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What is administrative work?

This post is meant for somebody in particular to read. Let mi tel u my concept of admin work and y I find it nt challengin. My job scope is as follows: Check, reply or send emails everyday. Send reminders, requests etc. Shit! Answer calls and listen to stupid nonsense from site staff which I m dragged into the situation witout knowin.... Damn! The phone nv stop ringing... I hate it! Everytime ask same question. Y my tech nv get OT pay la.. Y they gt deduction in their pay la... Y no hp allowance la... laundry allowance la.. etc... ASK THE PAYROLL LA! Wat r they for? Mi gt submit al e overtime claim is gd enuff. Apply leave for site staff and if I forget to do so, they wil chase n ask y nv apply early n their leave become urgent leave instead. Most of e time, I write dw somewhere bt in e end forget where it is and oso when they apply leave in the mid mth, the Payroll closes the system for accounting purpose etc. Submit their reservist notice, MC claims, transport claims, petty …

Real Bad Day

Is almost end of the day, I m havin a slight chest discomfort. Today, my work nv stop. Calls nv end. Onli durin lunch time 1 hr, I can get away frm work. Onli when my sups came in after lunch, I manage to get out of office wit them for a tea break. Talkin away for at least 15mins... Back on my desk, calls again. Emails comin in again... Ppl chasin mi for e closin of last year invoices. Chasin for quotations. Tech callin up to say wan to resign. Early mornin, another tech report MC for two days n expect mi to send someone dw to cover at their site. I tink al tis is enuff... Enuff is enuff... One day 8 hrs even if I nv skive, is nt enuff. Cos I wil b interrupted by calls n ppl frm other divisions. Enuff is enuff...


Yeah... hapi news yesterday... Dun nit to cover recep duties lor... I no more a watch dog liaoo... E mgt announce tat 2 June onwards, unless our recep is on leave or mc etc, we dun nit to cover her when she goes out for lunch le... Wahaha... E lunch time is standardise le wor.. 1 to 2pm lor.. Shiok ar.. our recep oso go lunch at e same time.. YahOoOoo... Lov it... I can happily go for lunch lor....


In Taiwan, they have 草莓族,月光族 and 七年级生。I fall into all this categories. I think most of my frens are in the same cat la... Some mayb not in 月光族。Bt I stil believe I gt frens in tis cat. Haha.. Here is the definition: 月光族:指將每月賺的錢都用光、花光的人,所謂「洗光吃光,身體健康」,而不進行儲蓄。
草莓族:一詞最早被食品業者拿來形容15歲以下的消費者,以草莓來象徵這個族群的天真、好奇。但後來則取其光鮮亮麗、甜中帶酸的生澀、在溫室中長大及一捏就破的特性,開始以草莓族來稱呼1981年後出生的世代(有時也包含1981年前數年出生的世代)。 +
I tink is coolz... Haha...

Nw I believe...

Very superstitious with the word 'flu' n 'cold'. Basket.. Jus Saturday, I told my mum tat e vitamin tat my guy bought for miii is gd n I gt no flu for quite sometimes, immediately the flu came and attack mi again.. Basket! Saturday was okay... Sneeze jus a few times. So is Sunday... Bt tis mornin, like hell sia... N gt bits of soreness on the throat... Shit! Duno isit tat pineapple effect. Guess wat? I had 2 slices of pineapple and one watermelon juice.. Hee.. Wanted my menses to come early so tat I can go for hot spring next wk in Taiwan.. Arrgh.. Hopefully it comes early or exactly on e day... If nt I wil b so disappointed.. I dunwan to take any pills to delay it cos it definitely screw up my timing... Bt anyway, prayin hard tat I can hv a fun trip again next wk.. Throw my work to my guys at office.. Woohoo...

Lousy service @ Pizza Hut JEC

Last nite, went for dinner at PH wit my guy. Chose JEC cos near my hse. Kind of regretted or mayb it wil b e same in other PH restaurants. I was goin to spend away the e-voucher given for my bday. Let mi describe the service when we arrive at the restaurant.

