. I apply this on food exploration. We spotted this grill bar one night after dinner. What attracts me was skewers and beers. Convenience and refreshing with a beer. Grilling is kind of heaty somehow.
Before 8pm, $1 per skewer so you can eat as much before the time is up. Simply fill up the order form and pass it to the server. They have others on the menu like noodles, oysters, a few to name and they are reasonably priced. Minimum order of 2 sticks for some skewers and you get to choose how you want your food to be seasoned. From original, Chinese seasoning, lightly salted and so on. 
Last but not least, 1 for 1 beer. Tiger or Heineken. Or Kirin. $12 for 2 pints. I remember the first time, I got my Tiger for $1 but was limited to 1 for 1 customer. I guess their promotion changes once a while for drinks. So do look out for their Happy Hour promotion. Till 8pm too.
Recommend you peeps to try their oyster topped …

Travelogue | South Taiwan for SGD 800 - Tainan

Finally I'm working on the last leg of this trip to end my Jan 2017 holiday posting. That is so much work when you have a slow laptop to do it. But still workable so decided not to change yet. Not gonna write much but let my photos do the talking rather. They are the best evidences of my entire trip and I can't be more excited to share. Hopefully my next trip to Taiwan (probably end of this year) will be yet another eye-opener because I just might want to explore Taichung in proper and to share with you peeps who are supportive of my blog. You are the ones that keeps me going. Thank you. And... okay. As for now, let me do a run-down on my day trip to Tainan, a place where historical memories meant to stay forever in the hearts of Taiwanese.
Woke up for some local breakfast to start the day right. Like the saying that when in Rome, follow the Romans do. That is how we immersed into the culture wherever we travel. And so we head for a local stall for a bowl of 虱目鱼粥 Milk Fish Co…