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Food Review | Japanese Gourmet Town

I'm quite a regular patron to Vivocity and if I went out of choices for food (all depending on my craving + no queue), I head for Japanese Gourmet Town located at Level 1 for some ramen and gyoza. That to me is a quick fix in general.
As mentioned in my previous post Timbre @ The Arts House, now is already so common seeing iPad as the menu for customers. Convenience but need some investment on that to get this system started. Well... at Japanese Gourmet Town, they have started with iPad Menu too. What's new, right?

Choose from the variety like Ajisen ramen, Hokkaido ramen, Aji-tei and Botejyu. Usually I vary between Ajisen and Hokkaido Ramen. But one thing is they still provide the table menu for customers' reference and ordering is straight on the screen. 

Here's the Ramen set. Ordered Seafood Tom Yam Ramen. Tell me about it. I love tom yum (but why they spell it 'Yam' instead?).

Ordered the wrong ramen for my man under Hokkaido Ramen. Blardy hell! He wasn't c…

Food Review | Timbre @ The Arts House

It was last week when I met up with my girlfriend for a drink at Harry's Bar, Boat Quay. Just across Singapore River, I saw Timbre and was telling her that our next round of meet-up will be at Timbre. Yes. That's fast! This week just yesterday, we met up for a drink again. At Timbre. 
Timbre @ The Arts House is superb sophisticated and I feel so artistic man. The alfresco dining experience is definitely good. Cos you get to see the views of the entire stretch of Boat Quay. And wow... I have not been to museum like months (the last time was during this year's CNY with my parents) and when I saw the view of Boat Quay, I was like 'WTF! I'm missing a lot of such wonderful sight.' Damn it. Side note. Knowing that IndoChine is just beside Timbre, I told my girlfriend our next round will be IndoChine. 
How wonderful that feeling is passing-by The Fullerton Hotel and across the Cavenagh Bridge to Timbre. Tell me about it!
At Timbre, they use iPad as their menu. So whateve…

Food Tasting | Paradise Dynasty

If you have read my previous post on Mother's/Father's Day Special at Paradise Dynasty, you will be familiar with Paradise Dynasty's May/June 2014 special and that is the Tribute Basket of Love - Dang Gui 当归 and Shi Quan 十全 Xiao Long Bao for this Mother's/Father's Day! Have you brought your folks to try? Is it nice? To me is awesome! And your folks will love it!
Thank you Paradise Group for the opportunity to be one of their many Brand Ambassadors for 2014. Really grateful for that. So now let me do the 2nd part of this food tasting at Paradise Dynasty, Vivo City. Don't get me wrong that I went for XLB only. There is also a menu of main course appetizer and fried dish. You should have seen it on my Instagram (if you are following me) but I'm gonna show it big and nice here!

Let me show you in a glance what I have chosen from their menu.
La Mian with Poached Marbled Beef in Szechuan Style (La Mian)Shredded Potatoes with Capsicum(Appetizer)Sautéed French Bean wi…

Food Review - Harry's Bar @ Boat Quay

Where do you usually hang out with your friends for a drink? I mean once awhile and not always! Drinking isn't that good nor bad but if you know your limits, occasional and moderate drinking won't harm. At least for me.
That's 3 days after taking my marriage leave, I went back to work last Thursday and met up with my girlfriend for a drink. Okay not just that but chicken wings + pizza. That's our dinner if we drink. Who on earth will filled yourself to brim and drink? You must be joking alright! Wait puke out! Seriously only those hard core drinkers can. I think.
Recently really put on weight again! Because I have been eating with no exercise. This is absolutely bad. So I signed up Shape Run 10km Cat (finally increase the mileage) and Great Eastern Women Run 21km Cat. Time to train and run like last time. Meanwhile my slimming plan start co-currently.
Okay. Out of the point now. Let me just talk more about food.
So I was saying we had chicken wings and pizza. Awesome! Like…

The Wedding Prep

Wow... a week has passed since my 18 May wedding. Finally got over it!!!! Too much of effort is needed even though mine is so simplified. For the past 5 months was all about wedding prep and new house renovation. Arguments with my parents and hub over all the trivial stuff. And finally is over! I am so blardy glad! So let me just tell the story of my nonsensical prep on the very last week before my 18 May wedding.
Bridal Nails

My ugly hands and feet. Sorry if it scares you. I went for mani and pedi at Pink Parlour, One Kent Ridge outlet (Level 4). Actually I have package with a neighbourhood nail salon but then come to think of it, I really don't have the time to fly down Woodlands (though is near my new house) after work. So for convenience sake, I went to whatever is nearest to my workplace. For the pedicure, I'm not very satisfied as you can see, the dead skins are still around even after scrub. But I like the colour. Now I love my feet with nail colours. Never mind the hands…

[Featured] Hut of Joy

Accessories? Bags? Nail Colours? Make-up essentials? Wonder where to find all the necessity at your convenience? Fret not. Here is a new addition to the online store list, Hut of Joyto serve your needs.

Hut of Joy is newly established online store since April 2014 whom intended to share the joy of bringing pretty,adorable and attractive bits and pieces to all ladies out there. Won't you feel wonderful when you see nice and cute stuff? Some of us may react with an 'Awwww.... So cute!' Am I right or am I right? I'm one of those, if I come across something I fancy. Everybody say 'Awwwwwww....!'
Products ranging from color lens, cute passport holder and cups to clothes. And they will be bringing branded bags from Europe too. Real soon! Stay tune on that! What else do you look forward to from Hut of Joy? I wish for more falsies, plushies, nail colours and etc. Let us make a wish now!
Color lens are of zero degrees so non-specky ladies out there, this is for you! And g…

Culinary | To earn Wifey points

So... is a brand new life for me! Having my own house means I have all the rights and freedom to do whatever I want. Means fulfilling my dreams of baking and cooking. Yes... this has been so long and I'm damn bloody patient in waiting. 
Why didn't I just cook and bake in my parents' home? Because they are superb naggy and always meddle with what I do. Superb DON'T LIKE! Yes! Only when they gone for holidays, then I mess their kitchen. You should have seen it in my previous posts. Just check it out the label 'My Cooking Diary'. 
Let me show you what I did after moving in. I so loving it although is nothing compared to great cooks out there.
First stop. Using my Philips Airfryer to bake Nutella cake. Gotten the recipe from FB group. They are really awesome cooks. Oh by the way, I bot my Airfyer through QOO10 at $213. *Clap clap* My dream airfryer. Why I fall in love with this fryer? It is after we had a gathering at friend's place and he has one. So convenience.…