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Food Tasting | Yomoda Soba

I remember there is this same concept as Japan Food Town at Jurong Point back in 2008. Various Japanese restaurants coming together in one place and it feels like you are walking in Japan but actually in Singapore. It would be great to have such concept around the island. So that we, staying in different parts of Singapore can have some great Japanese food without travelling to another end. Yup... though Singapore is small and is just an hour or 45 mins to reach from one end to another. 
Located at Level 4 of Wisma Atria, you will see Yomoda Soba at the entrance of Japan Food Town. Basically the whole of Level 4 is all about food. Food Republic foodcourt is just across. Never mind that. Yomoda Soba is the key to this post. An open-concept restaurant with simple Japanese settings. 

Soba is the type of thin noodles made from buckwheat flour and it can be served chilled or hot, though every other chance, I come across tables served with the former. At Yomoda Soba, the soba noodles are f…


Right at a corner of Tanjong Pagar Plaza stood a ramen shop call IKKOUSHA HAKATA RAMEN. What does IKKOUSHA mean? One Happy Space and that is what they want to bring for everyone in one space. Neighbouring them are many eating and drinking places, that prominent red signboard catches one's eyes easily. You can't miss it. Despite the limited seating capacity of 28-30 pax, the turnaround time is fast according to their friendly staff. So be patient when it comes to yummy food. 

Stepped into a small yet cosy shop makes you felt like you are in one of those ramen shops in Japan. Once seated, right in front of you is the order sheet where you get to choose the types of ramen, the noodle texture, the level of saltiness and additional toppings if you like to have. Their varieties on the menu are limited but that also mean their focus is on one main food and that is Ramen. And that is IKKOUSHA's mission in bringing customers the authentic taste of Hakata Ramen.

While waiting for o…

Food Review | 834 Seafood at Woodlands

Since now I'm living near this area, time to explore the places for food before I decided to move somewhere else. And I definitely regretted not to do more food reviews when I'm staying in the West. I really miss out so much of goodies and now, I shall not miss out any here.
The husband randomly found this place while waiting for me at SSDC. Since we are so near, why not? He was googling and found some recommendations. But didn't follow though. Because I still prefer to have something that I like. So I waste a lot of calories. But who cares? I burn them off through cycling my exercise bike. 
The Zi Char stall stands at one corner of the small coffeeshop below the flat. There is also a Western Food stall and so on.

Salted Egg Prawns

It was kind of a disappointment especially for the salted egg prawns. Was anticipating some salted-egg series of food but I didn't get the taste that I was looking for. A little pricey. But the prawns were quite fresh (quite only, haven'…

Travelogue | Another trip to JB

A week before the March school holiday, we decided a trip to JB again because next week is gonna be packed with vehicles and human. The last time we went was a havoc. So many people heading in to JB. Parents with kids and old folks and so on. So unbearable. Lucky day. Traffic both on the road and custom were smooth and fast. Already in JB by 11+ in the morning. Phew... 
Together with my parents and my aunt, we head there via SBS bus 160. Yes... up and down we go through the custom both Singapore and Malaysia. I'm fine with that but not for the folks.
Once we cleared off the Malaysia custom, head off to the bus terminal to catch a bus to Pelangi. Bus ride was RM1.30 per pax (about SGD0.40) and seems like they wanted to wait for the bus to be half filled (at least) before moving off. We waited in the bus for at least 10-15 mins (or more) and finally after 1 fellow get up the bus, they decided to move.

Quite a rundown bus but then what can you expect? We need the service to get ours…

Food Review | Kaffe & Toast at One@KentRidge [Halal-Certified]

The space that Kaffe & Toast took over was previously Yakun Toast. Finally. At least I get to have some decent mee rebus or laksa here. FINALLY! 
Long queue and their recommended Signature Thai Boat Noodles (beef or chicken version) which my colleague had tried was good but the taste was ruined by her drink: lime juice (or honey lemon, I can't remember). It makes her feel ultra salty and keep wanting water to wash it down. Now you know what not to have with the boat noodles. And also, they have limited seating capacity so please come early to chope a seat. Price range is about the same as those at Yakun and Toastbox.
Mee Rebus

It has been long since I had a nice bowl/plate of Mee Rebus. To have one now, it is within reach from my workplace. This one here suits my palate. No need for a fancy bowl of Mee Rebus to stand out from the crowd but the gravy plays an important part to the overall taste. Not to diluted nor overly thick. This one is good with the standard toppings. 


Food Review | Taste Garden [Halal-Certified]

The place where Taste Garden is located formerly known as Bottle Tree Park and now Orto. Been here on a few occasions like my friend's baby shower, birthday dinner and even wedding outdoor shoot (mostly my friends). Getting here is kind of easy because it is just opposite Yishun Stadium or find out more on how you can get here via public transport through this link here
At Taste Garden, you get a wide variety of western food to choose from like pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and not forgetting, local delights like mee goreng and beef rendang. All for you to find out. The seating capacity can accommodate big groups, be it al-fresco or indoor.
Mixed Fried Basket $12.90

So if you can't decide on whether to have calamari, drumlets, nuggets or waffle fries, this all-in-one basket is for you. Share among 2 to 3 pax is good enough. Provided you still can stuff yourself down while having the mains. We were full to the brim. But can't help.

Sambal Prawn & Chicken Fried Rice $10.90