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人老了就不能吗? 年纪清就真的那么有本钱吗?那到他们老的时候,是不是也就跟我现在一样不值钱了呢?我真的很好奇!有可能年轻时打好基础所以老了也没关系因为还是一样的有本事有本钱。

Food Review | Watami Singapore

You can also view my review on +OpenRice Singapore.
Watami is a casual Japanese restaurant that offer an enjoyable and casual taste of Japanese style food at reasonable prices along with friendly services from their team of servers.
There are 7 outlets in Singapore that spreads from North, South, East West. I personally patronized that outlets at Raffles City and JCube with my boyfriend and family.
For more information, you can check out their website at
From my experience, their food and service never fail to please us. Going back for more of their variety of food is certainly the thing to do as showing support to them. Had a wonderful dinner last night at JCube outlet with my boyfriend and certainly made the right choice to choose Watami on our date night.

The restaurant is located conveniently at Level 1 near to one of JCube's entrance where Old Town Coffee and Yamazaki Boulangerie. Outside the restaurant, there is this queue machine where you choose the n…

My ITE and Poly mates

I'm from the formerly known as ITE Clementi and after that I went Singapore Polytechnic for my Diploma in Business Administration. And yes... I'm fated to be a Business student since Secondary school, even till now where I'm finishing soon (hopefully) my Bachelor of Business (Management) at SIM-RMIT.
Another short flashback of my ITE and Poly mates.
ITE mates
Because of my course (Certificate in Office Skills), my class tends to have more females than males. We have a total of 4 males only. And in this class, we are all in the same age.
Don't know which year back after we graduated, had a gathering at Sushi Tei with them at Raffles City.

Another one is my best friend in ITE. She was closer to me after half a year in our course.

My best friend Christine in purple top. This was taken at Sizzler, Toa Payoh. My godson's birthday. Although now we seldom hang out because I superb glue with my guy, but still I make efforts (trying my best to make fullest efforts) to meet up wi…


I think is kinda crazy to do this but I guess in order to remember the wonderful days with my girlfriends, I just have to do it. It is all about us and just us. Kinda fun those days. So crazy. Lots of my unglam photos so bear with it. But my girlfriends are pretty so enjoy!
Year XXXX's Easter Day at Boiler
This wonderful night drives me insane!!! Alcoholic intoxication. We actually went for a baby shower in the afternoon and the same day at night we club. The 4 of us. Crazy 4! And yes, I have light makeup on for the photos for that night. 

I am forever the photographer even though there are others but I'm the main photographer for the Dearies Club and so everytime they will get unglam photos from me because I am always taking their candid shots and one fine day I will kana back from them. I guess I kana already!

Unglam photo of me. I don't know what the hell am I thinking and doing so my another babe took lor. Revenge mah!
Yes... My long hair is always covering my face because …