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Culinary | Six Online Recipes Must-Keep

I have to admit that there is no such thing as your own recipes unless you are so talented like those famous chefs or probably some prodigy. Everybody do look for recipes everywhere be it online or cookbooks. From there, you tweak it to something of your taste bud and it become yours, in a way. That is what I saw from many cook blogs whom credits or adapts from another blog for their recipes. Well... same goes to me. I found some which is worth the keep and comes in handy when you need them at times where you are inviting guests to your house.  Maybe you have already come across but then, just bear with me for showing off my attempts. 
1. The 'Killer' Toast (a.k.a Super Soft Toast)

I have never thought that one day I would be able to make (actually my breadmaker does the job) such a soft texture loaf of bread. Other times I tried with the recipes from Panasonic cookbook, it turns out not as great as this one. I'm thankful that I come across this recipe and have since attem…

3 Household Products Worth Having | Lifestyle

What is life gonna be without all these brilliant technologies, given the hectic lifestyle in Singapore, there is no way a dual-income family (without kids) can come home after a long day at work with the strength to clean the house, cook your dinner nor ensure your house is still in one piece when you are back. Absolutely NO! At least not for me nor my husband.  I don't like the idea of hiring a helper because too many news about them running away, getting pregnant, kill their boss or even ill-treating kids. I know some of them are being forced to the edge because of evil boss. I can understand.I don't like the idea of a part-time helper that comes once or twice a week to clean your house (sweep & mop floor + wipe windows), wash your clothes (using washing machine) or iron clothes. I can do this over the weekend. But seriously you may find it contradicting but you can't be vacuuming or sweeping the floor once a week? I used to initially but now no more.I just feel so …