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I love my neighbourhood

Haha... took some pics tis mornin at Chinese Garden MRT while waitin for my gal pal Jo.

Still, I nv fail to take a pic of myself to c hw terrible I look... Gt pigmentation prblm. Haha... Gt to fix it.

Caline New Hse!!! Nice... 24.08.07

A few hours of gatherin at her hse was jus as great as one whole day. Al my pals were there... Caline for sure, Rong, Wanxi, Lynn, Ling, Bella & mi of cos... Haha.. Had our pizza which Caline order... Yummy... I had 2 pcs.. Haha.. everyone does too. Chit chat non stop... Lots to talk abt... Go ard her hse... Lovely though nt yet move in. Left at abt 10plus... Hmmm... Anyway.. lov them all..

Finally is Over

Haha... Exam finish. Though I nv study well and quite worry abt my results, bt stil ok la. Cos my mood is al towards next Wed. Haha.... After exam, went out wit my classmates to Central. We had Pepper lunch.. Yummy... Oiishiiii... My god! I was al into my food while both my classmates r talkin away while eating... Hee... I lov FOOD! Yummy... So fat le bt I dun mind. I jus lov to eat. After lunch we walk toward People's Park to my fren's aunt shop. Tats where we get buttons to sell online. Tat day I learn hw to make cosage. My fren save alot for her weddin in Dec man... We make the cosage together.. Haha...
Nice anot? I do the pink one... Hee... I bought the materials liao. I goin to do n sell online. Charges mostly on workmanship ba. I mus come out wit lots of idea man... After my Taiwan trip, shall concentrate on my 2 online shops till my sch reopen.... Mus support mi wor. I openin soon le my own online shop in Sep. Selling lots of things which does not limit to jus accessori…

Taitai Life... Wahahah

Wahaha.... It seems my fren I talk abt in e previous post is angry le wor. Haha.. I statin e facts lei. I no lie in my blog de..... Pointless liao if I lie... I speak wat I see... Hmm... Bless her. She is jus damn lucky onli. If nt she wit her previous bf, sure met lots of unhappiness de. Nw she is a taitai lor.. Wahaha...... Shiok ar!


All my frens have found their partner except for mi. Haha.. Saw one of my fren's profile in friendster, 5 more months to her ROM. Wow.. haha.. Congrats to her. Lucky of her to find tis guy which is goin to b her husband soon. Bt hor.. somethin which I find uncomfortable. They can go enjoy gd food everynw n then de wor... E guy bought her tis n tat n anythin she wan. Flowers, holidays, psp, posh restaurants for wine n dine. Wow... Tats a gd enjoyment. It seems tat next time, e guy mus work bloody hard to get her everythin. Frm LV bag to Gucci bag. Wat is next? Coach bag!!! Haha... I tink for sure man... If she fancy any of e bags. Wow.. She is livin a high class life... Taitai life I shd say. Work for her is nothin. Tats her money. Wat's more impt is hw her husband to be's money can wisely spend on their enjoyment. They eat gd ones wor. Buddha Jump Wall etc... And e guy's car mus always available. She rely too much on tat guy le ba. Think she long time no take train or…

Bloody FM

Kaoz... Tis bloody FM is driving mi nuts! Tryin to figure out hw to do lor. Try n try n try... Hw they find those bloody ans man! Hate tis module. I jus wana finish tis module tis comin Tue once n for al. I dun it to keep buggin mi... Help mi... I wana jus get tru tis module.. I dunwan to fail. Tis module is a MONSTER! Help mi....!!!!!!!!!!!

Wat a Saturday!

Hmm... woke up 10plus. Plan to go for a swim. By e time I rch e Jurong East Sports Complex, e rain started. Damn it! Kaoz... Lucky enuff I nv go in yet. So I went hm first, hopin it wil stop cos quite heavy. Went hm study my FM for next wk exam. Lucky able to solve some questions in the past yr paper. Then 12plus again, I head for my dip. Lucky enuff. E sun is gd. I purposely wan to go for a swim cum tanning... Nv swim alot of laps... Jus hang ard in e pool for a cool tan... Haha.. Inside water ma... Wit e sun shinin damn bright on my skin... Hee... Stil nt satisfied. Shall go every nw n then for a tan. Saw a cute guy then too. Hee... *grinz* Anyway for an hour, I head hm. Started on my revision again. Lucky enuff again.. Crack my brain on tat few questions. Gt it lor... Imagine spend 2 hrs to crack al tis stupid questions. Arrghhh.. Nit determination. Mayb later mittin my frens. Mayb... Nw jus finish my bowl of instant noodles. Haha.. Gettin fatter as days pass. Gonna hit e path for …

