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Media Invite | New Menu at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

You may have probably know and even tried various types of Japanese Ramen from all over social media. Spoilt for choice as each restaurant has its own uniqueness from their style of cooking or ingredients specially imported or not. Sometimes you can't decide which is your top favourite too. Because it all depends on one's preference especially the broth. 
Before you come to a conclusion on your best choice, allow me to add one to your list of must-try ramen shop which I have visited recently, all thanks to J Passport and Santouka. To celebrate their 8th Anniversary, they have curated an Anniversary Menu for this joyous occasion.
Spicy Shio Ramen $16.50++
The broth has walked its way into my heart. Light and savoury, it has definitely been boiled and simmered for a while with simple ingredients to achieve that level of goodness. The taste just lingered in your mouth for awhile too. And the ramen was at its springy texture while immersing in the broth of the great taste. Definite…

Day out with the Folks | Changi Village

Good Friday people. Yes... is over but just to update on the day with my parents.
Went down all the way to Pasir Ris to meet up with them at their friends' house. Took bus 109 from Pasir Ris to Changi Village. Since already in the East, why not ya? And I have not been there for awhile too. Even though is a raining afternoon but it never dampen our spirits. Great way to spend time with them too.

Upon arrival, we walked straight to the jetty, crossing the bridge to the beach. You will see families having picnic gatherings under the wet weather (hide in shelters for some) as the rain got lighter. Sometimes I love to have picnic dates with my friends. Because so chillax. Must execute this plan one fine day. Also saw tents pitched along the beach area. Hmm... I won't want overnight stay by the beach. Just picnics. Enjoying the sea breeze. Strolling down, see happy faces, enjoying every moment of such view. 

Changi Point
This jetty has been here for the longest time and it brings you…

Fried Beehoon Hunt

You may not know but I love fried beehoon very much, be it black or white. Basically it is just a simple and convenience food that many of us would have for breakfast. But actually it is that 'anytime of the day' food, even for supper. Once I find one that hit the spot plus cheap, I can have it almost everyday. And in order to know that taste, I learnt to cook at home on weekends for taste testing by myself and husband. When he gives a green light, I know I'm on the right track.
So what is it that we are looking for?
First, the texture. Neither too dry nor too soft. Depending on how long you soak it. Like al dente. Second, the oil. If you are hardworking enough, fry the shallot from scratch. That fragrance coming from the fried shallot that is just alluring and when mix well with the beehoon, you get every mouthful of that goodness. Third, it should not clump together because it means you never stir well. And it shouldn't 'break' into tiny pieces from over-sti…