Waited outside the restaurant for someone to serve us bt waited for quite some timesAl e servers gather at the counter and no one wan to come forward to acknowledge our presenceThey did c us bt yet stil nv come forward until finally, tis gal came and direct us to our seat and tat is abt 5 to 10mins, mind u.Bt, when she told us where our seat is, the table is not at cleared and she asked us to wait for awhileFinally we r seated dw, and lookin tru the menu. We ordered and also hand tat e-voucher to the serverE manager came over. She said that e voucher is onli meant on the actual day of my bday. Wat e hell? E voucher itself says tat one month before and one month after my bday and there is expiry date too which is on 28 May 2008! She…


YahOooo... My holidays blog for last year Taipei trip is done... Finally.. Nw is my blog for Bangkok trip... Stil uploadin.. Duno when it wil be done.. Also, proudly announce, The Green Garden blog is up!!! Hee.. 2 lessons taught by Professor Greenie, n tat is miii... Wahaha... Al e real life experience lor.. Steady rite? More lessons to come.. Stay tune lor... Haha... U can find the link at the right hand side after my tagboard... Enjoy... Bt dun browse the Bangkok one.. Is stil in e mist of uploading... Hahaha... My photography garden stil nit to wait hor.. Tryin to take more nice pics to upload.. Cheers...

My to-do-list for Saturday 24 May 2008

Have to complete al tis mission in one mornin. Tink is impossible? C mii no up ar? I m Wonder Greenie k?Go to the gym first thing in the morning at 8.30am as usual Go to JE UOB Bank to cancel my existing debit card and apply for the new NOW Debit card which will be 9.30am onwards. Pray hard nt much ppl bt tat is impossible. Go and buy my travel insurance at NTUC next building for my Taipei trip which is after my banking thingy. Change a $100 for NT currency... Test market see hw is the rate nw... E rest leave it til tat day ba like wat my dearie say... Update al my bank books, POSB and OCBC Clear my credit card bill which I wil declare broke immediately Go back home, bathe, rest, have my lunch and c if my dearie is mittin miii... If nt I wil go and slp!!! Hee... Nt possible meh? Can de lor... I super fast in doin things if I wan to do... As I hate wastin time.. Bz wkend... Lookin forward!

Lousy Mornin

Damn it... Wonder wat I eat yesterday... I recall back and find no prblm wit e food I eat. E stomach is makin mi miserable yesterday n jus tis mornin, I 'lau sai' for 2 times... F***! Hate it... Tis weak stomach nv fails to giv mi prblm... Hate it.. Hw to make my stomach healthy again??? Any advice? Mus detox first... Let al e toxins to come out.. Arrghh... Water!!! Water helps... I shall do tat... Makes miii so sleepy rite nw... Gonna get bk to work nw.. STOP PROCASTINATING!

I am just a lady

who likes to have a cheap and good haircut which cost $12-$13 (found @ my neighbourhood) who likes watermelon juice and will make an effort to buy first thing in the mornin... who likes only LEVIS jeans and only wears LEVIS jeans... who likes only cheap thingy which cost less than $20 who likes to travel and wants to travel as much as possible after this year... who likes to sleep and never wanna get out of bed without persistance who has a messy wardrobe and never wanna tidy up who has a messy room and never wanna make an effort to tidy up who likes instant noodles especially tom yum flavour who likes to have chic for meals and every food mus hv chic who likes to blog who likes to burp n fart everywhere she goes which gives her a sense of satisfaction who likes to skive who likes to procastinate who dun do hsework but onli upon request and sometimes without sayin who likes to cook mee goreng who likes rope skippin who hates ants for life n wil nv forgive ppl who attracts ants who have a crappy and che…


Wonderin y stil gt tis kind of ppl exists in tis world? Promote him to supervisor frm a tech yet stil can find the pay nt enuff.. Den fine lor.. Go bk b a tech lor. Aiya.. Scare responsibility. Kaoz... Al tis ppl jus so lazy.. I dunwan to mention wat ppl is tat bt jus nt hapi abt it... Y mus e company pay u tat high when u dun even hv e exp as a Supervisor? If nt bcos ppl recommend, u tink e company wan to pay u tat price meh? Jus imagine e jump. A tech to a sup. Suppose to b Snr tech, den Asst Sup, den u rch Sup tis post.. Kaoz.. Duno hw to appreciate.. Wan to send him for e course to upgrade him den in e end til nw his form is nt back to miii yet... Kaoz rite? I tel u lor.. if he dun wan to take up tis post, I hv to submit email or memo for tis n tat la.. Kaoz.. Damn it.. Another prblm at e other site. Our gal complains tat one of their tech shouted at her for givin her work cos he nits to rest. Wat e f*** is tis? She told mi tat their lunch break is for 2 hrs lor.. Best r…

Our Horoscope

勤劳的牛加上刻苦的山羊,恩!两人之间并发出来的能量决不容忽视哦!土像星座的组合发挥了他们刻苦耐劳的特点,这对组合在一起生活也许会平淡点,没有火像的轰轰烈烈,但是绝对是拥有安定的生活的组合,而且两人年老后的积蓄是 一笔不小的数目哦! 最加组合性别
男摩羯加女金牛 ★典雅稳重,理性贤惠的金牛女性以自己的贤淑端庄、从容不迫的气质,成为摩羯座男性最喜欢的典型。
摩羯座 男性:四四方方的外型,加上小心、一丝不苟的态度,是摩羯座男孩的注册商标。
金牛座 女性:谨慎又缓慢的说话态度,配上一种善照顾他人的气质,穿着有时会略微保守

