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Culinary | Homecooked Tom Yum Udon

I can't wait to share with you guys what I have just tried at home.
Today's dinner for myself is inspired by my birthday treat at MK Restaurant. Remember my previous post on MK restaurant? I said I will try cooking at home. Yes... I did it and super satisfied with the outcome. Tom Yum Yee Mee or Ban Mian is too mainstream. Tom Yum Udon for the win!

Cooking time: 15 mins

Ingredients (Serving for 1 person):
700ml of water 2 1/2 tbsp of Knorr Tom Yum Paste 1/4 of Knorr Chicken Stock Cube 1 pack of Fairprice Instant Fresh Udon 1 Slice of Bobo Fishcake A handful of Bunashimeji Mushroom
Method: Put the water to boil.Add fishcake and mushroom.After 5 mins, add tom yum paste and chicken stock cube.Simmer for about 5 mins for the taste to surface.Put instant udon into the soup and boil till it is cooked or al dente.Serve. You may want to reduce the amount of water and paste to your preference. It is a test of your tolerance of spiciness. I can deal with that 2 1/2 tbsp. I'm glad that …

Food Review | Singapore Seafood Republic

Oh yeah... I'm quite fortunate that my birthdays for the past few years are celebrated with my husband at Singapore Seafood Republic. He loves crabs of all sort and had eventually influenced me into having it. So I guess he has nothing better to suggest for the dinner and so we are here again for my 34th birthday just yesterday (27 Apr). 
It never fails to have non-stop streaming of diners into their restaurants and yes we have to wait for a quite because of just us 2. And most importantly, their food has never fail to impress, esp for someone who is quite particular on good food like my husband. 

RECOMMENDED- We tried their BBQ King Prawns. $14 each, the prawn is so fresh and tender along with that bits of grilling taste. I can't help raving about it even though we each had 1 only. Smeared with garlic and salt taste, it is deja vu. We didn't squeeze any lemon over it or even the sauce. This is just so good. Nuff say! Take my money!!!

We had Chilli Crab as usual. 1.1kg is …

Culinary | Homecooked Porridge

Let me share with you peeps the recipe to my weekend breakfast: Porridge. The husband taught me once and that's it. I'm quite satisfied with my porridge nowadays and is easy though we go through some shortcuts. But why now? Time saver when you have a food processor. Time is precious.
In Singapore, you can have porridge at anytime of the day, even supper. When you are sick, porridge is the best companion. It tastes light when you don't really have appetite. 

Cooking time: 1 hour

Ingredients (Serving for 3 persons):

1000ml of water
1 cup rice grains
2 spoonfuls of minced onion
1 small can of pickled lettuce (optional)
1 egg
1/2 chicken stock cube


1. Use a food processor and grind the rice grains till almost like powder form.
2. Put about 900-1500ml of water to boil, pour in the processed rice grains.
3. Add minced garlic and pickled lettuce to boil after step 2.
4. When it is almost done, put the chicken stock cube and egg.
5. Stir the porridge well so that the…

Food Review | MK Restaurant

No need to introduce by now. MK Restaurant has stepped foot in Singapore, with their 2nd outlet at West Gate, conveniently beside Jurong East MRT station. Been to one during my holiday at Phuket, Thailand. Find it decent for their choices of side dishes for the steamboat. But the soup bases (Original Soup and Tom Yum Soup) was good, esp Tom Yum of course. My all-time favourite. Now let the photos talk.

So here are some or many just these amount of food that we had which is enough to fill up stomachs of two ladies who are going on diet. Probably I like most is their MK Salmon, that doesn't really taste like salmon but more like fishcake, or seafood tofu (bottom left) kind of taste. Don't know why even though there isn't any special. And another one is Udon. Was going to have Tom Yum Udon. Wow... pardon me if you all do find such Udon out there but it is great. I love it. Curry Udon or Udon soup is too mainstream. Good try I tell you.

There you go. I never add in soup becau…

Exploring Singaporean Food Culture

Being a food blogger, I love food for sure, even though I'm partially a weight-watcher. 
There are lots of food in Singapore which caters for one's craving around the clock (yes.. even after midnight) from breakfast to supper. And let me introduce to you some of my favourite eats. And they can be found conveniently at food centres, air-conditioned food courts or even standalone shops. Oh yes... remember to snap a food photo before you start tucking in. Haha... that is like a practice on every dining table.

This dish can be meant for anytime of the day if you are a light eater or watching your diet. Most of the time, I will have this in the morning esp in soup form because it is light though sodium content may be overwhelming. You can ask for dry form where you will be given a bowl of soup separately and on the noodles, you can add chilli or tomato sauce to mix with. Both forms are delicious.
The standard ingredients in it will be fishballs (of course!) and sli…

Food Review | Din Tai Fung

Need no introduction by now since it has started business in Singapore with the first outlet at Paragon Shopping Centre and till date, you can find their outlets almost everywhere around the island. I have tried their food many times and each time, the experience is different. Why? Because it lies on the making of Steamed Pork Dumpling skins as different outlets tends to have different texture. And sometimes the skin hardens or not properly steamed. There are more rooms for improvement but here are some of those I had at Seletar Mall outlet and my review.
Oriental Wontons w Black Vinegar & Chilli Oil 

This is my top favourite eat at Din Tai Fung. The smooth wonton skin with tasty fillings matches perfectly with the vinegar and chili oil. A must order if I settle for dinner here.

Noodle with Spicy Sauce  红油燃面

This bowl of noodles is decent but nothing to shout about. But one thing to comment is the noodles has this bits of QQ texture. Plus point for this one.

Siew Mai

The looks …

Culinary | Home Cook's Journal VII

And so everyone! Got miss my cooking post? I doubt. Because I don't cook fantastic stuff. Just simple fares at home for 2 pax. Okay. Just let me share some of my recent works.

Stir-fried Xiao Bai Cai with shrimps and Onion omelette. My husband loves putting minced onions into the egg mixture and so I did the same for him. Taste good. I really can't imagine that I can cook a plate of vegetables now. Can't believe someone who don't cook at all can now whip up a meal. Cheers to my little talent in cooking. And thank my husband for being my cooking coach. Then some tips from my mum. I guess really because I have my own kitchen. 

Just over the weekend, Bak Kut Teh in the house. Bought the spice pack by Seah's Spices and spare ribs from NTUC.


Blanch the spare ribs for 1-2 mins.Throw in the blanched spare ribs into the pot together with spice pack and garlic with skin intact.Add some garlic salt for taste. 
Done. We had this pot of BKT for 2 days. The taste only ge…

Filial Piety 孝道

According to Confucius' philosophy about filial piety, it is a virtue of respect to one's parents and elderly. You give your parents and also other elderly members of the family with due respect, care and be obedient. Did you peeps out there doing it already?
I believe many of us are on this path (孝道). It can be identified through the engagement between children and parents. Examples like going out for meals, outings to places of interest, hanging out with grandchildren, bringing the folks for holidays out of Singapore and many more. 
Now that I'm married, I realized that my care for my parents are even more than before married. Why is this so? I couldn't understand too but then I told myself that it is never too late to start and I'm glad I did and won't live with regrets. Not that I'm not filial to them before that. But this post will record down what I have realized and did before and after. But here is an analysis of myself before married: Always stay o…