A bz friday

Bloody hell.. My minutes of meeting rush frm mornin til noon time b4 lunch finish then done. Shit. So mani disturbance! Calls to chase mi for quotes. Arrghhh. Kana complain liao la. Always so late give quotations. Haiz... Mus reali take a look wat m I doin. Hee.. While doin work, surf net lor. Sian la. Kind of dun like to do anythin. My mind is al towards e end of e mth. My trip to Taiwan. Haha.. Haiz. Canot like tat le la. Kana complain liao. Mus noe my duty as an Officer. Shall get my things done tis Mon b4 go on leave for my exam on Tue. Haiz. Stress abt exam liao. My god.. Tat Financial Mgt is e most headache module. Damn it. Mus reali struggle liao for tis module. Shall reali stay at hm. study like hell... Arrrgghhh.... Die la. Work n exam, hw to handle? If my Boss noe I nv do my things, sure kana F like hell. He so fierce de. Somemore gt 1 project gt big prblm liao. He more bad mood lor. Beta b careful le la. Nvm. There is ways to solve e prblm. Mon shall solve everythin. Hee...

Wat A Office Desk!

Erm.. Tis desk is terrible. Total mess... Bacteria 100%. Who's desk is tat? Guess wat? Is mine.
Files are stackin high! Hey come on man.. Wait al fall on to the floor. Watch out dude!!! Who's table is tis? Saw e arms of tat person... Her name starts wit a 'J'. Haha...
Why is Wu Chun & Ella doin at e background? Who is watchin show durin work? (Hee.. Is lunch time actually) Who's table is this? So messy... OMG!! Her name start wit a 'C'. Hahah..
This is my lunch for today. Arrggh... I fail! Bt stil fruits is my main food source. This balachan fried rice is nice hor... Spice up my life!

Irresponsible act

Last evening after work, I head for the MRT station as usual. When I get dw to e platform, annoucement made on the disruption of train service from Tampines to Pasir Ris due to an accident. Bloody hell. Who is tat irresponsible person again? Is either commit suicide or accidentally fall off to e track as usual for e official sayin. MRT tracks is e no. 1 place to commit suicide le lor for al e stupid n irresponsible people out there. Thot jump off from e highest floor of e HDB flat is e no.1 way. Damn it! Nw is train track. Wat is there to commit suicide? It relieves tat person frm al sort of prblm face by them but is a burden to their family if they are e breadwinner. Then if post on the newspaper, everybody will go n help tat family financially. Wow.. gain somethin ar in tis way? Is tis a gd way? I find it ridiculous. Lucky nw, the newspaper nv post those mrt track accidents. If nt wat? These family of e deceased think can gain somethin frm e public is it? Wat is tis world bcomin? Co…

Green Movement

Hmm.. Nw a days, I'm into saving environment. E weather is bad or shall we call it weird... Cant stand it anymore.

This is wat I do to show my support:

When I'm nt ard, the main switch in my room is off. Hmm.. A gd way to save elect bills too.

Keep re-usable fork n spoon for my meal in office. Or use the cutlery which I brought frm hm.

When I buy things outside, no plastic bags for me unless necessary.

Wat's more can I do for the environment? There is more. Shall find out myself.


Hmm.. last Sun is a tiring day. Q up for SHE autograph for 5.5hrs. Damn lots of ppl. Jus e same as tat time Fei Lun Hai @ IMM autograph session. Tat time cant get. Nw can get. Haha.. Gd hor? Went there ard 10plus in e mornin. Is already full of ppl in front of e stage. Jus imagine it starts at 2pm. Haiz.. mi poor thing. Q up at e back. Bt I'm fully equip for tat day. I brought along my DS lite, my book, my mp3, my water bottle etc so tat I can spend away my time while waitin. Hmm... though u will stil c ppl cut q la tis n tat, overall is stil ok. The crew manage it well. They are simply frm e SHE fanclub. I do saw butches lor in e crew. Haiz... SHE can even attract butches to idolise them.. Nt bad wor... Bt cant stand e sight of e butches.. Yucks.... Stil they did a gd job. E 3 of them are real pretty when I went up e stage. Al white white de... V nice, jus e same like wat we c in tv. So I tink is worth tat 5.5hrs of waitin. Hmm.. Who is next? Jolin le la... Haha.…

Got it!

Wahahh.. Finally my exam leave is for full day nt jus e hours liao.. Hmm.. Feedback is a way to get wat I wan.. Last evenin, doin a staff feedback form requested by HR. I sure go al e way out for e staff benefits that I wan. My exam leave. I put dw lots of things abt exam leave then submit. Yeah.. then our HR exec came n clarify wit mi tat e exam leave is actually a full day instead of hrs liao. Wahaha.. when they change, I oso duno lor... Damn hapi. Later on, I wil re apply my exam leave as mentioned by him. Yes... Though is jus 3 miserable days for exam, bt is gd enuff. I jus use 1 AL for my exam nia. Comin soon in my 4th year which is my last yr, I gt onli 2 exam modules, so I earn it man..!!! Yeah.... Damn hapi. Hope there is more comin up... Like tat sure can make mi stay in e Company for good. Unless my boss resign, if nt I wil stay. Haha... There is more for mi to learn after my promotion... YahOooOOo