I am...

in the class nowhavin BD lessonusin the pc to bloghavin a terrible headache nwvery tired actuallyhavin shoulder ache againjus someone tat nt a single person cares in e worldjus text my deardreamin of my beddreamin of my spicy seaweed hidin in my roomjus waitin for my class to end

The Lipstuff Affair

I'm selling this lip balm product from USA. I have 13 nos. of Mixed Mystery for sale. As frm the name, the flavour is a mystery. U wil nv know wat u get until u smell it. Drop mi an email at with your name, address and quantity. I am selling at $3/- per tube. Free postage. Basically, I stil hv 1 no. of Pancakes & Syrup and 1 no. of Sex on the beach for sale too. Bt pls drop mi an email for enquiries if it is stil available. I will nt accept orders after 27 May 2008.

Thirfty days start

Hmm... For e sake of travellin, I wan to b thrifty liao. I wan to save up every single cent for my trips... Nt jus my taiwan trip tis June, for my trips next yr onwards.. Hehe.. bread wit kaya n butter shall b gd enuff. Started last wk. Hmm.. Every Sun muss rem to buy bread. If nt I sure nit to spend again.. Arrgh.. Tis is my plan liao.. Keke... Gambade Stella!

He cooked!

Hmm.. some of u may think is nth. Bt to miii, it means somethin... Eh.. simple bt nice. Tats his effort.. So I nv ask for more... Is appreciated.. Reali.. Some things I'm easily satisfied. Bt some, I can b demanding... Is for him to find out... Cheers...

Mother's Day Meal


Unusual day

Flu catches mi early in e mornin after my usual routine...
Throat discomfort + light coughin started +
Wats more to come?
Update soon if any

How to Change a Nasty Habit

An article I read from the web which seems to hit mii directly. Showin u guys a portion of it. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ''It could be a recurring argument with a loved one. It could be an uncomfortable run-in with a grocery clerk who eerily reminds you of someone, but you’re not sure who. It could be the overblown way you handle criticism or praise. It could be the way you get disappointed after you change your hair and your partner doesn’t notice. Whatever it is, you’ve probably got a list as long as I do of things you want to change.Being a better person is not something that happens overnight. The Gods don’t usually just flick fairy dust on you and “Poof!!” you’re instantly a saint, filled with compassion, wisdom, forbearance, and other highly evolved, divinely human traits. If you’re like me, stubborn to the core, whatever self-improvements you’ve made you’ve learned to wrangle them out of yourself using a fair degree …

Am I happy?

Problem(s): I'm not happy. + Reason(s):
I am fat n I cant slim dw.
I wan more money to feel secure.
I wan to climb higher in my career.
I wan to settle down.
Stop bein lazy n hit e gym twice a week n go joggin twice a week. Eat smart.
Stop buyin unnecessary things, indulge onli when there is a need.
Stop procastinating. Learn more skilled things. Study for more knowledge. Think smart.
Stop bein a kid. Forget abt e past. Look forward to e future. Settle for a good guy.

Jus another day

So tired... N my backache come so early today b4 lunch... Havin headache too... I m quite sleepy... Bt stil jus cant finish.. Procastinating again.. I dunwan to.. Reali... Bt no mood to work... Finally I found my ring which hv my birthdate engrave within...
Finally done with the photocopyin of quotations and they r readi to send out... Too much of it.. So sorry... Bt I wil complete by today... For sure...
Emails comin in everyday... Haiz.. I c til my eyes also big ar... Sian.. V tired.. Headache, pls go away.. I dun like u, Headache.. N backache too...

Over the wkend

Tired... Lazin ard... Wat is tat kind of feeling? Sense of relief... Especially frm work... Procastinating... Told my bud it was gd... Bt stil there is side effect... When come bk, u feel e burden again... Den continue to procastinate... Til ppl kick mi out of e company... Haha.. Nw I dun feel like doin anytin cos I lost my way again... Reali nit a gd break to tink over some things.. Do I hv a chance? Guess I dun... Life continues to move while I stop my pace... Wish tat I dun hv to b a human... Kind of silly bt jus lost the sense... Lost everythin... Wish tat somethin can knock mi dw... Concussion... Jus let mi rest... Kind of tired abt everythin... Sometimes even on the bed, I dun feel like gettin up... Cos there is nth spurs mi up... I rather b a dead person... I'm tired... I m finally tired...